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Phonak Brio 4 B-312

Phonak Brio 4 Hearing Aid

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About the Phonak Brio 4

Brio 4 is the latest addition to Costco's Brio hearing aid family, which roughly tracks the latest hearing aid models from Phonak, the world's largest hearing aid manufacturer. Brio 4 brings Phonak's new "Marvel" technology to Costco in a traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) formats. Costco already offered Marvel tech via their KS9 hearing aids, which were introduced back in July 2019, but the new Brio 4's provide an option for those patients who are better suited to traditional BTE or ITE fitting. 

The Brio 4 hearing aids start at $1,249.99 per hearing aid for a BTE model, and $1,349 per hearing aid for a custom ITE model. Brio 4 BTE models have often been compared to Phonak’s Bolero M models while the Brio 4 ITE models have been compared to the Virto M. The “M” indicates that the models are part of Phonak’s recent Marvel product family.

Brio 4 features Phonak’s sophisticated sound processing system that analyzes your sound environment and automatically adjusts program settings. In Costco lingo Phonak’s AutoSenseOS™ 3.0 is referred to as "Automatic 3.0 Premium."

There has been some discussion on the Hearing Aid Forum about the Brio 4. It would appear that the Brio 4 is compatible with Phonak's RogerDirect™, and offers the capability to pair with multiple Bluetooth devices. This is in line with the Marvel 2.0 upgrade, announced in mid-2019. 

Key Software Features

  • Directional Microphones
  • SNR-Boost
  • DuoTel
  • AOV
  • Balance
  • Adaptation Control
  • HiFrequency Protect+
  • User Preference Tuning
  • Real Ear Effect
  • Binaural Sync
  • Noise, Wind, Echo, Impulse, and Feedback Managers