Edmond A

Edmond A

My journey into the hearing healthcare field began when my grandmother asked my siblings and I, to help her with two of her ailments. Her hearing loss and her bad knees. Fast forward a few years later, my grandfather and I went to his hearing practitioner for his follow up after getting his hearing aids. His experience was rather poor and ultimately he did not wear his hearing aids.

Having personally experienced family members with hearing loss, I have made it my mission to make sure that my team and I, never let our clients feel like they haven't been well taken care of. My job is to make sure my clients have amazing conversations and experiences so that they forget they are wearing hearing aids.

I believe that the best hearing aids are the ones that have been mutually selected by the client and their practitioner based on conversations about lifestyle, hearing ability, physical ability, and price.  

My name is Edmond and I look forward to having our next best conversation with you.

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