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I am about to get my first hearing aid having lost hearing in one ear in 1969. I don't like to rush into things. I have visited three clinics and their recommendations have been either Phonak BiCros or Resound Linx2 with a Multi Mic. Thoughts?


Lisa Goulart, BA

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Auckland

23 January 2017 - 745 Views

Two different solutions. To give you a direct and quick answer: my preferred choice for unilateral profound losses would be Phonak Bi-CROS. Most clinics would offer you a trial period allowing you the opportunity to trial both then you choose what suits your loss, life style and personal preference better. 

I have a 60% hearing loss in my left ear and no hearing in my right ear. What kind of hearing aid can help me? I also need one that will connect to my smartphone.

Goutham 0067 web

Goutham Gosu, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Charlotte

17 August 2016 - 2273 Views

I would suggest trying a BICROS hearing device; a couple of different manufacturers carry these kind of hearing aids which are smartphone compatiable. I would reccomend researching Signia (Siemens), Phonak, & Starkey. At this given time those 3 have the most updated technology when it comes to BICROS devices.