Quarterly Audiologist Survey
Updated for 2017

Survey Background

The first Hearing Tracker/UBS Survey was conducted in September-October, 2016. Responses were gathered from over 360 audiologists, in a variety of work settings. The survey was designed and administered by the UBS Evidence Lab, and promoted by HearingTracker.com, primarily to its professional member directory. The second survey was conducted in mid-December 2017. Results below have just been updated for data gathered in March 2017.

When Was Survey Data Gathered:

About UBS Evidence Lab

The UBS Evidence Lab is the largest, most experienced primary research team in sell-side research. In order to uncover new evidence that is not yet fully reflected in the market price, UBS research analysts often collaborate with the UBS Evidence Lab team on quantitative market research, digital footprint analysis, and data science and statistical modeling.

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