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Why did I create Audiologist Informer?

Ever felt like keeping up with our fast-paced industry is like drinking from a firehose? Too many tabs, emails, and social media scrolling to know what's up? Say hello to Audiologist Informer.

We cut through the clutter and give you only what you need to know—straight up, no fluff. We shoot over one short and sweet email every day, packed with stories and updates that you need to keep you at the top of your clinical game.

Our goal is simple—to help every busy hearing professional stay sharp without stressing out or spending hours digging through information. It takes just a minute each morning to check out the top stories.

What you get with your free subscription:

  • Fresh issues in your inbox every morning
  • Easy-to-read headlines to get the gist of the day's news
  • No-strings-attached unsubscribe anytime option
  • Zero cost - we're not kidding

We think you'll find Audiologist Informer a refreshing part of your daily routine.

What we cover:

  • New product launches
  • Hearing tech updates
  • The latest science scoops
  • Industry shakeups and new kids on the block
  • Regulatory changes
  • Relevant research findings
  • Mainstream stories you can share on your clinic's social media channels

We're convinced that we're a handy shortcut to stay in touch with our profession and the quick changes happening across the industry, regulation, and consumer landscape.

But hey, that's just us.

Why not give us a whirl and see if you dig it? Subscribe now, and check out your first issue tomorrow. Take a minute to decide for yourself. 😊

Thank you!

Abram Bailey, AuD

Easy to unsubscribe at any time. Your e-mail address is safe — here's our privacy policy.

About the editor


Karl Strom is editor in chief of HearingTracker and puts together the Audiology Informer each morning. Karl has been reporting on hearing healthcare issues for over 28 years and is the former founding editor of The Hearing Review, one of the hearing industry’s most respected trade journals.