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About Starkey Halo 2

What's new in the Halo 2?

  • 5x the processing power - That's a significant bump in speed from the original Halos, and what has enabled the new twin-compressor technology in Halo 2.
  • Quad core twin-compressor technology - In Starkey's words: "[D]esigned to seamlessly transition between the demands of speech and the far more dynamic characteristics of each patient’s life."
  • More channels - The old Halos had a maximum of 16 adjustable channels. The Halo 2s max out at 24 channels. This means an even tighter fit to your prescription. Note: To get the most from all that adjustment flexibility, your hearing provider should be running real ear measurments
  • Expanded dynamic range - "[L]ow distortion processing with peak input dynamic range of 110dB for fuller, richer sound."
  • Higher sampling rate - As a result, the bandwidth has been increased to ~10 kHz.
  • Acuity OS - Starkey claims that the new operating system was designed with the input of musicians, and that music and speech are processed uniquely "for the first time ever." We are eager to find out how well it performs in the real world! To learn more about Acuity™ OS, check out the PDF downloads below.
  • Tinnitus Relief - Multiflex Tinnitus Technology is available in Halo 2. See the video below for more information on Multiflex Tinnitus Technology.

Here's the full Android compatibility list:

Compatible with "Google Nexus™ 6P, Google Nexus™ 5X, Samsung Galaxy S® 7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S® 7, Samsung Galaxy S® 6 Edge Plus, Samsung Galaxy S® 6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S® 6, Samsung Galaxy S® 5, Samsung Galaxy S® 4, Samsung Galaxy Note® 5, Samsung Galaxy Note® 4, Samsung Galaxy Note® 3, HTC One® M8 and HTC One® M7."

And for Apple users, here's the Apple compatibility list:

"iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini 3, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) and Apple Watch. Use of Apple Watch requires iPhone 5 or later."

Starkey Halo 2 Models

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Starkey HaloTM 2 RIC 13

16 reviews

Release Date: 01 March 2016

The Starkey Halo 2 RIC 13 has a telecoil, a push button (program control), water resistant coating, uses size 13 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:
  • Phone Compatibility:

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Starkey HaloTM 2 RIC 312

3 reviews

Release Date: 01 March 2017

The Starkey Halo 2 RIC 312 has a dedicated volume control, water resistant coating, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:
  • Phone Compatibility:

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Starkey Halo 2 Model Comparison

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Starkey Halo 2 Technology Level Comparison

Starkey Halo 2 i1600 Starkey Halo 2 i2000 Starkey Halo 2 i2400
Price $ $$ $$$

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18 reviews

Adjustment Synchronization
Processing Channels
Processing Channels
16 20 24
Adjustment Bands
Adjustment Bands
16 20 24
Acuity E2E Directionality
16 20 24
Acuity Speech Optimization
Amount of optimization
Minimum Mid-level Maximum
Acuity Voice
Noise reduction strength
1 option 2 options 4 options
E2E Machine Noise Adaptation
Machine Noise Reduction Strength
1 option 2 options 4 options
E2E Wind Noise Management
Wind Noise Reduction Strength
1 option 2 options 4 options
Multiflex Tinnitus Technology
Speech Shift
WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation

Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email

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Starkey Halo 2 Accessories

TruLink Hearing Control App


  • Smartphone App

Compatible Aids

TruLink® Hearing Control App


  • Smartwatch App

Compatible Aids

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Starkey Halo 2 Videos

Starkey Halo 2 and Muse
Starkey Halo 2 Video

Starkey Halo 2 and Muse

01 March 2016

This video introduces the Halo 2 and Muse hearing aids, which both run on Starkey's new "Synergy platform" using "Acuity OS." Interestingly,...

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology
Starkey Halo 2 Video

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology

04 April 2013

"Multiflex Tinnitus Technology generates a broadband white noise signal with varying frequency and amplitude that plays through the hearing aid...

Stream Calls, Music and Movies: Top 4 Highlights of the Halo 2 Made for iPhone Hearing Aids
Starkey Halo 2 Video

Stream Calls, Music and Movies: Top 4 Highlights of the Halo 2 Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

07 June 2016

Want a hearing aid that’s sleek in design, can stream phone calls, music and movies, help with tinnitus, and offer a completely personalized...

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Starkey Halo 2 Reviews

Hearing aid reviews are fundamentally different from reviews for most other consumer electronic products. The reason is because individual factors, like degree of hearing loss, have a profound effect one's success and overall satisfaction with the product. When purchasing a hearing aid, you'll need to consider more than just your hearing outcome. Hearing aids are manufactured with varying levels of quality; some hearing aids are extremely durable, while others suffer frequent breakage. Battery life also varies between models, and manufacturer predictions of battery life are often optimistic. By collecting feedback from consumers, we can get a better idea of real world product durability and battery life... Continue reading

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Member 05 September 2018

I've had a pair of Starkey Halo 2 RIC 13 i2400's for nearly a year now. As someone whom has worn hearing aids my entire life...over 40 experience with the Halo2 has been profoundly disappointing. Major issues include: - Frequent failure of the RIC (in-canal equipment). Barely two weeks pass, before I need to send my RIC in for repairs. I've had to purchase multiple RIC pairs, just so that I can function while waiting for the repair center to return another set. Yes, this means I'm effectively sending in one RIC for repair EVERY SINGLE WEEK...that's well over 30 RIC repairs I've needed since the original purchase less than a year ago. - They are absolutely NOT moisture-resistant. If you're perspiring enough for sweat to bead and roll down your face, you are absolutely guaranteed to find that sweat also collects on/under the poorly designed microphone covers. This requires that I remove the cover, dab away moisture, and then re-assemble the hearing aids multiple times per hour. I've had hearing aids from Phonak and other brands in the past, and never encountered such an unreliability. Do Starkey engineers even test their products in real-world scenarios? - RICs are NOT tolerant of constant-noise environments. For instance; driving down the road. If I'm in the car for more than roughly ONE HOUR, the constant noise essentially overheats both of my RICs, and all I can hear is loud clattering and static, unless/until I power off the hearing aids, wait about 30 minutes, and then power them back on. - Bluetooth functions work OK, if you only pair to one device, ever. If you try pairing to both an iPhone, and then later to an iPad, you'll find that your hearing aids often disconnect and/or reboot when videos are playing, or the hearing aids simply disconnect a random times throughout any sort of video or audio streaming, including phone calls. This issue occurs even if only one of the paired devices (e.g. iPhone or iPad) is powered-on...running the latest Halo2 firmware, and the latest iOS versions. - At this very moment, the simple act of me tying at a keyboard has resulted in one of my RICs giving a hollow/booming sound, instead of the normal sound of keyboard keys clatting; which I can still hear in the other ear. - Starkey has admitted that their AP70 model RICs are defective from the factory, if they include a manufacturer-recommended "subwoofer" feature: every single one of them. At times Starkey has claimed to have resolved the issue, but they have since admitted that the issue is being "managed" and that its not actually "resolved". Starkey's "management" of this defect is to repair RICs for "free" during the first two years, and then require you to purchase another set of RICs after the two year warranty period has exhausted. Note that Starkey does NOT pre-pay nor reimburse shipping costs, when sending the hearing aids to their repair center. - When RICs are returned from repair, they never fit right again. The polished coatings usually wear off after a few days, and I've had to battle multiple instances of ear canal blisters and issue I've NEVER encountered with any other hearing aid model, in the forty years I've worn hearing aids. - With a profound hearing loss, I'm highly dependent upon hearing aids for any sort of audio input; removal or malfunction shuts me off from the world. - Battery life is approximately two days. - All-considered, on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best. I would rate the Halo2 at ONE STAR: a single star is because of a iPhone/bluetooth integration feature; this is greatly valued and difficult to find anywhere else. However, all the other issues prevent any further stars.

Member 14 August 2018

I have bluetooth issues. During music or phone calls I all of a sudden get static or buzzing sound that bounces from one hearing aid to the other for 5 seconds or so. Can't really hear person when that is going on. Have worked with Apple and Starkey with so far no solution. Engineer at Starkey says know one else has this problem and actually has my hearing aids now and is not seeing the problem. Apple sent the issue to a higher tech group that I can't communicate with anymore. They took data from my iphone and that caused it to get bumped up to the level it is at. Not sure if the really found a problem or just brushed me off.

Member 19 October 2017
I have had the Halo 2s for about a year now and for the past couple of months, I have had the same issue. I thought it might be from moisture / humidity.
Member 03 March 2018
I have the same problem
Member 15 July 2018
This is a common experience for me too. Starkey engineers tried to deny defects in their AP70 RICs, but have since admitted to a known defect that's being "managed" instead of resolved. I suspect that's how they're handling the static/buzzing disconnect issues encountered when streaming audio.
Raymond M. 14 August 2018

I have the Starkey Halo 2 hearing aids, iPhone telephone conversations will keep disconnecting. I've never been able to have a conversation that hasn't disconnected. Bluetooth keeps dropping off and on. Starkey said it's the software that effects all Bluetooth devices, but the halo 2 is the only device I have that's effected. I connect the halo 1's up and never have a problem. regardless of which iPhone update that I have had. They are great for everything else. But the iPhone feature is the main reason that I purchased them. I can't use them if I can't talk on the phone with them. I have tried all of the tricks that starkey showed me as far as rebooting the phone, forgetting the device and re pairing them, but in some cases it's worse. I read on one review that a person turned Bluetooth off and back on, but that didn't work either. Of course when I take them into the hearing center they say the same thing that Starkey says, that it's a software problem, but it's not if the Halo 2 is the only device that doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Ray

Member 14 August 2018

The jury is still out on this one. I've only had them for a few days, and even before I left the audiologist the L & R were not syncing properly and the volume control on the device also not working at all. So I walked out with them as loaners and will be getting new ones in a week. I'm using my iphone 6s bluetooth & Trulink software and have been having very unreliable results ok to make calls but not receive, one ear bluetooth dropping, crackling during calls, etc. I'm not convinced bluetooth is the way to go if you want RELIABLE streaming. On the bright side, i find them very comfortable IN and over the ear, but the behind the ear part is a bit... warm and bulky. About the same size as my 8.5 year old phonaks (reliability = 5), so probably just takes some getting used to. Of course the hearing aid improves the sound of everything in every condition, but only slightly more so than my old phonaks, and my old phonaks had no volume control! Definitely issues with feedback/screeching (I'm still looking for the right way to describe this) when turn up the volume. I'm not sure if this is typical of ALL hearing aids or just the Halo 2 though. I cannot report on battery life, as I haven't had to change them yet. I'm also concerned about battery drain on phone having bluetooth on all the time, and how it will work when in crowded locations... if I'm upstairs my phone syncs with my neighbors speakers. I was hoping I could leave bluetooth off and then only turn it on when I wanted to make calls, or switch mid call, but i think that might be too much to ask iphone.

Brian S. 14 August 2018

I have been in hearing aids for 10 years or so. I needed more help hearing so I went with the Starkey Halo i2400 with molded earpieces about four weeks ago. I have them paired up with my iPhone 5s (Ver10.3.2 IOS). Overall, I can hear and understand much better. After the initial fitting, I had two more trips a week apart for adjustments, and then, a third trip for a checkup and tests. On a speech recognition test, I went from 24% word recognition with my old HAs to 76% with the Starkeys. On the tone test I needed 65 to 80 dB to hear a tone with my old HA s. Now I can hear tones in the 40 - 50 dB range. Using the iPhone with my HA s works well for adjusting sound levels, phone calls, and with iTunes. I do better with phone calls to my cell/ HA combination rather than over our landline. Although I can hear the landline better now than before. The HA has settings to screen out wind noise, machine noise, etc. So far I have not noticed much difference using those settings. But there are quite a few setting combinations and I am still learning what works best for me.

Brian S. 18 July 2018
One year later update. My Halo i2400s have been trouble free. My iPhone5s iOS is now Version 12.0 (Beta), TruLink is Version 4.3.1. Pros: Streaming phone calls and listening to iTunes works very well for me. One on one conversations are pleasant in a fairly quiet setting. Cons: The "Crowd" setting sort of helps in restaurants/crowds, but not much. The Wind/Machine Noise settings do not seem to do any good. Regardless of the Noise setting, road noise in a car is just amplified to the point that putting the HAs on a very low setting or mute is necessary for more than a local shopping trip.
Wendell G. 14 August 2018

The hearing aids work fine until you pair them with an Iphone, though it may not be all Starkey's fault. IOS 10 really messed things up, but when I went to IOS 10.3, they started working as they should after I sent them back due to a bad bluetooth radio. 10.3.2 messed things up again such that one or the other of the aids loses connection to the phone...sort of. When this happens, the streaming still seems to occur, but the phone does not show you that the hearing aid is there (in my case, it was the right aid). After fussing with it and doing everything I could think of like unpairing, power cycling both the phone and aid and pairing again, the only thing that seems to have fixed it was a complete wipe of the phone. If you do this, do NOT backup to Itunes and then restore from there after the phone wipe. In my case, the problem immediately came back. What I ended up doing is resetting the phone, setting it up as a new phone and then pairing. Worked fine. I then had to go into Itunes and sync (not restore) my music, photos, files and such. I did end up losing my archived imessages and had to reenter all my passwords. Also, battery life if you stream is only about 4-5 days. Further, if you want high fidelity for music out of these, forget it. For music, they are tinny and the sounds have a lot of vibration type noises. Think a car speaker going out, but just not as bad. Another issue I have had is that sometimes when I start to stream, I will get a clicking noise in one ear or another. Usually, going out of the app and back in fixes that. I also hear an odd noise in both aids that sound a little like an old telephone modem connecting, but that lasts for just a few seconds. The times I have had to call Starkey tech support, they have been very friendly. Not always real helpful because many of the problems have been with IOS, but they tried. If you are using an Iphone with IOS 10, I would suggest waiting to buy or pair these until the connectivity bugs are worked out. Who knows what they will mess up with IOS 11.

Donald G. 14 August 2018

Only have been wearing these for about a month, constantly have the feeling they are not fitted correctly. They feel as if they slide out of my ears. The provider has tried to shorten and lengthen the wire, smaller and bigger domes. I'm constantly pushing them back in as they just seems to slide out after a couple hours. As a TECHIE, The iPhone app isn't that great and neither is the Android app, only worse. Which is the reason to purchase the "Higher Grade" devices. Starkey needs to setup the interface and functionality of both apps. Overall I'm mildly happy with the devices as it does help with the Tinnitus I have.

Member 20 May 2017
I had the same problem with my first set of these style aids. With my new Halo 2's, my audiologist made custom ear molds. They are extremely comfortable and stay in place.
Martha S. 14 August 2018

Before getting the Starkey Halo 2 i2400: Several people complained that my TV was too loud, anyone who entered my home and my neighbors once asked me to change the channel to what they were watched. Guess they wanted stereo effects. Just as any movie would reach the most interesting part of the drama, their voices would drop, then I could not piece together as the plot was given. I would hit the replay, still, I could not understand what they were saying. I could no longer hear the full conversation on the phone, several just quit calling me. Not really friends, were they? My advice, all should take a "compassionate empathy" pill. I remember watching lips so that I might read what they were saying, if they would slow down their speech, sometimes I could hear and understand. I went to the hearing test, during the first week of Clinic opening, expecting to at least learn what was wrong. After the purchase of Starkey Halo 2 i2400: The factory representative was visiting the clinic and interviewed me after my exam and test. Specialist explained using a drawing that looked like a banana. Said, "You can hear the tip ends but nothing in the sway of the banana." She even told me the letters I could not distinguish. Imagine trying to follow directions, you were told to turn left at the "st"op sign not the "sh"op sign. For me, my problem was caused by a firecracker prank that went wrong 32 years ago, blast went off at ear level, full impact. I noticed she had a hearing aid and asked if she would recommend the same for me. She silently fitted me, then, I heard her full voice with the Starkey and told her that she had the voice of an angel, with a definite foreign accent. After dark that night, I walked outside...not having heard night sounds for so long, the crickets and tree frogs were very noisy. During the day, I now enjoy the birds chirping. Most importantly, I can not hear the sounds of feet approaching when my back is turned. The answer is no to your next I can not hear the sound of wings when the Monarch takes flight. But, I am patient. Technology is great, and in a few years, maybe Starkey can make that too happen for me. Would I recommend Starkey and my Provider? Yes, I already have, and my referral also bought a Starkey from my Provider. Either I had trouble setting my program or the Starkey would not stay paired with my iPhone. Returned it to my Provider, they set it for me. After two visits and still in warranty period, they returned to the factory. Strange the way things happen. The same factory repr was visiting the day I picked up my Starkey. I made a comment that when I did not have my Starkey in my ear that I could not hear the phone ring. Great factory repr, she either found the solution on my iPhone or within the Starkey program and set the cell to a strobe lite when it begins to ring. How are things going with my hearing aid? Simply put, this was a match made in Heaven.

Member 14 August 2018

I have had the Starkey Halo 2 i2400 for approximately 6 months. Had original Halos prior to that for 1 year. The i2400 were an upgrade due to continuous problems with original Halos. Happy with the Halo2. I may be a little obsessive in managing them in that the original Halo gave me fits keeping the microphones open. The Halo2 has been much more reliable and I am not visiting my Audiologist (Kaw Valley Hearing in Lawrence Ks) on a monthly basis. The aids themselves are a life saver on phone conversation and not needing to use the phone receiver but my iPhone instead. Regarding the bluetooth issue, have had some of the issues of dropped/buzzing/interference. Understanding the competition of bluetooth devices and connectivity and competition, I am surprised that I don't have more issues. In the end, expensive but they are the best aids I have had (4 sets, 2 Phonak). If you use the phone for work and want reliability these are worth the money.

Shawn T. 23 February 2017

So far so good. I can actually hear conversations without saying, "what" all the time. I like that through Bluetooth I can turn up the mic volume from my phone. The only thing that would make the hearing aids exponentially more valuable is if the can syream phone calls and music.

Jim S. 14 August 2018

For almost $8,000.00, I was expecting to have quite an improvement in being able to understand voices in a noisy environment. I am not change settings for each hearing environment because it can change so quickly. I can understand why some people don't wear their hearing aids half the time.

C B. 05 February 2017

I purchased this model for its iPhone compatibility. It depends on Bluetooth. The Bluetooth capability is terrible. Inexplainable drops, spotty connections. The TruLink iOS app is poorly implemented and very buggy. It isn't well reviewed and updated infrequently with little or no improvements. Very amature. Bluetooth technology is not new. It is a mature technology that should not be difficult to implement. If Starkey wants to succeed in this Bluetooth market space they cannot ignore the poor quality of this current offering. The baby boomers that are just reaching retirement age are technologically sophisticated.

Susan B. 09 April 2017

They will not stay paired with my iPhone. Its very frustrating because that is the only way I can turn on the tinnitus control. I'm also frustrated when my phone rings in my car. I have hands free phones and the call switches every minute or so between the hands free and my hearing aids.

Martha S. 09 April 2017
Susan, I also experienced the Starkey not staying paired with my iPhone. Always go back to where you bought it, there is a truly good effort to reset with your iPhone locally. But if that fails, they will send back to the factory for a "re-do." I was lucky on the day mine was returned, there was a factory representative in the office. She also had hearing difficulty, she related very well to my descriptions. I said, if I take the hearing aid out of my ear, then I can not hear the phone. Her solution was to turn my iPhone to a strobe light, don't ask me how she did it, either was on iPhone or a feature of the Starkey program; but it works fine lights up the room.
Elizabeth F. 20 January 2017

They work very well for my son. He has Auditory Neuropathy that is a condition that can fluctuate. Using the Starkey products we have been able to avoid getting the CI. I am beyond words on how well he is doing with the new hearing aids. He has been wearing hearing aids since he was 18 months. we love the starkey HA's because their flexibility and programming ability.

Ralph G. 13 January 2017

I went with Halo 2 because I wanted to control my hearing aids from my phone without have an intermediate "dongle". They worked as advertised for a while after a few months I began to have problems with the Bluetooth connectivity. When I would initiate a telephone call or stream music, the hearing aids would connect right away. However, after 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, one hearing aid would make a "fizzle" sound and I would lose audio in that ear. Shortly thereafter, the other ear would do the same thing. If I had a call in progress, I had to scramble to switch the iPhone to speaker mode so I could continue the call hands free. This happened to me a couple times driving until I learned keep the call on the phone. Worse, when the audio dropped, the iPhone no longer recognized the hearing aids. The only way to get audio back was to turn off the iPhone, cycle the hearing battery doors, and turn the phone back on again. My audiologist sent the hearing aids back once - Starkey replaced them. I had the same problem with the new pair so we sent those back. Starkey checked the functionality on the new pair and sent them back with a note that maybe the problem is my iPhone and its iOS. My audiologist has thrown up her hands and suggest I complain to Apple. I am very disappointed - this top of the line system has not yet proven to be worth the money .

Ralph G. 23 January 2017
I have to update my review of the Halo 2's. I now believe the problem I was having was caused by the brand of battery I was using. In the fall, a Starkey rep told me the Energizer batteries I was using didn't put out enough amperage to reliably power, the Bluetooth connection used for the phone. I was skeptical - Energizer is a well known national brand that I've used for years. However, in my desperation. I recently bought some Starkey distributed batteries from my audiologist. Made a couple moderate length phone calls today and had none of the previous problems. Lesson learned!
Richard W. 31 December 2016

Not much improvement for the high cost. Worthless in background noise.

Member 09 June 2016

Used for one month on a trial basis. Big improvement over 5-year-old instruments currently owned. I really like the iPhone compatibility for streaming phone calls and music. But music often sounds distorted due to Bluetooth issues. Aids also unpair sometimes, especially if phone is left in another room. I like the programs you can customize through the TruLink app. And the preprogrammed settings for Car and Restaurant work well. I like the battery life with the 13 size batteries, but they often wear down unevenly and the weaker side will lose Bluetooth though still operating on the Normal program. The active listening, with the iPhone as a microphone, is great for hearing the announcers during loud sports programming. In general, I wish I had better results from trying to understand speech in loud background settings.

Member 01 April 2017

I just spent $7200 on these hearing aids and I'm disappointed. I heard much better with the Phonaks I had before. If there's loud background noise I can't hear at all. Overall its like listening to a radio that's on the fritz.

Member 17 May 2016
You didn't get a free trail with the Starkeys, so that you could return them?
Abram Bailey 17 May 2016
Hello member. I would encourage you to seek adjustment with these hearing aids, as they should work well. If you are able to resolve your issues with the aids after follow up, I would greatly appreciate an update on your review! Thanks.
Member 01 April 2017
You mute the microphone and the background noise diminishes

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Member 30 April 2016
If you can't provide streaming audio by bluetooth on Android phones why R U promising it & charging nearly $7,000 a pair!
Member 27 May 2016
I just picked up my set last evening and I'm disappointed that I'm basically "on my own" to figure out the technology. Sure, I can study a book and try to figure it out but I assumed that my salesperson would be teaching me how to use them. So far, many of the questions I asked before my purchase aren't what she thought so I need to find a way to become educated and informed without relying only on "independent learning". For instance - I came to work this morning and as always, my cell phone was muted. I work in a very quiet environment and my office faces an area where there are folks working in cubes. I forwarded my work phone to my cellphone thinking I would try the streaming to see if it helped me hear better. I keep my cellphone on vibrate so I always know if call comes through. It wasn't long and my cellphone rang but, it wasn't muted. I panic'd trying to get to my phone since it was so loud and ended up dropping it on the floor and cracking the screen... all while it was still blaring loud! I spent an hour on the phone with our IT Help Desk trying to find out why my new company cellphone's mute option wouldn't work. ***Come to find out, I was the only one hearing it because the ring was streaming through my hearing aid*** So, I thought the world could hear it but, it was only me! Now I have a broken phone due to the unexpected loud ring / scare.... and still have a phone that won't mute on ring. Is there a way when streaming calls to have the ring muted? I need to be able to take calls in a quiet environment, or to carry my phone into a meeting where it can ring and go to voicemail without interrupting my presentation by loudly ringing 5 times in my ear. Is there a setting I'm missing? Also, for anyone who has used the streaming to their phone - how has the quality been? I just used it with my boss and he ended up hanging up on me and came upstairs to my office to talk face to face because there was a terrible echo and he couldn't talk to me on the phone.
Member 25 June 2016
My Halo 2's keep losing their Bluetooth connection and it's often 3 or 4 times a day. In addition, they are worthless in noisy restaurants or other places of public assembly. The Halo 1's I tried were no better. I haven't tried Phonak, but maybe I should.
Member 04 August 2016
I am having trouble with the starkey halo 2 staying paired with my iphone. Either the left or right shows as loading but a five step process starting with settings is necessary to reset the load right or left hearing aid. This is unworkable. Anyone else have this problem? mmj
Member 01 September 2016
I have a set of Halo 2 i2400. Overall I'm pretty happy with them. One thing I'm looking for is a way to connect an external device that has a 3.5mm stereo out some way to my iPhone so the sounds can play through my hearing aids. Any help or ideas would be great.
Member 15 November 2016
Owned for about 4 months now. My wife says I hear a lot better than with previous aids also Starkey although 6 years old. Have same problems reported in other reviews. Lose bluetooth connection frequently. Shows batteries as dead when the aids are clearly functioning. Also volume adjustments seem to default to softer volume. I have tried reconnecting the bluetooth by opening the battery doors but nothing happens even if I restart the iPhone. Tech support is very cooperative at Starkey/Trulink but they had no solution when iPhone settings cannot detect aids. Trulink app is very uneven. Sometimes buzzes when I am playing music. Clearly this app needs more work to make it reliable which, so far, it is not.
Member 07 April 2017
Best ha's I've had but is losing connectivity with my iPhone 6 , however I have absolutely no problem with Bluetooth on my iPad so I guess it's a phone issue .. I'm due an upgrade soon so time will tell
Member 08 April 2017
You are incorrect in advising you found no hearing aid providers in El Paso who sell Starkey. Why don't you call Livingston. That's where I bought my Halo 1's
Member 30 April 2017
7 mos. I have learned how to work the technoloage. It helped to read the manual a few times to take it all in and get the benefits.Some TV shows with low voices improved with the volumue control on my iPhone. At church, siting in the back with some babies was surprising good. Noisy was not a big a problem as I expected. Checking for wax helps for better sound about every 2 weeks or so. So far I am satisfied
Brian S. 28 June 2017
I have been in hearing aids for 10 years or so. I needed more help hearing so I went with the Starkey Halo i2400 with molded earpieces about four weeks ago. I have them paired up with my iPhone 5s (Ver10.3.2 IOS). Overall, I can hear and understand much better. After the initial fitting, I had two more trips a week apart for adjustments, and then, a third trip for a checkup and tests. On a speech recognition test, I went from 24% word recognition with my old HAs to 76% with the Starkeys. On the tone test I needed 65 to 80 dB to hear a tone with my old HA s. Now I can hear tones in the 40 - 50 dB range. Using the iPhone with my HA s works well for adjusting sound levels, phone calls, and with iTunes. I do better with phone calls to my cell/ HA combination rather than over our landline. Although I can hear the landline better now than before. The HA has settings to screen out wind noise, machine noise, etc. So far I have not noticed much difference using those settings. But there are quite a few setting combinations and I am still learning what works best for me.
Caroline 20 September 2017
I never post reviews but I love my Starkey Halo's . Everything is clearer. I have tried m any different hearing aid brands and none of them sounded natural. I haven't had any issues connecting like the other reviewer. It's completely automatic. I also shopped around and Starkey provides great quality for the cost.
Member 04 November 2017
My insurance paid 8400.00 for the Halo 2 and is no better then what I had with the Oticon, I actually can hear much better with my Oticon very displeased with these, wish I could start all over again with another company, to me this much money and I still cannot hear conversation is terrible, I ask about the IQ and my audiologists says these halo2 are it, well maybe for him but I sure don't think so, all I read about them is bad reviews? Robert Taylor Sparta Tn.
Member 29 November 2017
Hearing aids only work half the time. I’ve had mine since July and have been back four times for new tubes. They act like they have a short. All the time!!! $6800.00 for something that works half the time.
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