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Sam's Club Hearing Aids in 2024: Models, Features, Prices, and Reviews

Sam's Club offers Liberty and Lucid hearing aids—as well as OTC aids—at lower prices than you can find at many private practices and clinics
Sams Club Logo On Store

Sam's Club has around 600 stores and is planning to open 30 more in the next 5 to 7 years — and these new stores are going to be a lot bigger than the current average warehouse.

Sam's Club sells affordable prescription hearing aids under the Lucid brand name via state-licensed hearing care professionals, with prices ranging from about $1,299-$5,000 per pair, although costs can vary depending on add-on features and services. Sam's Club also offers Lucid over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids in their stores and online—including Lucid Enrich, Elite, and Engage models—for $200 to $800. You may still occasionally see mention of Sam's Club Liberty hearing aids, but this product family has now mostly been phased out.

For Lucid prescription hearing aid models, you’ll need to visit an audiologist or hearing aid specialist at one of the approximately 450 Sam’s Club stores in the US with Lucid Hearing Aid Centers (there are also some 50 international Sam's Clubs). Lucid Hearing staffs and runs these offices, and you can schedule an appointment online for a free in-person hearing test at a local Sams Club. Lucid's online screener can also be helpful if you're more interested in an OTC hearing aid.

We'll tell you all about Sam's Club and Lucid hearing aids in this article, including what they are, who they're for, how they're fitted, and what users think about them.


Full selection of prescription and OTC hearing aids for mild to profound hearing loss
Free comprehensive hearing test (you don't need a membership for this)
90-day trial period with a money-back guarantee
Lifetime cleanings and adjustments included with prescription hearing aids
Free remote care from licensed specialists and audiologists available over the phone 6 days a week from 8 am-6 pm CST
HSA/FSA-eligible OTC hearing aids
OTC hearing aids can be traded up for prescription aids within the trial period; Engage and fio OTCs can be programmed by a Lucid Hearing Center for a fee
Convenient locations where you may already be doing your shopping


Purchase of prescription hearing aids requires Sam’s Club membership
Hearing aids are generally lower priced, but add-ons can still make prescription hearing aids expensive
Hearing aids are from only one hearing aid manufacturer and are "locked," meaning only a Lucid-certified provider (i.e., usually at Sam's Clubs) can service and reprogram them
Not all hearing aids support Bluetooth or the Lucid Hearing app
Some of the most advanced hearing aid features like artificial intelligence (AI), motion and health-tracking sensors, etc, are not available in these hearing aids
May not be the best choice if you have a more serious or complex hearing loss

Who makes and sells Sam's Club Hearing Aids?

Sam's Club was started by Walmart founder Sam Walton in 1983. It has now grown to have more than 600 stores and 47 million members. It's estimated that about 450 Sam's Clubs have partnered with Lucid Hearing which staffs and runs the company's Hearing Centers, supplying Sam's members with professionally administered hearing care.

Lucid Hearing, a subsidiary of Hearing Lab Technology (HLT), makes Lucid and Liberty hearing aids. It was founded in 2009 by CEO Tim Schnell and engineer-entrepreneur Henry Smith in Fort Worth, Tex. However, the company's earliest roots go back to the late 1970s when Smith founded Authorized Earmold Labs and later Authorized Hearing Systems (AHS), a manufacturer of hearing aids. Today, under its brands America Hears, Lucid Wellness, Westone Audio and Etymotic, HLT makes and distributes prescription and OTC hearing aids, earphones, hearing protection, in-ear monitors for musicians, and even dietary supplements—and you'll find many of these products at Sam's Club.

Liberty Hearing Aids Sams Club Logo

Liberty and Lucid hearing aids are offered at about 450 Sam's Club stores in the United States.

Competitive advantages of Sam’s Club translate to lower hearing aid prices for you

In addition to offering the convenience of buying your hearing aids and having them serviced at a store you visit frequently, you can get a set of prescription-fit rechargeable hearing aids at a Lucid Hearing Center at Sam’s Club for about $2,600 while most hearing care clinics might charge twice that much. So how do they do it?

First, Lucid Hearing Centers use only Lucid hearing aids—meaning it concentrates its volume and supply-line power so it can get hearing aids at very low costs. Second, like its rival Costco Hearing Centers, it doesn’t have to pay for many of the overhead costs associated with dispensing hearing aids in a private practice or clinic (e.g., rent/mortgage, utilities, marketing, etc.).

In addition to prescription hearing aids sold through its in-store clinics, Lucid has its own line of OTC hearing aids. In fact, the company was a leader in direct-to-consumer personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), offering them long before OTC hearing aids became a regulated FDA product category in October 2022.

If you’re holding back from getting help due to hearing aid sticker shock, read on to see if Sam’s Club is right for you. While Sam’s Club is a great option for many, there are some people who are not as well-suited to the sales model.

Sams Club Hearing Center 0223

Sam's Club Hearing Centers may be tucked into a corner of some stores, but they are staffed by state-licensed professionals.

Who should use Sam's Club Hearing Aids?

Consider visiting a Sam's Club for prescription-fit hearing aids if you have a hearing loss that makes it difficult to hear in many situations, if you would rather have professionally administered testing and follow-up hearing care, and if you live close to a Sam’s Club Hearing Center. You don’t need a Sam’s Club membership to receive a free professional hearing test and consultation, but you will need it to make a purchase. Memberships start at $50.

Although you may easily save $1,000 or more if you buy hearing aids at Sam's Club, the lower prices can come with some trade-offs. While the quality of Lucid hearing aids is generally good, these devices do not feature some of the most advanced technologies found in global hearing aid brands like Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, Starkey, Signia, or Widex. Lucid hearing aids are also "locked," meaning you'll only be able to get them adjusted or reprogrammed at a Lucid Hearing Center; generally, you won't be able to take them to another provider or clinic, except for another Sam's Club, for help.

Three additional notes:

  • Some Sam's Club clinicians might not have as much "skin in the game" as a typical owner of a private practice;
  • While Sam's generally gets decent grades for dependable service, it’s less likely you’ll have your hearing aids fitted by a doctor of audiology than by a state-licensed hearing aid dispenser with fewer years of schooling, and
  • The “Sam's Club dispensing model” is geared toward higher volume than comprehensive hearing care, so people with more complex/severe hearing loss might benefit from the specialized diagnostics and individualized attention (i.e., numerous follow-up visits, assistive technologies, aural rehab, tinnitus treatments, etc.) offered by audiology practices.

But there's good news, too: Lucid told HearingTracker their professional staff is paid on salary, not commission, meaning you shouldn't have to worry much about a high-pressure sales pitch. Additionally, Lucid Hearing Centers enjoy fairly good consumer ratings (see the review section below).

Considering an OTC hearing aid?

Adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss might consider Lucid OTC hearing aids offered on-site at Sam's Club and on the Hearing Solutions section of their website. Lucid can also be found online at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Walgreens, CVS, and other retailers.

If you have mild-to-moderate hearing loss and are considering an OTC hearing aid, you should first get your hearing checked. The best way to do this is to visit an audiologist or hearing aid specialist, and this can be done for free at Sam's Club or by visiting a local hearing clinic or practice. Some good, free online hearing screeners can also help you assess your hearing loss.

Although relatively rare, hearing problems can be associated with several serious chronic medical conditions. You can visit the Northwestern University and Mayo Clinic CEDRA screener to see if you have any “red flags” that warrant a trip to your doctor.

How do Sam's Club and Lucid Hearing Centers work?

Lucid Hearing offers in-person services at Sam's Club, as well as online options. You can find a selection of OTC hearing aids in retail outlets, like Sam’s Club, or on the Lucid Hearing webshop. You can also take the company’s free online hearing assessment before scheduling a consultation. If you need prescription hearing aids, visit one of Lucid Hearing’s local clinics.

You can find the nearest clinic on the company’s website and schedule an appointment online or by calling their toll-free number (833-464-3219 or 800-785-6052). When you schedule online, you can select from a list of services, including a hearing test. Once you’re a client, you can also schedule hearing aid adjustments or upgrades.

Sams Club Schedule Exam

First step in scheduling your hearing test using Lucid's online portal.

During your initial appointment, a Lucid Hearing-certified and state-licensed hearing aid specialist or audiologist will perform your free hearing test. Each center is fully equipped and has a sound-treated booth to keep out the din of the store.

Based on your test results, the professional will propose options and discuss your next steps. No matter what, you'll emerge with an audiogram that is yours to keep and knowledge about your hearing status; the only time you pay for anything is if you end up ordering hearing aids.

You don’t have to make a decision right away. If you’d like to get hearing aids fitted immediately, however, your Lucid Hearing specialist can program your aids on the spot provided you don’t need custom earmolds. You may walk out with new hearing aids that same day.

Including the consultation, your appointment should take 1-2 hours tops if you receive a hearing aid fitting during the same session.

Lucid Hearing Centers at Sam's Clubs offer extended free follow-up appointments for the lifetime of the hearing aids and free cleanings, check-ups, and programming adjustments. Lucid also has licensed providers available via the phone 6 days a week from 8 am - 6 pm CST who are Lucid Hearing support team members.

Sam's Club hearing aids, services, and cost

Lucid Hearing Centers at Sam's Club offer a wide selection of prescription and OTC hearing aids. Lucid’s prescription models are sold as Lucid and Liberty hearing aids; Lucid's OTC hearing aids are also available at Sam’s Club, or from both the Sam's Club and Lucid websites, as well as other retailers.

The hearing aids come in several designs: BTE (behind-the-ear), RIC (behind-the-ear with receiver in-the-canal), ITE (in-the-ear), ITC (in-the-canal), and Invisible-in-Canal (IIC). Sam's Club and Lucid also sometimes use the abbreviation "SIE"; this stands for "Speaker in Ear" and is the same thing as a RIC hearing aid.

Before making an appointment, take the time to contact your insurance provider and local Sam’s Club Hearing Aid Center to see if they can help you with defraying costs.

Sam's Club Prescription Hearing Aids

Prescription hearing aids at Sam's Club start at $1,349 per pair for the 32-channel model. But you'll need to pay $75 each for the two receivers (sold separately), bringing the total cost of this package to $1,500. According to Lucid Hearing's Sarah Schnell, you can spend as much as $5,199.96 for a pair of custom 96-channel IIC hearing aids with a 3-year warranty and 3-year loss and damage protection included. So, premium options like high-fidelity receivers, rechargeable batteries, custom earmolds, and extended warranty/care packages can drive up the price considerably.

Sams Club Lucid Liberty Hearing Aids

Sam's Club RIC battery-powered aids come in different channel options (the more channels, the more expensive the device) and in a choice of five colors shown here (beige, black, brown, silver, gray). At the bottom right is the Liberty Clear Rechargeable Wireless hearing aid with its charger.

Here’s an overview of Lucid Hearing’s standard prescription RIC hearing aids that you'll find at most Sam's Club stores:

Channels Price (ea)* Bluetooth Battery
128 $2074.50 Android + iPhone Size 13 disposable
96 $1849.50 iPhone Size 13 disposable
64 $1399.50 iPhone Size 13 disposable
32 $749.50 iPhone Size 13 disposable
24 $1299.98 Android + iPhone Rechargeable (20h+)

Sam's Club prescription hearing aids features. *All above prices include $75/ear for hearing aid receiver. Cost and availability may vary in time and by location.

All of the above are multi-channel RIC hearing aids, and most of them feature:

  • Compatibility with Lucid App, including the LucidShape feature
  • Bluetooth streaming with choice of Android or iPhone
  • Directional microphones for better hearing in noise
  • Wind noise and environmental noise reduction algorithms
  • Ear-to-ear synchronization
  • A learning volume control, acclimation manager, and in-situ loudness balance
  • Voice prompts and low battery warnings
  • Nano coated for moisture resistance

Lucid Hearing’s prescription custom in-ear hearing aids feature IIC, ITC, and half-shell and full-shell ITE designs, ranging from 32 to 128 channels. Like the RICs, they offer Bluetooth for use with the Lucid Hearing App and its LucidShape feature (details below), but not all stream audio. Custom hearing aids from Sam’s Club start at $1,400 each for the 32-channel model and range to $2,250 each for the 128-channel Bluetooth-capable hearing aids.

Additional channels do enable better fine-tuning, which can be critical for speech clarity. However, on a more practical level, hearing care professionals don't need more than a dozen channels to achieve a good hearing aid fitting that is tailored to your unique hearing loss.

Lucid Hearing’s RIC devices feature a digital rocker to adjust the volume and select custom programs; Lucid’s custom in-ear hearing aids (IIC, ITC, and ITE models) automatically adjust the volume and let you switch between programs with a push button or programming wand.

You can remotely control Bluetooth-supporting prescription and OTC hearing aids through the Lucid Hearing app for Android and iPhone. Through the app, you can adjust the volume, monitor battery levels, switch between custom hearing programs, and for some devices fine-tune programs in real-time using LucidShape (see below).

The Lucid hearing aids offered at Sam's Clubs are quality hearing aids that should allow you to hear well in most environments. However, they are made by only one manufacturer and they do not come with some of the most cutting-edge hearing aid features, like integrated motion sensors, artificial intelligence, step-counting and health tracking, language transcription, and "Find My Hearing Aid" functions if you misplace or lose them.

What services are included with Sam's Club Hearing Aids?

The initial hearing test, consultation, and prescription hearing aid fitting at a Lucid Hearing Center are free. You won’t need a Sam’s Club membership until you make a purchase or if you buy online. When purchased through Sam’s Club, all hearing aids come with a 90-day 100% money-back trial period and free lifetime support. Prescription hearing aids also include free lifetime adjustments and cleanings at a Lucid Hearing Center.

Here are the services you get when you're purchasing a prescription-fit hearing aid at Sam's Club:

  • Hearing evaluation (audiogram)
  • Hearing aid evaluation
  • Referral for medical treatment (if needed)
  • Hearing aid programming and/or adjustments
  • Use and maintenance training
  • Follow-up care and support
  • Repair services
  • Annual follow-up tests

Lucid told HearingTracker they've helped “over 1.5 million people through our Hearing Aid Centers as a proud provider of accessible hearing tests and solutions.”

Here is a Lucid-produced video that describes the prevalence of hearing less, then moves on to describe the process for testing and fitting of prescription hearing aids by a professional at Sam's Club, as well as information about the hearing aid's unique ADRO fitting formula. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Sam's Club OTC Hearing Aids

A set of OTC hearing aids at Sam's Club can run as little as $200. All OTC hearing aids include a 1-year warranty. If you purchase the Lucid Engage, Engage Rechargeable, or fio model, you can add an extended warranty and loss & damage coverage for $199.

Sams Club Lucid Otc Hearing Aids

Lucid OTC hearing aids offered at Sam's Club. Top row (l to r): Lucid fio in-the-canal (ITC), Enrich Behind-the-Ear (BTE), and Enrich Pro ITC. Bottom row (l to r): Engage Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) pair, Enrich Pro BTE, and Engage Rechargeable RIC. Devices not shown to scale.

HearingTracker rated the Lucid Engage rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) model as one of the top-10 best OTC hearing aids in 2023. Although it doesn't use a hearing test to program the device as some other OTC devices offer, Engage does offer Bluetooth streaming and app-based controls; specifically, it provides 4 preset listening configurations, and you can use the LucidShape function in the app to fine-tune the device (more on this below). Lucid Engage was also rated highly by the HearAdvisor test lab with a SoundScore of 4.5 (out of 5) and earning an "Expert Choice 2023" award.

OTC Model Price per pair Design LucidShape Bluetooth Rechargeable
Engage Rechargeable $799.99** RIC
Engage $599.99** RIC
fio $999.99** ITE
Enrich Pro BTE $299.99* BTE
Enrich $199.99* BTE
Enlite $299.99* ITE

Lucid OTC hearing aid models, price, style, and features. *Enrich is FSA/HSA approved; Enrich Pro and Elite are FDA/HSA eligible. **When purchased through Lucid Hearing’s webshop, these OTC hearing aids offer a 0% 12-month in-house financing option, with a $299.99 to $499 deposit, depending on the model. Prices are subject to change by location and time.

With Engage and fio hearing aids, the customer has the option to personalize the hearing aids further through programming at a Lucid Hearing Center—essentially converting these OTC hearing aids into prescription devices. This makes them great for someone who wants to start with OTC hearing aids, but later—as their hearing loss progresses—may want to have them programmed professionally. The service is available for $198.

And here's one more nice perk about buying OTC hearing aids from Sam's Club: If you wish to return your OTC hearing aids within the trial period, you can choose to upgrade to prescription hearing aids instead. Note this trade-in option is available for OTC hearing aids purchased both through Lucid Hearing’s web shop or Sam’s Club.

Lucid Hearing Engage

4 stars stars
1 review

Listed prices are for a pair of hearing aids in US dollars unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and may vary by region.

Busy Café
With device
Quiet Office
With device

The Lucid App and LucidShape

In a recent review of the Lucid Engage OTC hearing aid, HearingTracker audiologist and audio engineer Steve Taddei, AuD, said that the Lucid app has a slightly antiquated aesthetic; however, it has a couple of very unique features for both Sam's Club prescription-fit RIC hearing aids and the OTC Engage and fio models (which also offer Bluetooth streaming).

LucidShape™ is a tab on the app that allows you to personalize the device's output with frequency/pitch-specific adjustments so you can tune your hearing device more to your preferences. It's definitely for the more tech-savvy user—and it's a fair question how well an average person might be able to self-adjust their hearing aid—but it is a unique control for a hearing aid that we liked.


LucidShape™ with custom adjustments.

If your hearing aid streams Bluetooth audio, the app also has a tab called AudioEQ that allows you to control various elements of your streamed sound (e.g., music, podcasts, etc.) with what resembles a graphic equalizer or soundboard. You can also alter the balance between streamed audio and the ambient sounds picked up by Engage’s adaptive microphones.

Lucid-produced video describing key features of Engage Rechargeable OTC hearing aid. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

What are customers saying about Sam's Club and Lucid Hearing Aids?

Consumer Reports in 2022 rated Sam's Club as the fourth-best retailer of hearing aids in the United States, following Costco, Connect Hearing (Sonova/Phonak), and HearingLife (Demant/Oticon).

The few customers who weren’t satisfied with Lucid Hearing predominantly struggled with poor battery life and Bluetooth connection stability. Many customers praised Engage’s or Lucid Hearing’s customer service support for being professional and diligent. Here are two examples:

My wife suggested I get a hearing test and it happened that Engage was having a free hearing test for Lucid at Sam's Club. I stopped in there and got a free hearing test. I definitely needed hearing aids so I picked them up that same day. I didn't have to wait to get them. The audiologist helped me and was great. Every time I go down there, they help out. For anything that I need down there, they're willing to do it. My hearing aids fit great but it takes a couple of weeks to get used to them. Once you get used to them, they're perfect. I like them.

- John of KS on February 3, 2023

I'm not happy with Engage. The batteries keep going dead and won't last all day. They cut in and out all the time. I'll be talking right now on my phone and one of them or both of them will go completely out, not connect momentarily, then they come back up. For the price I gave for these hearing aids, I'm not fond of them. I've been back to Sam's Club three different times and they replaced one hearing aid completely for me. The doctor there has been superb on trying to help me.

- James of FL on February 5, 2023

It should be remembered the quality of service largely depends on the individual clinicians. Some Lucid Hearing Center staff members may be in high demand, thus limiting the time they can spend with clients. This hit-or-miss nature of customer service is reflected in some of the poorer reviews, with people upset about no one answering the phone, no walk-in appointments, or long wait times.

Additionally, in 2018, Walmart closed 63 Sam's Club stores with no notice—which didn't endear them to those people who had purchased hearing aids from the affected Hearing Centers. Lucid Hearing continues to provide remote support to those who purchased from closed locations.

Are Sam's Club Hearing Aids any good?

Sam's Club and their Lucid Hearing Centers offer a comprehensive set of products and services—ranging from OTC to professionally fit devices—to address your hearing needs. It may be one of the better options if you're looking for lower-cost professionally fit hearing aids. We also think it's a great option if don’t know whether to choose OTC or prescription hearing aids. The free in-person hearing test and consultation can help you decide, especially if you’re a Sam’s Club member and/or live near one of its hearing centers.

Provided your hearing loss doesn’t require a custom in-ear model or custom earmold for a BTE or RIC device, you could be fitted with a hearing aid on the spot. If you have a relatively straightforward hearing loss and value in-person services—and would like to take home a hearing solution right away—it’s worth giving Sam's Club a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Lucid offers a variety of financing options through its partner, Allegro, a company affiliated with Synchrony Bank. Lucid Hearing Centers occasionally have specially waived interest promotions for Sam’s Club members.

Not generally, but you should still ask. While they can’t help you with your insurance paperwork, they can provide an itemized receipt that you can submit yourself. We recommend that you double-check what exactly your insurance covers before you make a purchase.

Advanced hearing aids require specialized fitting software to program and adjust them to your unique hearing needs. Hearing aids are referred to as “locked” when the manufacturer doesn’t let hearing care professionals outside its network reprogram them, and this unfortunately applies to Lucid hearing aids at Sam's Club (along with several other large hearing aid chains). In other words, you can get them serviced, adjusted, and reprogrammed ONLY at Lucid Hearing Centers. The Lucid website has a practice locator that can be helpful for finding clinics that have their programming software, but you'll find the vast majority are Sam's Club stores.

Yes. All hearing aids at Sam's Club come with a 90-day 100% money-back trial period.

Sam's Club Hearing Aid alternatives

Sam's Club and Lucid Hearing Centers generally offer good value for consumers looking for prescriptive hearing aids. They also provide a safer way to check out OTC hearing aids.

However, Sam's Club isn’t the cheapest or only option for either prescription or OTC hearing aids. Here are a few alternatives you might consider:

Costco Hearing Aid Center

Is Sam's Club or Costco best for buying hearing aids? Much of the answer hinges on the quality and expertise of the services provided—and these will vary depending on the individual clinician and the amount of time they have available for clients. However, like Sam's Club, Costco hearing aids are a good lower-cost alternative if you’re seeking in-person services—and particularly if you already have a Costco membership and it's closer.

Costco has the advantage of offering name-brand hearing aids from several different global manufacturers in all form factors, including custom-fit models, with prices starting at 899.99 per ear for Rexton hearing aids. You also get a free professional hearing test, 6-month trial period, Costco’s standard 3-year warranty, as well as free cleanings, check-ups, and programming adjustments for the lifetime of the hearing aids. Importantly, unlike Sam's Club hearing aids, Costco hearing aids are not "locked," meaning you can bring them to other hearing providers to get them serviced or reprogrammed.

Local hearing clinics

If you value a personal relationship with your care provider, look into hearing clinics in your area. Many can offer you a set of hearing aids for somewhere around $1,500 if you insist on their lowest-priced device. Additionally, many independent clinics are starting to offer OTC hearing aids with optional service packages. Use HearingTracker’s Local Hearing Aid Discounts page to compare prices and find the best deals.

Online hearing aids

Several companies offer a happy medium between the convenience and affordability of OTC hearing aids and the level of amplification and care of prescription hearing aids. Some of these online hearing aid companies even include in-person services and can handle insurance claims on your behalf.

  • Audicus provides remote fittings and services. Its hearing aids can address mild to severe hearing loss, at prices ranging from $699 to $1,699 per ear when you buy upfront. Alternatively, you can subscribe for a monthly fee of $89, with services and extended warranties included.
  • is a concierge-type hearing care service. They manage the entire process of obtaining a hearing aid, from the initial consultation to scheduling an appointment with a local care provider and finally handling insurance and financing details. Prices range from $799 to $6,500 per pair, though with discounts and promotions applied, you could pay much less.
  • Yes Hearing sells hearing aids at a significant discount, ranging from $1,395 to $3,995 per pair. A local care provider will visit you at your home for a hearing test, fitting, and follow-up services, all included in your purchase.
  • ZipHearing facilitates your hearing care journey, connecting you with a local care provider for in-person services. The average price of $4,500 for a pair of hearing aids includes your hearing test, fitting, and follow-up services.
  • America Hears is a Lucid-owned company that offers OTC hearing aids ranging from $200 to $600 and prescription hearing aids ranging from $649 to $3,299 each. They provide remote adjustments and programming based on a current and provided audiogram.

Other OTC hearing aids

Although Lucid Hearing makes good OTC hearing aids, there are now many of these budget-friendly, self-fitting hearing aids available online. Check out HearingTracker's Top-10 Best OTC Hearing Aids of 2024 and our reviews of OTC hearing aids at Best Buy and Walmart.

Tina Sieber Phd

Health Writer

Tina Sieber is a technology journalist with over 10 years of experience and a PhD in Biochemistry. Following an episode of sudden one-sided hearing loss, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in 2018. She has since started writing about hearing loss and reviewing hearing aids for major tech publications. 


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