When will direct audio streaming from Android be available for the LiNX Quattro hearing aids?

Sheri Gostomelsky, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Deerfield

27 September 2018 - 2.64K Views

Without having a crystal ball, there is no way to calculate a release date for "direct to Android" connectivity to the Quattro.  Trust me, we all keep asking!   We do know that it will be possible sometime in the future as Google is working with Resound to make this happen.
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Chris Wahl, AuD

Audiologist in Tucson

26 September 2018 - 2.64K Views

The current Resound Linx Quattro Hearing aids require the Phone Clip Plus streamer to stream from an Android device. The Phonak Audeo B Direct will stream (phone calls only) from an Android to only one hearing aid at a time. There are several hearing aids that will stream any audio signal to both hearing aids from an iPhone.
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Matthew Pearson

Audiologist in Greater London

26 September 2018 - 2.66K Views

Currently, it is slated for 2019 but no firm date has been set yet.

The first phone thought to have the capability is the Google Pixel 3 with other phones to follow later.

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John Coverstone, AuD

Board Certified in Audiology in New Brighton

26 September 2018 - 2.69K Views

Insider news says that Resound is working directly with Google on developing Android streaming capabilities (Resound partnered with Apple to do this before the low power bluetooth chip was released). The news I have read also mentioned that Resound will be the first hearing aid company to have a product that allows streaming from an Android device. This hints at an arrangement between Resound and Google, which is certainly not surprising.

The real answer to your question, though, is unknown. I have not seen a release date or even a confirmation that direct audio streaming will be in the next major Android release, even though that seems to be the general assumption at this point. When that will be is unkown. Android 9.0 (codenamed "Pie") is in release right now, so the next major release will likely be a ways in the future.

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Tom L
Tom L 26 September 2018
Actually, Phonak Audeo B-Direct was the first hearing aid that streams from Android SmartPhones. So the technical feasibility of fully-fletched streaming from Android and iOS phones seems to be close by!
John C
John C 26 September 2018 Replied to Tom L
Yes, it does. The Phonak Audeo B uses a proprietary chip to mimick classic bluetooth and connect to any bluetooth-enabled device, including televisions and stereos. It basically appears as a wireless headset to those devices. This is a bit different than native support on the phone, but it is an innovative solution to make the instruments compatible with a wide range of devices.

Ellen Nathan

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Glendale

27 September 2018 - 2.63K Views

Since Android doesn't have a uniform operating system, and each brand of phone has its own capabilities, streaming to all Android phones is nearly impossible.  Unitron has a very limited stream to all Androids, but only one ear and only phone calls.  Due to the very limited ability of stanard Bluetooth, it can only go to one device so therefore one aid.  

Hearing Aid Manufacturers are working with a select few Android Phone Manufacturers to resolve the issues of direct to phone streaming.  So eventually there will be some, but only limited to certain models and brands.  My feeling is that it will happen in the next couple of years. 

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Valerie Dempsey, BSc

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Indianapolis

26 September 2018 - 2.69K Views

I was told that it is in the works and it is up to Android when it will be released.  It will only be for the Quattro products from my limited understanding.  I expect that there will be a firmware update that will allow it to happen.  No specific date has been announced.
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Tom L
Tom L 26 September 2018
Normally Android releases new versions in August, so maybe August 2019? Phone manufacturers must then implement the upgraded OS and this normally takes some additional time, too..
Abram Bailey, AuD
Abram Bailey, AuD 26 September 2018 Replied to Tom L

That's a while away! If that's true, it may not be a ReSound exclusive by the time the tech is available 😆


Matt W
Matt W 26 September 2018
The latest I have been told is that it will be a part of the existing quattro line as a firmware update once available, but may require newer hardware in your phone.  My suspicion is that it will first be available on the pixel, then slowly filter through the other variations of android phone.
Member 27 September 2018
I heard from an audiologist that works with GN Resound that they expect to have a wide ranging solution for androids before the end of the year. Seems odd that nobody else has heard this.
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