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Eargo Max

Eargo Max Direct To Consumer Hearing Aid

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About the Eargo Max

From Eargo's literature:

Eargo Max is a practically invisible and insanely comfortable hearing device designed for the millions of Americans suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss.

Eargo Max is fitted with Flexi Domes that eliminate feedback and increase gain while preserving speech clarity. Overall, Eargo Max provides better performance and sound quality in any type of environment, from noisy restaurants to football stadiums.

Each hearing aid comes with sound profile memory and voice indicators that make Eargo Max super easy to use. The rechargeable feature of the product will save you from the frustration of changing batteries and hundreds of dollars in cost. Not to mention, being friendly to the environment.

Eargo is also with you every step of the way. When the client gets their devices in the mail they’ll also receive a phone consultation from one of Eargo’s licensed professionals, explaining everything about their devices. They’ll help clients understand everything from daily operation to maintenance, and will help clients set realistic expectations.

A pair of Eargo Max are $2,150 a pair, far less than half of what traditional hearing aids cost, and include a 1-year warranty with the option to extend it to 2-years.

Upgrades Eargo Max vs Eargo Plus:

  • Eargo Max provides improved sound audio fidelity
  • Eargo Max has improved background noise reduction
  • New Flexi Domes add extra amplification
  • Eargo Max provides feedback management