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Signia Silk Charge&Go IX Hearing Aid

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4 stars stars
4.0 stars from 1 review
Hands-Free Calling No
iPhone Streaming No
Android Streaming No
Rechargeable Yes
IP Rating No

Hitting the market October 2023, the Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aid is the world's first rechargeable completely-in-canal (CIC) professionally fit hearing aid from Signia and can be purchased for roughly $3,500. As a tiny, instant-fit hearing solution for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, I was very impressed with Silk Charge&Go (C&G) IX. However, with its uniqueness comes several limitations you should consider before making your purchase.

HearingTracker Audiologist Matthew Allsop provides an overview and his perspectives on the Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aid.

What I loved about Silk Pure C&G IX

Rechargeable and nearly invisible: Signia is showing off here: Silk IX is extremely small (completely in the canal) and offers all-day internal rechargeable batteries.
Instant-fit for most people: Silk IX uses soft silicone ear tips, making them “instant-fit” without the need for custom earmolds—you might walk out of the hearing care office with the hearing aids on the day you purchase it.
Custom options on the way: While Silk is “ready-to-wear,” some people may need a more custom fit; if this is you, rest assured that custom earmold options are just around the corner.
All-day battery life: Up to a 28-hour battery life, according to Signia (can vary depending on various factors).
Wireless control with Signia App: Silk IX is automatic, but you can also control volume, programs, and other features using the Signia app.
Resilient carrying case with power bank: While not groundbreaking, I found Signia’s Silk Portable Charger durable and easy to use, and I liked that it provides 4 extra charges
Tinnitus and CROS options: Hearing aid has sound therapy options for tinnitus and a CROS / BiCROS option for people with unilateral (one-sided) hearing loss


No Bluetooth streaming: Signia has packed a lot into Silk C&G IX, but unfortunately wireless audio streaming is not available.
May be difficult to handle: These hearing aids are tiny, making them nearly invisible in your ears; however, the smaller size can make them difficult to handle and see, especially if you have low vision and or dexterity issues.
Slightly reduced virtual care: You can still schedule remote appointments with your hearing provider although adjustments are limited compared to some of Signia’s other devices (more about this below).
No self-fit option: While not entirely a drawback, Silk IX cannot be fit at home and requires at least a few in-office visits; some people may prefer an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid.
Currently, only Instant-Fit: Custom earmolds are not available for Silk, and this may not provide the same comfort level in the ear as a custom-fit CIC (as noted, customs are coming).

Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented Xperience (AX) is the precursor to Signia’s latest Integrated Xperience (IX) generation. IX claims to offer improved speech clarity due to changes in their directional microphone processing as well as advancements in overall sound quality, battery life, and more.

Signia indicates that their batteries last up to 28 hours per charge.

Pure is Signia’s receiver-in-canal (RIC) style, while Silk is a completely-in-the-canal (CIC) device. Both offer similar features, such as rechargeability and wireless app control; however, there are a few key differences. Due to Silk’s smaller size, it does not offer Bluetooth streaming or Signia’s “RealTime Conversation Enhancement,” as there is only one microphone per earpiece. Other differences are outlined in the article.

Silk does not offer wireless audio streaming. However, the hearing aids are still able to communicate with one another, offering you several processing benefits, and Silk can be controlled wirelessly with the Signia App.

Who is Signia?

Signia was formerly known as Siemens Hearing Instruments and is now part of the WS Audiology (WSA) group, one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and the parent company of hearing aid manufacturers Widex and Rexton. WSA also makes the Sony CRE-C10 and CRE-E10 over-the-counter hearing aids and owns TruHearing,, and the HearUSA network. The company has its global headquarters in Denmark, and Signia's US headquarters are in Iselin, NJ.

Physical appearance of Silk IX

Unlike most prescription-fit CICs, Signia Silk Charge&Go IX is not custom fit to the unique contours of your ear canal but instead has a click sleeve that fits snugly in your ear. That means it provides an instant fit, often presenting you with the option of being able to walk out of the clinic on the day of purchase. It's important your hearing care professional recommends the best sleeve for you, as it needs to match both your comfort and hearing needs.

Signia Silk C&G IX hearing aids in charging case and showing black and mocha color options.

Signia Silk IX comes in two colors and the handy charging case comes with 4 reserve charges that should last at least a full day each.

In physical appearance, Signia Silk IX looks virtually identical to the previous-generation Silk X non-rechargeable hearing CIC—which is quite an engineering feat because you’d expect the rechargeable version to be significantly larger. Additionally, there is no longer a battery door on the faceplate of the hearing aid, which improves its aesthetics and should make it less susceptible to moisture, dust, and dirt.

Silk IX comes in two colors: mocha and black. The hearing aids are available in three different technology levels (7IX, 5IX, and 3IX), with the 7IX offering the most advanced automatic processing features and extended bandwidth. There is also a Silk Charge&Go IX CROS / BiCROS system for people who want a more discreet solution for their one-sided (unilateral) hearing loss.

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX

4 stars stars
1 review

Listed prices are for a pair of hearing aids in US dollars unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and may vary by region.

Unique Signia IX technology

Integrated Xperience, or IX for short, is Signia’s latest technology platform. This is the software running inside the hearing aid that handles amplification, directional hearing, noise reduction, and other advanced sound processing features.

Signia IX is built on the company's Augmented Xperience (AX) technology, introduced in May 2021, which uses dual speech processors and binaural beam-forming microphones to process speech and background noise differently. Signia claims this technology, which they call Augmented Focus, creates a clear contrast between the speech and background noise.

A photo from the HearAdvisor test lab of the KEMAR manikin fitted with a black Signia Silk IX hearing aid.

We put Signia's claims to the test in HearAdvisor's hearing aid evaluation lab.

So what's new in IX? The headline feature is "RealTime Conversation Enhancement," which Signia claims improves speech clarity in dynamic group conversations further by analyzing directional microphone patterns, or “focus streams,” and presenting the one(s) best for speech to your ears. Other advancements in the IX platform include increased battery life, improved overall sound quality, and advances in the AI-powered smart guide, Signia Assistant.

Due to its tiny size, Silk IX has only one internal microphone per earpiece, meaning they do not benefit from Signia’s RealTime Conversation Enhancement. It also does not benefit from Signia Assistant, as the hearing aids are not Bluetooth-enabled. It does, however, have several other impressive features that I'll cover below.

The Signia IX platform is currently available in the Silk C&G IX CIC (reviewed here) and the Pure Charge&Go IX RIC (receiver-in-canal) in a variety of form factors and performance levels which I've reviewed in a separate article.

What's it like using Signia Silk IX?

Silk C&G IX are prescription hearing aids, so you will need to be fit by an audiologist or hearing aid specialist. If you are unfamiliar with the process, you can expect at least three visits for evaluation, fitting, and an initial follow-up. Afterward, occasional return visits are in your best interest to monitor your hearing and for routine maintenance and adjustments.

While testing Silk IX, I routinely had to remind myself that they are traditional hearing aids and not OTC devices. I mean that in the best possible way, as Silk IX hearing aids are instant-fit, using pre-molded soft silicone eartips, and they're straightforward from an app customization standpoint.

What's more, they just work. I have tested more devices than I can remember in the past few years, and some products have you jumping through hoops to get them working properly or to receive a full battery charge. This has not been my experience with Silk; their minimalist and reliable designs are a desirable pairing for a hearing solution.

The tiny black Signia IX can be seen at the opening of the author's ear canal only.

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX in the author's ear.

Silk IX hearing aids are also physically small, making them nearly invisible when worn correctly. Only a small antenna-like pull tab protrudes from your ear to ease insertion and removal. I can confirm that they are comfortable and lightweight—at least for my ears—and feel very organic compared to other in-the-ear devices I have tried. I did not experience much occlusion, or plugged sensation, with the instant-fit silicone sleeves. However, your experience may differ based on your hearing loss and how your hearing care provider sets up Silk for your unique hearing loss.

Wireless features and unique processing

The greatest innovation behind Silk Charge&Go IX is its combination of rechargeability, audio processing, and wireless features all packed into such a discrete instant-fit form factor.

Silk IX is not Bluetooth enabled and, therefore, does not offer wireless streaming or hands-free calling. Signia likely had to make this concession in order to keep the other first-rate features. The physical depth that Silk IX sits inside your ears, making them discrete, also poses many technical challenges when it comes to wireless audio.

However, Silk IX does rely on several other forms of wireless communication to improve your overall experience. Nearfield-magnetic induction allows for communication between ears, and high-frequency coded signals are used to transmit app adjustments to your hearing aids. This gets very technical, but wireless communication between hearing aids can improve audio processing capabilities.

For example, even though each hearing aid has only one microphone, Silk leverages audio from both microphones to offer their Binaural OneMic Directionality. This feature uses the audio data from the microphones on both hearing aids to focus on speech, particularly when it's directed from the front. Combined with the inherent advantage CICs have for using the ear's natural contours (referred to as the pinna effect), this processing is said to be a considerable benefit.

Signia also offers an exceptional variety of tinnitus sound therapies, including its unique notch therapy for those with tonal tinnitus, that can be employed by your hearing provider in the Silk IX's programming.

You will not find any manual controls on Silk IX hearing aids. Silk is very small and sits discreetly in your ear, leaving no functional space for buttons or switches. Although it is designed to be fully automatic, you can use the Signia App to adjust the hearing aids.

Signia App

Those familiar with Signia’s option-filled app may be slightly underwhelmed when switching to Silk, as you lose many features. This is admittedly disappointing and something to consider if you rely heavily on customization through your mobile device or want Signia's My WellBeing fitness tracking features. I am sure Signia included as many features as possible, given Silk’s size and lack of traditional Bluetooth capabilities.

Feature Pure C&G IX RIC Silk C&G IX CIC
Program switching
Volume control
Sound balance
Mask mode
Directional hearing
My WellBeing
Signia Assistant
Virtual appointments

The feature differences within the Signia app between their flagship Pure IX RIC and the Silk IX CIC.

While testing Silk IX, I found the app's remaining features function well and are likely to provide enough fundamental control to get you through your day. The app remains easy to use and highly responsive, even though it relies on high-frequency coded signals instead of Bluetooth. I have experienced considerable issues with other hearing aids that use this form of wireless communication, such as Eargo. So hats off to Signia for making this work so reliably.

Smartphone screenshots of Volume and Sound Balance Controls for Signia Silk IX hearing aids.

The Signia App has two main tabs for Volume and Sound balance. You can find other features, such as a battery check and FAQs, in the app's Menu tab.

You may be surprised to learn that Silk does support remote assistance whereby your hearing care provider sends you updates that you “apply” from within the app. While this is not exactly real-time or the same as virtual appointments, it does offer you the convenience of receiving basic programming adjustments from the comfort of your home.  

Power and rechargeability

Given their size, Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids have a remarkable reported battery life of up to 28 hours thanks to their internal lithium-ion batteries. This is a significant leap forward from their predecessor, Silk X, which required disposable size 10 batteries. The severity of your hearing loss and environmental noise levels (i.e., how hard the hearing aid processing needs to work) will influence overall battery life.

Two tiny Signia Silk IX hearing aids in their recharging case

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX in the Portable Charger.

Silk IX also comes with a durable portable case that offers 4 additional charges from its internal power bank. When your Silk IX hearing aids notify you of a low battery, simply place them in the respective left and right charging bays. You will notice a magnetic lock when you have them in the right place, and an LED on the front of the case will indicate the charge status. Both your hearing aids and case will take roughly 4 hours to recharge from completely depleted batteries.

The case can also be conveniently recharged wirelessly (Qi) and offers a “hidden” quick-charge feature whereby 30 minutes in the case offers your hearing aids 6 hours of additional use.

Product service life

Like most rechargeable in-ear hearing aids, Silk C&G IX CICs should last roughly 3 to 5 years. They can last longer if cared for properly, while exposure to regular moisture and extreme use can shorten their service life. Regular cleaning and maintenance are important contributors to your hearing aid's lifespan and general function. 

The internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery should also span the entire 5-year life of the devices, although, just like your cell phone, you may note a gradual decline in efficiency. Some experienced hearing aid users request a battery replacement just prior to the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty (there is usually a charge for this refurbishment) to further extend the hearing aid's service life beyond 5 years.

Signia Silk IX audio testing at the independent HearAdvisor lab

HearAdvisor™ is an independent lab that provides objective comparisons of prescription, over-the-counter, and hearable devices. All products are tested in two settings which approximate what consumers experience when fit with hearing aids:

  • Initial Fit: The Initial Fit programming reflects how a device performs “out of the box” when the recommended settings are used. Volume adjustments may be made depending on the device, but real-ear measurements are not performed. HearAdvisor’s Initial Fit aims to reflect the performance most people experience with their hearing aids. For Silk IX, I had access to the fitting software and programmed the devices based on the manufacturer's default settings for mild-to-moderate hearing loss. No other adjustments were made.
  • Tuned Fit: The second test setting involves professional adjustments, such as real-ear measurements, and optimizing the device’s amplification. This reflects how hearing aids perform when you are professionally fit by a hearing care provider and best practices are followed. For the Tuned Fit, I used Signia’s fitting software and performed real-ear measurements on our manikin to best match amplification to the prescription for soft, medium, and loud speech.

Top-line results for Signia Silk IX

HearAdvisor’s testing indicates that Signia C&G IX can improve your ability to hear speech clearly, though real-ear measurements from a hearing care provider are needed to get the most out of your IX hearing aids. These hearing aids had an overall SoundScore of 3.7, placing them in a favorable position compared to other CIC hearing aids, and in a respectable position when compared to all hearing aid styles (remember, larger-size hearing aids have the advantage of offering more high-tech features).

Score Speech in Quiet/Mod Speech in Noise Feedback Own Voice Streamed Audio
Initial Fit 2.5 2.9 1.3 5.0 3.6 n/a
Tuned Fit 3.0 4.5 2.6 4.5 1.5 n/a
SoundScore 3.7

Signia Silk C&G IX scores (0 to 5 points, with 5 being the highest performance level) for the five HearAdvisor parameters. The overall SoundScore is determined by weighting the factors considered most important by consumers.

Speech understanding in quiet and noise

Silk Charge&Go IX was found to perform similarly to other flagship prescription hearing aids from major manufacturers. The Initial Fit settings offered less amplification than standards would suggest for the hearing loss used, which is common among all devices when relying solely on default recommendations. You will notice speech benefits, but there is room for improvement.

When professionally programmed using real-ear measurements, Silk IX offered considerable speech intelligibility improvements, especially in quiet situations. This highlights the importance of having your hearing care provider perform objective measures on your ears.


No feedback, or whistling / squealing, was present when testing Silk C&G IX. However, there were some audible audio artifacts when completely cupping the outer ear (pinna) with my hands. Given Silk’s completely-in-the-canal fit, this is impressive and could have been further minimized with a more plugged fit, although that would have negatively affected the Own Voice category scores.

Own Voice

This metric is similar to others in that it is affected by your ear tip and how well your hearing aid plugs your ear. The default vented sleeve ear tip I used for Initial testing did not occlude or plug the ear, resulting in an above-average score for prescription devices. However, a more occluding tip was required in order to provide adequate gain, or amplification, during Tuned testing. You may, therefore, experience an exaggerated “boomy” voice quality if your fitting is similar to this one. Again, this was necessary in order to provide appropriate speech clarity without feedback.

Streamed Music

Silk does not offer wireless audio streaming capabilities.

Signia Silk IX left-ear hearing aids in blue and right-ear hearing aids in red

Close-up of Signia Silk C&G IX hearing aids.

Final verdict on Silk IX

The Signia Silk Charge&Go IX is a high-quality CIC hearing aid. However, one area you will likely be disappointed in is the lack of Bluetooth streaming. Silk IX does not offer wireless audio or hands-free calling like most other hearing aids on the market. With that said, it seems harsh to penalize Silk for this, given all the features Signia has already packed into this small hearing aid. There are inevitable trade-offs when you opt for a CIC hearing aid, and I feel obliged to reiterate that Silk offers 28 hours of rechargeable battery life and can still be controlled wirelessly with your mobile device.

Silk IX offers the quality and feature set expected from a major hearing aid manufacturer. It builds on Signia's previous Silk X by offering internal rechargeable batteries, sound processing improvements, and more. However, if you have a Silk X, is it worth the upgrade to Signia’s latest instant-fit hearing aids? There is unfortunately no one answer to this, and it is recommended that you speak with your hearing provider to weigh the pros and cons of making the switch. It may be possible to demo Silk IX against your current hearing aids to experience first-hand what they may offer you.

As with most new releases, there are various improvements over the previous generation of devices. However, the differences will likely be small for most people unless your current devices are malfunctioning, several years old, or are in poor shape.

Where can you get Signia Silk IX?

Signia Silk C&G IX are prescription hearing aids and can only be purchased through either a licensed audiologist or hearing aid specialist. As noted, this will generally require several appointments for hearing testing and selection of hearing technology, fitting of the selected device(s), and follow-up. Be sure to check for the best deals near you.

Alternatives to Silk IX

If you rely heavily on Bluetooth and wireless audio you may want to consider Signia’s Insio Charge&Go AX. Unlike Silk, Insio are custom hearing aids, designed specially for your ears, and offer rechargeability and Bluetooth capabilities for both iOS and Android devices.

It is worth noting that Signia currently only offers Insio in their previous Augmented Experience (AX) platform, which was released in 2021. While differences between generations are generally minor, you may prefer waiting for Signia to roll out Insio IX, which should be in the near future. This would ensure your investment is in Signia’s latest IX technology, which has several advancements over AX. There are some other differences between Silk instant-fit and Insio custom hearing aids, and you can discuss them with your hearing provider.

You may wonder about Eargo 7, a popular brand of OTC hearing aids. Similar to Silk, they sit completely in your ear, are rechargeable, offer wireless control with a mobile app, and can be purchased for roughly $3,000. Having tested both of these devices, Silk IX is the clear winner. Here are a few key points in favor of Silk Charge&Go IX:

  • You have access to a hearing care provider who can fine-tune your hearing aids using real-ear measurements.
  • Silk IX offers superior sound performance, which is supported by objective testing at HearAdvisor.
  • Signia’s app offers significantly more reliable wireless control.
  • Silk IX has a reported battery life of 28 hours compared to Eargo 7’s 16-hour battery life.

Fit for a Queen...

And here is some hearing aid trivia: It appears Signia Silk was the hearing aid of choice for the late Queen Elizabeth II. Photos surfaced in 2020 of the 93-year-old monarch wearing what appeared to be Silk CICs.

Queen Elizabeth Hearing Aids

Queen Elizabeth II and an enhanced screenshot from another photo showing her hearing aid.

The photo is also instructive because it shows that, at least at the time the photograph was taken, the CIC was not optimally positioned in the Queen's ear. In the photo on the right, you can see the hearing aid's faceplate (and thus the microphone) is not pointed outward but is slightly protruding and oriented toward the bowl of her ear (for comparison, see the photo above of the device in my ear). Besides this audiological nit-picking, she almost certainly benefitted from the enhanced amplification and most social media posts lauded the Queen for taking proactive steps for improving her hearing status.

About HearAdvisor

HearAdvisor is an independent testing lab that uses specific testing protocols to improve the accuracy, replicability, and reliability of device comparisons. All technologies are programmed or adjusted to best meet the audibility needs for a person with mild sloping to moderate hearing loss.

HearAdvisor also uses a series of decision trees, documented in the white paper found on, to select specific listening programs or noise-handling features. As such, the reported data will not reflect device performance reliably across the range of use cases and possible hearing losses. If you have more or less hearing loss, or a different pattern of hearing loss, HearAdvisor’s data and audio samples will not be representative of the performance and sound quality you will experience with hearing aids configured for your own unique needs.

Silk IX Physical Specifications

Silk IX
Signia Silk IX

1 review

Rechargeable Batteries Battery Type

Model details listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email

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Silk IX Technology Levels

Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email

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Silk IX Accessories



Enables push-button remote control of hearing aid functions.


  • Remote Control

Compatible Aids

  • Silk Charge&Go IX
Signia App

Signia App

The Signia App provides a remote control, directional hearing control, telecare access, and access to connectivity and streaming settings.


Compatible Aids

  • Silk Charge&Go IX

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Anonymous 03 February 2024
4 stars stars
Signia Silk Charge&Go IX 7IX

I love how hard they are to see, and the sound is decent. I am definitely hearing better. Only issue is the comfort isn't great. I'm not sure if it's just my ears, but I can't wear them for more than 2 hours. 

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