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What's the difference between Livio AI and Livio Edge AI from Starkey?

Nathan Darby, HIS, BSc

Hearing Instrument Specialist

01 September 2020 - 3.45K Views

To start this answer...I’d like to clarify some foundational info. Starkey’s “Livio” tech comes in 2 flavors...with AI and without AI. The non-AI part of the hearing aids focus on optimizing the users “hearing” as expected...with the Livio 1000 being their entry level and the Livio 2400 being their premium model (and the 1200, 1600, 2000 in the middle of the pack). You can also get all these tech levels with the “AI” features added onto them. This is the difference between “Livio” and “Livio AI”.

Now to answer your question...If you combine their premium tech level, their 2400, and include the AI get “Livio Edge AI” where all others that have AI features are simply called “Livio AI”. (Note: lower tech levels with AI don’t have all the AI features...the higher the tech, the more AI features you get)

FYI - Livio Edge AI (their 2400 model with AI) comes with features that the other levels do not have...notably the “Edge Mode” being the big difference when it comes to the “hearing” capabilities of the hearing aid. 

FYI 2 - AI gives the user many “Health Hearables” like Fall Detection, Brain Tracking, Body Tracking, Language Translation, and more  

I have fit a bunch of patients with Livio & Livio AI and they really seem to like the sound quality and the AI features. 

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Jeffrey Cline, BC-HIS


02 September 2020 - 3.44K Views

Edge mode is the difference. So it allows me to be able to tap the hearing aid in a noisy situation or a place that I might still need a little more help hearing. It then analyze that environment and optimizes it for better hearing. I love this instrument. It provides me the clearest and best understanding of all the products I have experienced. Edge also uses thrive assistant which is so helpful as I love automation throughout my office and home. 

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