What does a seven-tone tune coming from one of my Oticon Alta 2 hearing aids mean?

Kara Norcross, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Roanoke

10 August 2016 - 5.59K Views

I spoke with Oticon.  They stated it is likely the Start-up "jingle" meaning it is the tones that come one when the hearing aid is first turned on.  If you are having the tones happen after you've worn them a while, it indicates the power is going off and coming back on.  You can change the battery. If it is a new battery you probably want to try a new one from another pack.  When getting a new battery, remove the sticker then wait for 5 minutes for the battery to fully charge before putting it in the hearing aid.  If you continue to get the tones intermittently, you should see your Audiologist/HIS.  It is possible there is a problem with the hearing aid or a brand of batteries that cannot keep a steady charge.  

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Christine Pickup, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Rupert

10 August 2016 - 5.59K Views

Most Oticon products play a short tune as the circuit "boots up".  This tune will be heard shortly after the battery door closes, unless it has been disabled by your hearing care provider.  It just lets you know your instruments are working properly.  You may only hear part of the tune depending on how quickly you insert the instruments in your ears.  

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Kimberly Eskritt, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Sarnia

10 August 2016 - 5.59K Views

The seven tone "tune" that you are referring to is likely the start-up jingle.  The hearing aid will do this each time it starts up or reboots itself, and this is normal if this happens only when the battery is first engaged.  This is indicative of a circuit malfunction if the hearing aid continues to play the jingle in the absence of you initiating a reboot.

The jingle is activated in the default (factory) settings from the manufacturer.  Your audiologist can deactivate the jingle if you do not like this feature.

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Member 12 October 2016
I have a pair of Oticon OPNs, and hear "tones" on one or the other hearing aid a various times, especially in the evenings.
Member 30 August 2017 Replied to Member
I am occasionally getting 8 long tones; this is NOT during the start and is occurring weekly; randomly. It is only occurring in the right aid. All 8 tones are the same tone .... 1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8 ...the 8 tones are occurring start-to-finish in about 5 seconds total. Strange. I have the OPN1's.
Member 11 October 2017 Replied to Member
I have the same problem with my OPN1
Member 15 October 2017 Replied to Member
I'm getting the same 8 tones (it's A5 if anyone cares) on the right. It's not battery related - changed battery to test. Happened 6 times over the last week. Sequence of 8 tones for about 4 seconds duration, then 5 second pause, then tones again. Sets of tones repeat about 5 times. HA still works. Opening battery door to interrupt didn't work. After restarting HA again, the tones returned a few minutes later. Just have to let it run its course, then it leaves me alone for a few hours or a day.
Jeff W
Jeff W 25 October 2017
My oticon opn1 has started making a series of 8 tones, 4 times in a row. It happens at different times during the day at least once a day. This series of tones are "monotonous" and sounds nothing like the "start up jingle". My audiologist who set me up with this pair had no idea what was causing it. He sent them back to Oticon for repair where they replaced the circuitry. After a couple of weeks the tones have started again. Very irritating and I will be taking the back in for further inspection.
Member 11 February 2018
The thing I find interesting is that the jingle for my hearing aid is the Microsoft tones that play when windows starts up. Might have to do with the (Bluetooth or wifi software) used to customize the settings of the aids by the doctor.
Member 20 March 2018 Replied to Member
Funny you should say that. I just received mine yesterday and I heard mine when I turned my car on. Which is blue tooth. I thought there was a correlation. I thought it connected but I never set it up.
Member 16 May 2018 Replied to Member
The Tech at my hearing Doctor has found the answer. The 8 tones is an alert that something is wrong with the hearing aid that plays the tones
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