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Sophono Alpha 2 MPO ePlus

Sophono Alpha 2 MPO ePlus Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

Product Info, Reviews, and Prices

4.3 stars from 1 review

About the Sophono Alpha 2 MPO ePlus

From Sophono's professional documentation:

Now with a peak output of 121 dB3, the Alpha 2 MPO ePlus™ gives your patients
uncompromised sound with four programs, eight channels, and up to 250 hrs on
standard zinc air or a full day's use on the rechargeable battery (up to 32 hours).


  • Rechargeable system provides up to 1 year battery life; and a full day's use on
  • one charge (up to 32 hours).4
  • Up to 3X louder in higher frequencies which may aid in speech recognition.1,5
  • Up to 7dB more feedback free gain compared to other transcutaneous devices.2
  • Attract magnetic spacers with variable strength to ensure patient comfort and
  • secure fit.
  • Medtronic has the lowest processor profile, a sleek solution that may be hidden
  • under the hair.