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Tina Sieber is a technology journalist with over 10 years of experience and a PhD in Biochemistry. Following an episode of sudden one-sided hearing loss, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in 2018. She has since started writing about hearing loss and reviewing hearing aids for major tech publications. 

ZipHearing Review: A Good Deal for Buying a Hearing Aid?

ZipHearing is an online hearing aid retailer that collaborates with trusted manufacturers and local clinics to offer you quality hearing aids...

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Audicus Hearing Aids: Everything You Need To Know

Audicus hearing aids are made by leading hearing aid manufacturers and is one of the first hearing health companies to market hearing aids online....

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Yes Hearing: Do You Really Save Money?

Yes Hearing calls itself “America’s concierge hearing care solution,” connecting its customers with over 400 licensed hearing specialists...

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Top-5 Best Online Hearing Aids

Here is a quick list of online hearing aid brands listed below offer legitimate medical-grade hearing aids registered with the FDA, along with...

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Hearing Aids That Are Actually Affordable (and Good)

When you purchase a hearing aid, you typically pay for the hardware itself, the research and development that went into it, as well as...

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Hear.com Review: Costs and Services in 2022

Hear.com works with every major hearing aid manufacturer and insurance plan. The price of your hearing aids depends on several factors, including...

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TruHearing: What It Is, How It Works, and Is It Right for You?

TruHearing is the leading administrator of hearing healthcare benefits in the USA. The company offers a wide selection of discounted hearing aids...

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Hearable Technology Guide

Bridging the gap between wireless earbuds and traditional hearing aids, hearables can be an effective solution for those with mild hearing loss....

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