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About the Eargo Neo

From Eargo's literature:

Building on Eargo’s signature pillars of invisibility, comfort, and rechargeability, Eargo Neo brings richer audio, added comfort, and personalized settings. 

Eargo Neo’s sound is uncompromised, featuring their richest audio ever and providing crisp natural sound to your ears. This is in part thanks to all-new Flexi Palms. The Flexi Palms not only comfortably suspend the device in your ear canal, but their unique design allows for bass and low frequencies to naturally enter your ear, while Neo amplifies the mid to high frequencies more than ever before. This higher fidelity audio enables Eargo Neo to address even more individuals hearing loss, which makes Eargo Neo a perfect companion for those with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. 

Eargo Neo takes personalization to a whole new level. Included with every Eargo Neo is a team of licensed hearing professionals who can help you along your hearing journey. Simply call up Eargo, describe the situation where your hearing needs improving, and they’ll personalize your sound settings and upload it directly to your device via the Eargo App (available on iOS and Android). 

Like every Eargo, Eargo Neo is nearly invisible, fitting discretely inside your ear canal. It’s also more comfortable than ever before, as well as rechargeable — the hearing aids’ charge lasts about 16 hours and the included Eargo case will charge your devices for up to a week before needing to be plugged in. 

Eargo Neo is a handsome value at $2,750 for the pair, around half the price of traditional hearing aids. This includes personalized, ongoing support that never expires from Eargo’s licensed professionals, as well as a 1-year warranty. 

Upgrades to Eargo Neo vs Eargo Plus 

  • Eargo Neo provides more sound amplification and higher audio fidelity 
  • Eargo Neo has improved dynamic feedback reduction 
  • Enhanced active noise reduction 
  • New Flexi Palms add extra comfort 
  • The new design is more robust
  • Eargo Neo system is Bluetooth enabled and connects to the Eargo App on your phone to receive personalized setting
  • Eargo Neo features fast charging, giving you hours of listening after only a 30-minute charge 

Eargo Neo Videos

Eargo Neo - Quick unboxing
Eargo Neo Video

Eargo Neo - Quick unboxing

06 March 2019

Eargo Neo - Hearing Aid / Amplifier. Quick unboxing of the Eargo Neo

Eargo NEO Online Hearing Aid Review
Eargo Neo Video

Eargo NEO Online Hearing Aid Review

08 September 2019

Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, reviews the Eargo Neo.

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