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About the Bernafon Acriva

The Bernafon Acriva Nano RITE is a receiver in the ear hearing aid that has a telecoil, a push button, an ingress protection rating of IP57, and uses size 312 hearing aid batteries and has directionality and adjustment synchronization.

Bernafon Acriva Model Details

Bernafon Acriva Nano RITE

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Bernafon Acriva Nano RITE

3 reviews

Release Date: 04 April 2013

The Bernafon Acriva Nano RITE has a telecoil, a push button, an ingress protection rating of IP57, and uses size 312 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP57

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Bernafon Acriva Physical Specifications

Bernafon Acriva Nano RITE
Bernafon Acriva Nano RITE

3 reviews

Disposable Batteries Battery Size
IP Rating (Liquid) 7
IP Rating (Solid) 5
Push Button

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Bernafon Acriva Technology Details

Bernafon Acriva 9
Price $

3 reviews

Adjustment Synchronization

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Bernafon Acriva Reviews

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Member 14 August 2018

I have moderate hearing loss and these have helped a lot. However, I wish they were better for understanding people.

Anthony B
Anthony B 22 November 2018

The hearing aids are also known as the Bernafon Juna 9. They are an excellent value at $2600 a pair at Costco with Soindgate included. I've had them for a few weeks at this point and plan on keeping them. The good: They are very comfortable and nearly invisible. The price at Costco is very competitive and included the remote/Bluetooth connector for free. They do a nice job in quiet environments. Once the adjustments were made, the HAs started making my hearing more tolerable. My phone conversations have improved since getting adjusted to these. The bad: Poor job eliminating unwanted background noise. Batteries only last 3-4 days. The hearing aids give unwanted feedback in the wind or if I bend down. No Bluetooth without the intermediary neck loop which sometimes cut out while on a phone call. I'm a new HA user but I am very happy with the value I got on these at Costco.

Derek S
Derek S 07 October 2014

I moved up to the Acriva AR9 NR after 7 years with Siemens Triano S BTEs. I am an active young adult who enjoys bicycling, music, and going out. My search criteria, from highest priority to lowest priority, were: - Directional microphone (or other method of enhancing conversation in background noise) - Open fit - Value - Sweat resistance - Non-painful wind noise Over the course of my search, I tried the Siemens Aquaris, ReSound Verso 9s, ReSound Linx, Starkey Halos, and the Bernafon AR9 NRs. The AR9 NRs were the least expensive by multiple thousands of dollars because I bought them from Costco, so that was a big plus. They also met all of my criteria. The only things I didn't like about them right away were that they caused my ear canals to become itchy after a few hours, and the Bluetooth functionality requires wearing a neck adapter, rather than being built into the hearing aids themselves. After owning these hearing aids for 4 months, I am very satisfied with them. - Directional microphone, 4/5. I definitely notice the difference when switching to the fixed directional setting, which is great, but it isn't perfect; I often still need to read lips to be sure of what I'm hearing. - Open fit, 5/5 - Value, 5/5. $1600 each at Costco with free follow ups. I was very happy with my hearing aid dispensers. - Sweat resistance, 5/5. No static so far even during intense exercise. - Non-painful wind noise, 5/5. Almost like I'm not even wearing them when bicycling. - Battery life, 4/5. The AR9 NRs use size 312 batteries and battery life is 4-6 days, depending on how much I use Bluetooth streaming. - Sound processing, 4/5. Great for everyday situations. Not so good for music (see below). - Overall hearing enhancement, 5/5. Even I notice the difference between wearing them and not, which is surprising because the difference was never as dramatic with my previous pairs of hearing aids. It does have some cons which are annoying but not dealbreakers. - Neck adapter requirement. The neck adapter is quite handy because it enables me to listen to music hands-free and to conduct cellphone calls hands-free, but I don't like having to wear the necklace and charging it every night. However, I just decided to wear it anyway underneath my shirt, and it's not too bad. - Poor sound isolation during Bluetooth streaming. When Bluetooth streaming kicks in, the hearing aids inexplicably raise the background noise amplification level, making it impossible to hear the streaming in non-quiet situations, so I only use the streaming feature in quiet settings. If the hearing aids would *reduce* the background noise amplification level when Bluetooth streaming is activated, the streaming would be much more useful. - Music processing. For music, only the dedicated music program processes music correctly. The general programs make smooth noises sound choppy; usually female voices holding an extended note. This is quite annoying and I'll have to change the program, and I usually forget to turn it back to the general program after I'm done listening to music. Below are why I did not purchase the other hearing aids I tried: - Siemens Aquaris: too expensive and I found that the water resistance on the other hearing aids is adequate for my needs. I also disliked the lack of external buttons on the hearing aid body; you have to wear the neck adapter. - ReSound Verso 9s: I liked these as much as the AR9 NRs but the Versos were multiple thousands of dollars more expensive. - ReSound Linx: I thought that these would enable hands-free calls without a necklace. However you still need to use a Phone Clip+ and since I don't want to carry this in my pocket, I would end up wearing this as a necklace anyway. - Starkey Halos: Like the Linx, these hearing aids actually don't enable hands-free calls because you need to talk into your phone. I don't see how holding the phone to your mouth is any more convenient than holding the phone to your ear. This doesn't specifically relate to AR9 NRs, but if you're considering open-fit vs. ear molds, open-fit is more of a hassle because the domes MUST be the correct size, but on the other hand, you can wear earbuds or earphones while still wearing the hearing aid. The domes are very important because if they're too small, they will get stuck in your ear when you take your hearing aid off, and then you'll have to get someone to remove the domes with tweezers, which is potentially very unsafe. This happened to me multiple times after I got my hearing aids cleaned while traveling abroad and I didn't notice that the technician replaced my domes with bigger ones. As far as the earbuds or earphones, I am able to use these hearing aids with a stethoscope, which is extremely important because I'm a medical student. I would not have been able to use BTEs with a stethoscope. Overall I highly recommend the AR9 NRs and I would buy them again.

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