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Does the Linx2 61 have FM capabilities?

Julie Norin, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

04 April 2017 - 1.03K Views

The Linx 2 61 products do not have FM capability, but they are capable to connecting to a multi-mic accessory, which can be used in a similar manner (via Bluetooth). For example, in a classroom setting, the student would wear the hearing aids and hand the multi-mic to the teacher. The hearing aids must be placed in "streaming mode" for the mic, with a push of the program button on the back of the hearing aids (or via the smartphone app), and once this is done, the hearing aids will pick up sound coming from the multi-mic being worn by the teacher, in addition to sound coming through the mics of the hearing aids. Adjustments can be made to balance levels of sound (through the programming software). It's a less expensive avenue versus FM, with the added benefit of direct connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, so I suggest giving it a try. Your provider should offer a minimum 30-day trial period.

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Adam Wentling

Hearing Healthcare Provider

04 April 2017 - 1.02K Views

The Multi Mic described in the previous comment also has the option of a Direct Audio Input (DAI) which is the option you would need to connect to an FM system.  So basically gives all the same functionality described in the previous comment, but also with the ability to connect to FM system.  One other clarification is the 61's do not have an integrated Telecoil, but this same Multi Mic device does, essentially giving Telecoil functionality to the 61 style hearing aids.

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Stuart Trembath, MS


04 April 2017 - 1.03K Views

Unfortunately, the Linx2 561, 761, and 961 do not have FM capabilities. They do come equipped with a Telecoil as well as Bluetooth pairing to a phone (streaming as well to iPhones). For ReSound, the only FM capable hearing aids are the UpSmart pediatric hearing aids.

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