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The Vital Connection Between Hearing Health and Well-Being

Hearing health significantly impacts physical and mental well-being, influencing communication, social integration, and overall quality of life....

Amy Bishop, AuD on
Improving Accessibility for Hearing Aids: Adam Karp's Journey from Lively to Jabra Enhance and Beyond

Adam Karp, co-founder of Lively in 2018 who is departing as CEO of Jabra, has helped revolutionize the hearing aid industry by improving the...

Digby Cook on
Are Hearing Aids Now Golden?

The Golden Bachelor has broke new ground in positioning hearing aids as not just devices for improving communication, but also making people more...

Shari Eberts on
Patrick Freuler and the Audacious Journey of Audicus Hearing Aids

Pioneering online hearing tests as well as a unique subscription hearing aid service that offers free upgrades every 18 months, Audicus estimates...

Digby Cook on
The Other X in Tech: South Africa’s Nic Klopper Envisons hearX and Lexie as the Engine for Affordable Hearing Solutions

Nic Klopper and his team at hearX want to bring high-quality, lower-cost hearing aids and assistance from Pretoria to a world that desperately...

Digby Cook on
Financial Planners Can Help With the Financial Challenges of Hearing Loss — If They Can Look You Straight in the Face

To help clients face up to truths, financial planners should face clients directly. There are numerous advantages to not only looking clients in...

Cary W. Tucker CFP® on
ReSound President Mikkel Knudsen Draws Inspiration from Family and Changing Lives with Better Hearing

Mikkel Knudsen, President of ReSound North America, reflects on his transition from Denmark to the US and his passion for being a part of the...

Digby Cook on
Racing Toward the Victory Lane: Starkey President & CEO Brandon Sawalich Steers Company with Eye on a Legacy of Compassion

Brandon Sawalich, CEO of Starkey, reflects on balancing the stress of running a global hearing aid company with the thrill (and trepidation) of...

Digby Cook on
All Ears on Matthew Allsop: A Sneak Peek into the Life of HearingTracker’s YouTuber

Dive into the world of Matthew Allsop, the London-based audiologist and popular YouTuber with a passion for the science of hearing and the art of...

Carly Sygrove on
An Instrument of Change: Sonova USA President Sandy Brandmeier's Leadership and Advocacy in Hearing Healthcare

Read about the the journey of Sandy Brandmeier, president of hearing healthcare giant Sonova USA, whose unique leadership in the hearing...

Digby Cook on
xMEMS Creates Ultra-Tiny Speakers to Power the OTC Hearing Aid Revolution

xMEMS Labs' Mike Houshoulder explains how the company's new speakers offer smaller size, wider bandwidth, reliability, and automated production...

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Unifying Brands, Technologies, and Cultures at WS Audiology: CEO Eric Bernard Sees Breakaway Opportunities

Steering through cyber attacks and a pandemic while unifying the cultures and technologies of two companies, WS Audiology's Eric Bernard shares...

Digby Cook on
Orka’s Sonic Revolution: How Xinke Liu is Changing the Future of Hearing

Xinke Liu, Chief Communications Officer and co-founder of Orka, offers insights into her personal journey, the unique approach of Orka hearing...

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Earbuds vs Hearing Aids: The Latest Battle in the Hearing Health Revolution

The line between earbuds and hearing aids is getting blurrier. Here's why earbuds may have the upper hand when it comes to people starting their...

Sue Handley Jones on
Inflammatory Arthritis, Autoimmune Disease, and Hearing Loss

Did you know inflammatory arthritis has been linked with hearing loss? Here is a look at the connections between these two chronic disorders, why...

Carly Sygrove on
A New Beginning for Hearing Aids and the Ear-Brain Interface: Starkey Genesis AI

Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids are revolutionary because they are built to mimic the sensory processing architecture of the brain, writes Achin...

Achin Bhowmik, Ph.D. on
Will Apple Make an OTC Hearing Aid?

The hearing healthcare market is currently a moving target that will continue to gyrate to a disruptive beat. Although Apple won’t officially say...

Karl Strom on
Bill Austin on the Evolution of Starkey

Reflecting on six decades of hearing healthcare progress, Starkey Owner and Chairman Bill Austin describes how he and his employees have plotted a...

Bill Austin on
A Recipe for a Successful OTC Hearing Aid

Since OTC hearing aids hit the stores many seem to miss the boat, lacking the sweet spot of features, form factor and price that will likely...

Shari Eberts on
Why I’m Choosing Audiology as My Career

Here's the story of a hard-of-hearing student who has been dissuaded on numerous occasions and by several people not to follow her passion to...

Marisa K. Martinez on
Consumers Still Need Telecoils and Hearing Loops–Even If They Have Bluetooth Hearing Aids

While the industry develops, tests, and ultimately deploys exciting new broadcast audio technologies like Auracast, it is critical that hearing...

Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD on
Is Hearing Loss a Trick or a Treat?

In all my years of celebrating Halloween, nobody has ever come looking for a trick, but often, things in life include a smattering of both tricks...

Shari Eberts on
What I Wish People With Normal Hearing Understood About Hearing Loss

In my long journey from occasional frustration at a few missed words to reluctant purchase of my first hearing aids to wearing my current ones 16...

Steve Klinger on
Noopl Review: iPhone Accessory that Makes it Easier to Hear in Background Noise?

Noopl 2.0 is an iPhone accessory that makes it easier to hear in background noise. It works by removing background noise and...

Matthew Allsop on
Have You Been Screened For Hearing Loss?

Once we hit a certain age, our primary care physicians recommend a series of medical procedures to generate a baseline health profile and to...

Shari Eberts on
Ready to Travel Again? Tips for Those with Hearing Loss

If you’re hard of hearing or deaf, channel your spirit of adventure and get planning. These tips for ideal destinations, accommodations, and of...

Nina Malkin on
Signia Active X First Impressions

The new Signia Active X hearing aids are hearing aids for people who don't want hearing aids. Here are my first impressions.

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Sign-Language Stars: Our Top 3 ASL Interpreters

The expressive style and outstanding dedication of these 3 ASL interpreters has kept us in the loop during times of crisis.

Nina Malkin on
Dating with Hearing Loss: 6 Success Strategies

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, dating can be daunting. Where to find romance? And when to mention your hearing issue?

Nina Malkin on
Discover the Wonder of Powerful Sound With Phonak Naída™ Paradise

Phonak Naída Paradise combines unrivaled sound quality with personalized digital solutions and universal connectivity to meet the needs of all...

Justin Elder on
When Your Husband Won’t Get Hearing Aids

There were plenty of signs my husband, now age 48, had hearing issues. When I got in a car after he had driven it, the stereo would come on at a...

Bari Nan Rothchild on
What Tree Pose Teaches Us About Living With Hearing Loss

Communication with hearing loss is always challenging. Even with perfectly calibrated hearing devices, background noise, low talkers and bad...

Shari Eberts on
Airpods Pro Help With Tinnitus

Bluetooth headphones, like Airpods, can provide tinnitus relief. They may not be the long-term solution, but they can definitely help.

Ben Thompson, AuD on
Why I Avoided Hearing Aids

I wasn't even 50. Surely, hearing loss wasn't the problem... I had refused to believe the signs that my ears were the issue.

Jeffrey Rothchild on
Nuheara IQbuds² Max VS Apple Airpods Pro

The Nuheara IQbuds² Max and Apple Airpods Pro are the two leading hearable products on the market, providing customized amplification tuned to...

Mark Truong on
How to Succeed With Hearing Aids and Dementia

Becoming a successful hearing aid user isn't easy, especially when dementia is involved. Here are five strategies to help you, or a loved one,...

Shea Zukowski on
How to Talk to Your Parents About Getting Hearing Aids

Convincing your parents to investigate their hearing problems can be difficult, especially given the stigma of getting older.

Julia Métraux on
Signia Styletto X - Hearing Aid Review

I spent over 130 hours reviewing the new Signia Styletto X hearing aids. Here are the pros and cons of these devices.

Mark Truong on
ReSound One: The Pandemic Hearing Aid Review

ReSound's latest hearing aids are built for cutting-edge performance in background noise. I had to get creative to test out the manufacturer's...

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Planning a Virtual Thanksgiving? 5 Ways to Boost Communication

Virtual catch-ups with loved ones are the new normal, but video calls can be tricky. They’re more challenging still when those with hearing loss...

Julia Métraux on
Do You Have 20/20 Hearing?

The metric 20/20 refers to your ability to hear sounds at 20 decibels in both ears. Just like 20/20 vision, 20/20 hearing does not mean you have...

Shari Eberts on
Why Hearing Health Matters for Your Overall Well-Being

Not being able to hear well makes it difficult to understand and talk to colleagues, friends, and family members. But, did you know that untreated...

Jo-El M. Grossman on
What to Do When Your Hearing Aids Alone Are No Longer Enough

I realized the only thing hearing aids were doing for me was raising the volume. I was just hearing louder mumbling. It isolated me, and I didn't...

Meagan Borgelt on
Widex MOMENT Review

I spent the last two weeks wearing MOMENT and I’m ready to share my personal experiences, feature highlights, pros and cons, and buying...

Mark Truong on
Covid-19 Creating New Challenges for People with Hearing Loss

People with hearing loss have faced increased isolation and communication difficulties. Here are some tips to get through the challenging time.

Shari Eberts on
The Need for Continual Hearing Aid Innovation

Hearing loss is frustrating on many different levels – from interacting with friends and family, to hearing what is said on the phone or in a...

Jo-El M. Grossman on
Phonak Paradise: First Impressions

The Phonak Paradise is a well-rounded hearing aid that offers many improvements when compared to the previous Marvel generation.

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Tinnitus Relief at Home: The Oto Health Story

The new Oto app will bring together mindfulness, relaxation, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatments for tinnitus sufferers.

Edmund Farrar on
The Tinnitus Self-Treatment Revolution

There are a number of mobile apps that exist for tinnitus treatment. The majority of these are a masking device. There is also a wealth of...

Edmund Farrar on
Apps That Boost Speech: Live Listen, Sound Amplifier, and Chatable

In today's video, I wanted to compare the features and functions of the Top 3 Hearing Amplification apps for iPhone and Android so you can...

Mark Truong on
Otter vs Live Transcribe for iOS

Otter continues to be the best fit for me because of the way I rely on it to support my phone and video calls with clients. I use it several...

Matt Hay on
How an Ear Surgeon with Hearing Loss Chooses His Own Hearing Tech

How do you choose the right system for you? Many factors will depend on your type and degree of hearing loss as well as other considerations such...

Chad Ruffin, MD on
Nuheara IQbuds² MAX and Hearing Aids Compared

A video by our guest contributor compares the performance of Nuheara's earbuds and Phonak's hearing aids at a noisy music convention.

David Copithorne on
Beethoven Would Have Loved a Pair of Today’s Hearing Aids

Beethoven, the deaf composer would have grabbed the first pair of hearing aids he got his hands on, if they had been available in 1800.

David Copithorne on
What This Hearing Aid User Learned At An Audiology Conference

It's a fascinating experience to attend an audiology conference, not as an audiologist, but as a patient.

Shari Eberts on
What to Do When You Think You Have a Hearing Loss

Hearing loss sneaks up on people gradually. Take a hearing test, find the right audiologist, and try a hearing aid (or two)!

Shari Eberts on
8 Tips For Better Communication With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can make conversations more challenging. Often we must rely on our conversation partners to practice communication best practices...

Shari Eberts on
Signia Pure 13 BT Detailed Hearing Aid Review

Pure 13 BT review of physical design, sound quality, battery life, feedback system, bluetooth connectivity, streaming, apps + Oticon Opn comparison.

Constantine Grantcharov on
End your Isolation – Join a Hearing Loss Support Group

Most if not all states have their own agencies or commissions on deafness and the hard of hearing that provide leadership, advocacy and education...

Stu Nunnery on
Noise at Weddings

Planning a wedding? Make sure you get the noise right by following these 6 actionable tips. From room acoustics to DJ breaks, our guide has...

Stu Nunnery on
Add Earplugs To Your Back To School Shopping List

It’s that time of year again – summer’s heat recedes followed by the crisp air of Fall and the start of a new school year. My kids always...

Shari Eberts on
Oticon Opn – Reviewed by a Techie Software Engineer

I would not hesitate to recommend the Opn 1s to my fellow friends, family, and others in the hearing impaired community ...

Constantine Grantcharov on
Security of Internet-Connected Hearing Aids

Security expert Constantine Grantcharov makes the case for future proofing internet-connected hearing aids.

Constantine Grantcharov on
How I See It – Thoughts From A Totally Blind Hearing Aid User

Over the 23 years that I’ve been a hearing aid wearer, I’ve been described by several of the audiologists I’ve worked with as a “challenging”...

Jonathan Mosen on
Can a Glass of Wine a Day Protect Your Hearing?

What is the relationship between alcohol and hearing loss? You might be surprised to learn that alcohol can be both protective and harmful to your...

David Copithorne on
Why Apple Watch Hearing Aid Control is a Big Breakthrough

Tiny buttons are no longer a problem. You don’t need to carry an extra device. You can leave your smartphone in your pocket

David Copithorne on
Soundhawk Review for Hearing Loss – Expert Analysis

Soundhawk review by a doctor of audiology. Amplification capabilities, photos, and sound samples. Background noise and wireless mic testing included.

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Sony vs Jabra: Comparing Two Popular OTC Hearing Aids

As a regular wearer of Sony's CRE-E10 OTC hearing aids, I got a chance to try out the Jabra's Enhance Plus OTC hearing aid. Here's how they compare.

Cj Wild on