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What are best practices in audiology?

Best practices are a set of professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective for the diagnosis and...

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My hearing aid is not working, but my audiologist's office is closed due to COVID. What are my options?

First check your battery.  Next, if it is a traditional earmold style, make sure the mold is clear. Use a wax tool or wire to make sure the...

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Is tinnitus considered a disability? For me, it seems to be.

As a former Social Security Disability Determination Examiner, the official answer would be no. “The law defines disability as the inability to...

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What's the difference between Oticon Opn and Oticon Opn S?

The previous answers have laid out the key differences. I would just add that any improvements described are based on claims from the...

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Where can I find affordable hearing aids? I am on a budget of only $1500 for 2, and would like to see a professional.

Most private practice audiologists have devices in that price range. It is a common misconception that the public must go to Big Box or retail...

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Are online hearing tests accurate? I am thinking about buying online and not sure whether I can trust the test.

Online hearing screenings, specifically the question and answer format, may be helpful in determining if you are at risk for hearing loss. ...

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When I buy premium-priced hearing aids, am I getting better hardware or is it only the software features I'm paying for?

The physical device is the same. The software is what determines the technology level, but it's not "only software." Software is everything about...

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How do I get water out of my ear safely after swimming?

Water in your ear canal will most often dry up on it's own.  Putting a few drops of alcohol in the ear canal may help to speed up this process. ...

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Why don't audiologists give me a speech test in the soundroom to compare how I do with and without hearing aids and even between different sets of hearing aids.

At our clinic, we use Quick Speech in Noise testing with and without hearing aids to simulate a real-world situation most individuals with hearing...

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How do I get rid of the constant whistling sound from my hearing aids?

I always tell my patients that hearing aid whistles don't make them or me look good! If you left your audiology office and the aids were not...

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