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Starkey SoundLens Synergy Hearing Aid

Product Info, Reviews, Prices, and More

61% score based on 5 reviews

About the Starkey SoundLens Synergy

The Starkey SoundLens Synergy IIC is an invisible in the canal hearing aid that uses size 10 hearing aid batteries and has adjustment synchronization, tinnitus relief, and frequency lowering.

Starkey SoundLens Synergy Model Details

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Starkey SoundLens Synergy IIC

5 reviews

Release Date: 01 March 2016

The Starkey SoundLens Synergy IIC uses size 10 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
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Starkey SoundLens Synergy Physical Specifications

Starkey SoundLens Synergy IIC

5 reviews

Disposable Batteries Battery Size

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Starkey SoundLens Synergy Technology Details

Starkey SoundLens Synergy i2400
Price $

5 reviews

Adjustment Synchronization
Tinnitus Relief
Frequency Lowering

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Starkey SoundLens Synergy Accessories

SurfLink Media 2


  • TV Streamer

Compatible Aids

SurfLink Mobile 2


Compatible Aids

SurfLink Remote


  • Remote Control

Compatible Aids

SurfLink Remote Mic


  • Remote Microphone

Compatible Aids

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Starkey SoundLens Synergy Reviews

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Member 22 September 2018

I have a high frequency loss and tinnitus, I am using the hearing aids to primarily help reduce my tinnitus. The fit was the most difficult part for Starkey to get right as they would fall out quite often. After 6 remakes they finally got them to stay in and my tinnitus has been nearly eliminated.

Larry W. 12 September 2018

My Starkey Soundlens Synergy i2400 works fabulously well. Been using them for over a month now in all sorts of activities such as daily talking, TV, conferences, restaurants, mountain biking. I sometimes get a very slight occluded feeling, usually with high sweating from working out, but often not even that. By comparing to captions on the TV (listen first, then compare to captions) my comprehension of speech went from 35% to over 95% accurate. In music mode I can hear music sounds not heard since I was a teen - I almost cried. In Conference mode, I went from under 50% to 100% of word comprehension even some with bad accents. By looking at the talker, I can sort out sounds. In Restaurant mode, the others fade away and I can hear the person next to me beautifully The features are great! Being able to talk and answer the phone wireless is very nice and the best sound I've ever hand. Wireless music is fun too, and I have the background outside sound turned off completely when in Music streaming mode - makes for quiet enjoyable work. The batteries last 5 days. But if I'm streaming loud music all day, they may only last 2-3 days. They're trivial to replace - the batteries fall out with the door open when upside down and a little push, and the new ones drop right in. I can get the hearing aid in and out of my ear instantly, less than a second - as fast as it takes to push them in or pull them out.

Member 12 September 2018
Hi, I currently have Starkey SYNERGY 2000 IIC I'm interested by the i2400 version because of the wireless feature that would allow to control volume and mode. But I'm wondering about esthetic, would you know whether the aid is larger then ? or not a problem ?
Scott 14 August 2018

First time user. I am hoping tuning them will round off the sharp very hard high frequency sounds....dishes, knives and forks metallic noises

Scott 02 July 2018
I’ve had these for nine months now and both ears have had to be sent back at different frustrating times. Moisture issues the last just slowly decayed until one day it was unusable. This is after everyday putting them in desiccant and dryer. Sound quality overall is good, but they distort at the weirdest things when wearing headphones Tough to listen to music in my minivan. Hard in noisy environments....very stressful and fatiguing Battery life is 3 to 5 days at times...depends on environment I’ve gotten used to the occlusion and they are fairly comfortable in my ears Great fit and seal with no feedback They have improved my quality of life at home And at work but it’s a very noisy busy place at times which makes having simple casual conversation difficult at times....but improved over no hearing I’ll take it. Audiologist adjusted things and the high end is dialed in Minor adjustments maybe three times and now I’m living with this program The app to adjust program and volume is pretty fantastic Why everyone who makes hearing aids doesn’t do this I don’t understand Worth the effort and development for your users!! 7/10 is my rating.
Nancy W. 14 August 2018

I would not recommend them. I have a stuffed feeling in my ears, no good in restaurants, so so on phones, had to be repaired many times, batteries last only 4 days

Larry W. 25 September 2017
How long have you had the hearing aids? Also, did you switch to the Restaurant environment with the SurfLink Mobile 2? Or else try it's external microphone?
Alex M. 14 August 2018

Horrible experience. I have had to send it back to be fixed because it would just stop working.

Larry W. 25 September 2017
Any reason you can see for the failures, such as wax buildup or humidity?

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Alex M. 06 July 2017
Horrible product. Have had to send it back to fix it multiple times because it just stopped working
Jesse G. 01 April 2018
It is not right to sell Soundlens or in the ear hearing aids to anybody. That is just wrong. They do not work at all. It is a big scam. Not just from Starkey but from every hearing aid manufacturers.
Member 26 June 2018
***** I've been wearing the Starkey SoundLens i2400 for about 3 months now, having previously been a Phonak Lyric wearer for some years. The main reasons for change were ear health, cost and the fact that the SoundLens can now be produced at a small enough size to fit my ear canals. In my opinion the SoundLens is a superb hearing aid. It is comfortable, gives me a fantastic quality of sound, (music especially sound great), is durable and easy to fit/remove. Most people don't notice that I'm wearing a hearing aid, and I'm able to wear them in pretty much all conditions. As an example, I recently visited the rain forest in Borneo with 35 degree heat and extreme humidity and the aids performed perfectly. The jungle is a noisy place so in order to hear my guide effectively, I used my mobile phone to increase the volume level when necessary. I highly recommend this hearing aid. My aids were fitted by Robert Beiny at the Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden, UK. I'm one of his many very happy customers.
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