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Sometimes my Resound LiNX 7 suddenly disconnects and then immediately restarts. Instead of hearing the expected 10 short beeps (10 secs) before connecting, it plays 10 DOUBLE BEEPS (beep beep) before completing connection. Why?

Rachel Magann Faivre, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

02 May 2017 - 1.28K Views

The double beeps you hear indicate you've put your devices in airplane mode. This typically happens when you open and shut your battery doors two times in a short time period (ie. less than 2 minutes). When they're in airplane mode, you won't be able to connect them wirelessly to your cell phone or accessories. To get them out of airplane mode, wait five minutes, then open and shut your battery doors again. You should hear the single beeps once again. 

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