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I have reverse slope hearing loss. I have a pair of Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids. My audiologist does not seem to know how best to program them. I still have problems with speech in noise. Any suggestions?

Keith lam

Keith Lam, BSc

Inventor, MBA-TM, BSET in Albuquerque

04 May 2017 - 2821 Views

Noise is inherently low frequency.  If you have reverse slope loss and your hearing aid is programmed with too much low frequencies, that would interfere with your clarity for speech understanding, especially in noisy situation.  I would try to increase the mid frequencies and lower the low frequencies, as you probably would have enough high frequencies already.  A discrimination test with the hearing aids in the ears would probably help to determine the effectiveness of the hearing aids after they had been programmed. 

How do I find an audiologist who is good at programming hearing aids for reverse slope hearing loss?


Barbara Corbett, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Chicago

27 November 2017 - 385 Views

Good question. A reverse slope hearing loss is not a typical hearing loss but it does occur more often than you may think. The best way to find the right audiologist is to ask how they program their hearing instruments and how they verify the settings are appropriate. You want someone who uses the manufacturer's suggested settings as a starting point not as the gold standard. You also want an audiologist who uses Real-ear measures to verify their programming is meeting your hearing loss needs. 

What is the best hearing aid for a reverse slope cookie bite loss?


Rivka Strom, AuD

Audiologist in New York

09 November 2017 - 731 Views

There is no product that we can say is "the best" as ultimately it is a personal decision. Some individuals prefer one manufacturer and other may prefer another manufacturer or another model. Still, I will say that many individuals that I know have a preference for oticon aids for RSHL but again, that does not mean it would be best for you. I would add that the most important factor should be choosing an audiologist who has a good understanding of reverse slope or cookie bite hearing loss (btw, revere slope and cookie bite are two different... Read more