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ZipHearing Review: A Good Deal for Buying a Hearing Aid?

ZipHearing offers hearing aids from the world's best hearing aid manufacturers with professional care and substantial savings

ZipHearing is an online hearing aid retailer that collaborates with trusted global manufacturers and local clinics to offer you top-notch hearing aids complete with in-person care—with substantial savings.

We’ll help you understand what exactly ZipHearing offers, so you can decide if their services are right for you.

What is ZipHearing and who should use it?

Buying hearing aids can be an adventure. Not every hearing care provider, whether online or offline, is trustworthy or the right fit for your needs.

Started by company President Jeff Hall in 2014, ZipHearing was created to overcome the obstacles and questions when seeking a great hearing solution, making the purchase of hearing aids more fair and transparent for consumers. The company does this by first understanding your needs then connecting you with a trusted hearing care professional that has partnered with them to provide good hearing aids and hearing care services. In fact, according to the company, 95% of Americans live within 9 miles of one of ZipHearing’s over 600 hearing care providers.

Ziphearing Jeff Hall

ZipHearing Founder and President, Jeff Hall

Following its mission to “make buying hearing aids easy, affordable, and risk-free,” ZipHearing facilitates your hearing aid purchase, offers savings of up to 50%, and guarantees a 100% same-day refund if you return your hearing aids within the first 45 days.

ZipHearing could be the right choice if you value face-to-face care at a local clinic and wish to have someone help you navigate your hearing care journey, while still enjoying significant savings.

If you have already been through two hearing aid trials with different local providers within the last 12 months, then ZipHearing doesn’t think they’ll be a good fit for you. The company also notes that while its prices are competitive, it can’t compete with the rock-bottom prices you might find elsewhere.

How does ZipHearing work?

ZipHearing is your partner in navigating your hearing aid purchase and your first year with your new aids. Here’s how that process works:

  1. You call ZipHearing at 866-897-4529. They’ll answer your questions and provide you with the details about your local ZipHearing provider(s).
  2. Next, call your local provider to schedule your hearing aid consultation.
  3. During the in-person consultation, you can take a hearing test. They’ll discuss hearing aid options with you, and you can place an order with them if desired.
  4. Within two hours of ordering your hearing aids, expect a call from ZipHearing to settle payment details and any other questions you may have, including filing an insurance claim.
  5. ZipHearing will ship your hearing aids to your local provider within approximately three business days.
  6. When you pick up your hearing aids, the local provider will custom-program them for your unique hearing profile. This may take more than one appointment.

What’s included when you purchase hearing aids from ZipHearing?

Your purchase includes your hearing aids, an in-person fitting, face-to-face follow-up care during your first year, cleaning and maintenance supplies, a charger or a one-year supply of batteries, and a 3-year warranty that covers free repairs, as well as loss and damage with a deductible of $350 per hearing aid.

ZipHearing Hearing Aid Consultation

ZipHearing provides discounts to consumers for professionally dispensed hearing aids, and provides new customers for hearing care professionals. The company states 95% of Americans live within 9 miles of one of their affiliate professionals.

Your purchase also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. ZipHearing promises a 100% same-day refund if you return your hearing aids within the trial period.

Excluded from your purchase and the money-back guarantee are hearing tests, custom earmolds, and accessories.

Note that your purchase does not include a hearing test, which can cost up to $150. However, if you end up ordering hearing aids, ZipHearing will discount your total by the amount you spent on your hearing test with their provider.

Does ZipHearing offer remote care options?

No. While ZipHearing does not offer virtual care options, your local provider might be willing to see you remotely or consult you over the phone. If this is important to you, it’s something you should discuss with your potential provider before you commit to ZipHearing.

What happens after your first year with ZipHearing?

Follow-up care with your local provider is free during the first year, but you will have to pay $50 per appointment thereafter—which is substantially less than the "going rate" for follow-up care.

HearingTracker asked ZipHearing for how long this price was guaranteed, and Jeff Hall, the founder, told us “As of today, indefinitely. However, the service plan and fee structure are likely to change here in the coming months.”

Be sure to ask about this when you’re ready to place an order.

Are ZipHearing hearing aids unlocked?

Yes, ZipHearing hearing aids are unlocked, meaning you can easily switch providers, either within ZipHearing’s network or to a provider of your choice outside their network.

Which hearing aids does ZipHearing offer and what’s the cost?

ZipHearing sells hearing aids by all the leading brands, including Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Widex, Signia, and Oticon. You can browse ZipHearing’s shop to review the current models on offer. Being a licensed retailer, they will always aim to have access to the latest releases.

Zip Top 3 Models

The ZipHearing products page can be sorted by company or user ratings, and includes products from all six of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers.

The prices range from $1,998 to $4,598 per pair, depending on the model and technology level you need. You’ll have to chat with a ZipHearing representative to get prices for hearing aids offered by Oticon, ReSound, Starkey, and Widex. If you only need a single hearing aid, ZipHearing can accommodate that, too, and you’ll simply pay half the price.

Is ZipHearing really cheaper?

The average price for a pair of hearing aids purchased from ZipHearing is $4,500. Based on the company’s own estimates, that’s 25% below the prices paid for similar devices on HearingTracker’s price tracking page.

Zip Hearing Pricing

ZipHearing reportedly saves customers an average of 37% on the retail price of hearing aids, although the prices include only the first year of care.

Keep in mind that only the first year of care and, by way of a discount, your first hearing test are included in your purchase. Your remaining care is unbundled from your hearing aid purchase price, enabling these impressive upfront savings.

For context: You should have your hearing tested at least once a year. You will also need a continued supply of replacement parts, cleaning tools, and possibly batteries. Depending on the number of appointments you need, for example, to re-fit your hearing aids after a hearing test, for a professional hearing aid cleaning or repair, or for other adjustments, your expenses could add up to a few hundred dollars per year. Over the roughly 5-years lifetime of your hearing aids, this could easily amount to $1,000 or more on top of your initial purchase price.

Does ZipHearing offer financing?

Yes. ZipHearing offers a 12-month interest-free financing plan through CareCredit. You can also get conventional financing at 14.9% APR (annual percentage rate) for up to 48 months.

Does ZipHearing accept insurance?

No, but they can do a benefits check for you. If your insurance covers out-of-network providers, ZipHearing can file an insurance claim for you. Since your insurance will reimburse you directly, you will still have to cover the ZipHearing bill in full.

For more information, check out HearingTracker's health insurance coverage and discounts webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. ZipHearing was founded in 2014 and has partnered with about 600 hearing care offices and clinics to fit and service its customers.

Yes, you can buy a hearing aid for substantially less through ZipHearing. However, like some of its competitors, the company is able to offer steeper discounts in part because it unbundles the "extra" costs of the services associated with long-term hearing aid maintenance and upkeep (e.g., repairs, reprogramming or adjustments, cleanings, etc.). After the first year, these are generally charged as out-of-pocket fees for service. So, in the end, your initial savings might not be what they seem.

You can pay using any major credit card, a personal check, or through CareCredit financing which offers a 12-month interest-free plan, or conventional financing up to 48 months with 14.9% APR, according to ZipHearing.

What are customers saying about ZipHearing?

An overwhelming majority of ZipHearing customers praise the company for offering a painless experience, being incredibly helpful, and saving them money. Their above-average service earned ZipHearing a 5.0 rating on Trustpilot. For example, see this retired physician's review on the HearingTracker Forum from mid-2018.

Here is another person's comment:

Buying online with ZipHearing was a great experience and provided considerable savings over my last set of hearing aids. Their local audiologist was thorough in their testing and made settings that made a big improvement over my old hearing aids. Also, the ZipHearing representative has followed up a couple of times to address minor issues to make sure that I was satisfied with my purchase.”

John Stamm

Of the few customers who publicly criticized ZipHearing, most issues were avoidable and occurred within the 45-day trial period. ZipHearing responded promptly and professionally, offering generous solutions and full refunds. They also took the feedback to heart, revising their protocols to avoid similar issues going forward.

Finally, here is a comment from October 2020:

I used them last year to get Oticon Opn S1s. It was totally painless experience and the folks at the company were unbelievably helpful. They hooked me up with an audiologist in my neighborhood I’d already researched, and got the aids delivered quickly. If I recall they handled the insurance, and I think I saved about $1500 by using them.

 I was totally happy with the transaction, so much so I did a video for them. While I was slightly compensated, I would have done it for free I was so pleased. I’m a happy camper.”

ZipHearing Customer Reviews

ZipHearing's product page also features consumer reviews. Although the company offers some compensation for these, it does demonstrate that a wide variety of people appear to be happy with and find value in its services.

Should you use ZipHearing?

At first glance, nothing about ZipHearing’s process appears special. Judging by its reviews, however, ZipHearing offers outstanding customer support and has built a dependable network of local hearing care providers. This makes ZipHearing a great choice for those who prefer face-to-face care at a local clinic with significant savings upfront.

ZipHearing Pros

Outstanding customer support
Wide selection of the latest hearing aid brands and models
Large national network of carefully picked care providers
Local face-to-face hearing test and hearing aid fittings by an audiologist
45-day trial period and 100% same-day money-back guarantee
Financing available
Freedom to switch local care providers
Guaranteed prices for appointments after the first year
Optional custom molds and single hearing aid pricing available

ZipHearing Cons

Not available everywhere
No remote care options (unless agreed upon with your provider)
Must provide a recent hearing test or pay for it (will be credited toward purchase)
Only one year of care included
Only moderate savings over the lifetime of hearing aids

ZipHearing Alternatives

ZipHearing offers excellent service at a great price, but you’ll have to travel to a local hearing care professional for in-person services. If you’re looking for more significant savings or remote care alternatives, consider the following options:

The basic premise of’s service is similar to ZipHearing: The company puts you in touch with one of their local care providers and facilitates the process. Unlike ZipHearing’s one-year plan, however,’s package includes three years of care and optional remote care, including a remote hearing test.’s mobile app, where you can reach out to your consultant, schedule appointments, or access help and support documentation, completes the experience.

Yes Hearing

What sets Yes Hearing apart from ZipHearing and is that a licensed hearing care professional will come to your house to perform a hearing test and the hearing aid fitting. Follow-up appointments can be in-person at your home or remote, depending on what you need. Yes Hearing also offers an annual or month-by-month subscription service to cover your hearing care and hearing aid supplies for as long as you need.


The mission of Audicus is to offer lower-priced quality hearing aids with virtual fitting and remote care support from audiologists and hearing aid specialists. The company offers a variety of subscription and service plans, including a unique premium subscription that allows you to update your hearing aids every 18 months.

OTC Hearing Aids

If your hearing loss is mild-to-moderate and you don’t require advanced care, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, available online or at a local store, could be a sound choice. While OTC hearing aids are most likely the cheapest option, they will be less powerful than full-fledged hearing aids, and you will have the customize or fit them yourself using a mobile app. The biggest risk with OTC hearing aids is that you could underestimate your hearing loss and hence miss out on the care you need.

And don't forget your own insurance

Have you checked if your healthcare insurance covers hearing loss and out-of-network providers? Before selecting one of the options above, make sure you won’t lose out on potential benefits.

We independently reviewed this business. When you buy through our links or using our discount codes, we may earn a commission.

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Tina Sieber is a technology journalist with over 10 years of experience and a PhD in Biochemistry. Following an episode of sudden one-sided hearing loss, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in 2018. She has since started writing about hearing loss and reviewing hearing aids for major tech publications. 


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