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  • Beltone-ReSound
    Is there any difference in performance for profound hearing loss between Beltone Boost Max and ReSound Linx 3d
  • Not happy with Beltone
    I’m wearing a Beltone Bold and it was supposed to be a power BTE aid as I have severe/profound loss in my left ear. The a...
  • Beltone Legend
    Hello everyone, I didn’t find any user experience about Beltone Legend HA. Have anybody(here in the forum) any experience with them? Thanks in advance.
  • Beltone Programming
    Without going to a Beltone Dealer , is there any way I can get a used pair of Marq 17 Beltone aids programmed ? Thank You
  • Beltone First
    Has anyone tried the new Beltone First hearing aid that streams to i-phones? My Healthnet insurance will give me $2K every 3 years t...
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