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About the iHEAR Max

iHEAR (company described on our iHEARHD product page) recently launched the iHEARMAX behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. The hearing aid comes in at same same price point as the iHEARHD - $349 per device, or $827 for both ears + the iHEARMAX  Programming Kit. The programming kit is required to adjust the hearing aid(s) at home and the kit also includes the iHEARTEST Kit (The first FDA-cleared hearing screener). 

iHEARMAX Product information:

  * Telecoil for telephone and audio loop systems
  * Online tools to program custom settings based on your personal preferences
  * 30-day professional support by hearing care specialists
  * Unlimited technical support
  * High Fidelity 20-bit Digital Audio Processing
  * Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
  * 4-Channel Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  * Digital Ambient Noise Suppression
  * Low Battery Indicator
  * One-month supply of batteries, MAX tips
  * 30 day money back guarantee

Additional information:

Included with each iHEARMAX device:

  * iHEARMAX Device
  * 1x iHEARMAX Battery Pack (6 batteries / 2 month supply)
  * 1x Cleaning Wipe (x2)
  * MAX Tip Set

iHEAR Max employs special nano-technology for moisture protection of external and internal components, including the microphone. The plasma coating protects against moisture, ear-wax, and corrosion and repels any liquid that comes into contact with the hearing device. The special coating attaches a nanometer-thin polymer layer over the entire device, which becomes part of the material for the entire life of the device. 

iHEAR Max Model Details


Direct To Consumer Hearing Aid


33 reviews

Release Date: 10 November 2016

The iHEAR Max has a telecoil, a dedicated volume control, a push button, an ingress protection rating of IP57, and uses size 312 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP57

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iHEAR Max Physical Specifications


33 reviews

Disposable Batteries Battery Size
IP Rating (Liquid) 7
IP Rating (Solid) 5
Push Button
Volume Control

Model details listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email info@hearingtracker.com.

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iHEAR Max Technology Details

Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email info@hearingtracker.com.

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iHEAR Max Videos

iHEAR MAX | Watch the iHEAR MAX disappear behind the ear
iHEAR Max Video

iHEAR MAX | Watch the iHEAR MAX disappear behind the ear

03 August 2016

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iHEAR Max Reviews

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GaletonLiberty 13 September 2019

The Ihear Max works well, and I now where them more often than my high dollar hearing aids. I thought the IHEAR Max would be my backup, but it has turned into my primary aids for a lot lower price and better value.

A H 10 September 2019

It is amazing how these devices perform just as well as the $4000 pair I was trying out for a few weeks. I saved so much money and can finally stop saying, "what??"

Anonymous 15 August 2019

I could not be happier with my pair of ihearmax's, thank you ihear!

Anonymous 26 July 2019

Excellent device. User friendly and great price.

Anonymous 14 June 2019

I got a pair of iHear Max hearing aids when my former Resound aid stopped helping. We moved to an area where service simply wasn't available and this expensive thing needed a lot of adjustment. I've been totally happy with my iHear devices. Being able to change between 4 settings is great, and being able to fine tune the devices myself has been fantastic. At a fraction of what my Resound cost me, I have TWO aids which work extremely well. Customer service has been fantastic from day one too. Don't hesitate to give these a try!

James B
James B 08 November 2018

Avoid this company. Quality of devices is marginal at best. Self programming system was designed by Mickey Mouse and is difficult to use and gives very poor results. Spent eight absolutely miserable months with devices walking out of my ears and was repeatedly told to wear sport locks to hold them in. Sport locks did not help. After eight months was told ear piece wires were too short. They offered to exchange them and said they were just phasing in the longer wires. The very next day they said they were “always available” and charged me for replacements. Customer service is extremely belligerent and consistently lies to cover their incompetence. When a company outright lies to customers, I immediately put them on my “no future business list”. A letter to their CEO was completely IGNORED.

Von  M
Von M 21 September 2018

I am extremely satisfied with with my IHeart hearing aids. The ability to program them myself is a complete game changer. My hearing is typically worse during allergy season, now I can adjust anytime it is needed. I think it’s time for hearing aid industry to wake up, we don’t need someone else to interpret what we tell them and then make changes, let me do it myself in the comfort of my own home and then be able to test real world the results. There is some room for improvement on the IHear software. They have made it very simple for non technical people which I understand. It would be nice to see the real setting descriptions. I hear Support has been great, I would and have reccomended them to friends and family.

Member 21 September 2018

I bought the iHear Max in 2016 when I needed a hearing aid for speech recognition in noisy environments. It helps, but I'm now looking at hearing aids to really understand speech in noisy environments. My first CIC HA ($5,000), came from an Audiologist in 1985 and was covered by insurance, but I lost it in 1989 and my insurance wouldn't cover a replacement. My second HA, in 2010, was a Intertone Dash CIC ($2,500), from an Audiologist, but I lost it in 2012. I lost the warranty replacement in 2014, so I started using sound amplifiers from Walmart to get by. The iHear Max RIC HA ($438) is better than the CIC sound amplifiers I had been using. It is still working, as I only use it when I'm in noisy environments. It has an expected life of 24-36 months. The iHear Max is programmed at home, using the iHEARmax™ Programming Kit with the software downloaded from iHear. Using the program you set the levels for how you want to hear the following: (1) Male voice, (2) Female voice, (3) Soft Male Voice, (4) Soft female voice, (5) Bird Chirping, (6) Loud Sounds, (7) Final Loudness and balance. I experienced a lot of whistling with my first program, and it took 3 or 4 programming sessions to stop the whistling and I have 2 of the 4 programs that are useful for hearing, one for noisy environments, and a second for better voice recognition.

Member 14 August 2018

Having not had hearing aids before, I am not able to compare with any other product. That being said, I really like my iHEARMAX hearing aids. I also love being able to tune them myself. It does take some doing and maybe there could be some enhancements to the software but all in all, it is great. The reason I did not give 5 stars is the telecoil has never worked from the time I receive them which has been several months. This was one reason I went with the iHEARMAX instead of the iHEARHD (new phones are programmed to work with telecoil and many theaters are equipped for telecoil). They continue to say there is an engineering problem and say it will be available next week which has come and gone several time. If you have the tuning kit, it looks like they will be able to download the telecoil software remotely but I will have to wait and see. The last promised date was May 18th which has come and gone a while ago. All this said, I still like my iHEARMAX hearing aids. I have even thought about purchasing the iHEARHD just to see the difference. A positive for the iHEARMAX is with a little hair by my ears, my family has not noticed I am wearing hearing aids.

Professional Member
Professional Member 06 July 2018
Hello, thanks for your feedback and we are very happy that the iHearMAX is working well for you. However, the Telecoil feature is now active for your device, we apologize for the delay. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact support at 1.844.443.2744 or by email support@ihearmedical.com.
Bill A
Bill A 14 August 2018

With minor/moderate hearing loss, I was facing a $4750 price tag for hearing aids recommended by my ENT and audiologist. I did some research and found iHearMedical. Intrigued by the option of tuning my own hearing aids, I decided to take a chance and purchase a pair of iHearMax hearing aids. I have worn my hearing aids full time since the first day I got them, and I’m 100% pleased. I believe they represent a major breakthrough/paradigm shift in hearing aid price and performance, as iHearMedical claims. These are not cheap toys or Personal Hearing Amplification Devices (PSAD’s) – they are professional quality programmable hearing aids at an extremely low price. Based on my success, I purchased a pair as a gift for my sister (moderate hearing loss) and worked with my brother in law (moderate hearing loss) to get him a pair. I helped both of them to choose tips and tune them. All 3 of us are now successfully wearing the iHearMax hearing aids with outstanding results. Being technically oriented, I thought I wanted all the bells and whistles available in more expensive hearing aids (such as Bluetooth integration and remote control). Based on my experience, I’ve concluded that these features are not important. Wearing my iHearMax hearing aids, I can use the phone and watch TV perfectly, while I couldn’t before. They are easily adjustable to different programs (for noisy environments) by pushing a button. A few points that may help: 1. THE TUNER IS A MUST: The tuner and the ability to customize these hearing aids is critical. Without the tuner, the hearing aids may help a bit, but they will not be customized to your specific hearing loss, as hearing aids from an audiologist would be. With the tuner, you will get results as good as you would get from high priced hearing aids. 2. SELECTING THE RIGHT TIPS IS TRICKY: The tips come in different sizes, some vented and some not. The size and venting are critically important and need to be proper for your ear canal size and your type of hearing loss. I had several phone calls with the extremely helpful iHearMedical Support team to get this right for all 3 of us. 3. GET HELP IF NEEDED: You will need some dexterity to handle these or any hearing aids. They are small and need to be cared for. You will need some familiarity with computers and small electronics to use the tuner. If you don’t have these basic skills, get help for about an hour from someone who has them.

Paul B
Paul B 14 August 2018

I love these things! I'd been wearing an expensive audiologist supplied hearing aid in one ear for several years and was pretty happy with it. It was a Bluetooth compatible device with an app that let you make adjustments to the aid which was great while it worked.That feature failed after a year or so and was the only way to make adjustments. After a few years we moved about 6 hours away from the audiologist so I could no longer get free adjustments. A new audiogram showed that the hearing in my bad ear had gotten worse, plus the good ear was going downhill. I took the aid to an audiologist who carried the same brand and got some adjustments but they were entitled to a fee for adjusting an aid that they hadn't sold and that was pretty costly. This wasn't going to work for the long term. I started doing some online looking. I tried two different non prescription hearing amplifiers which amplified alright, but they amplified all noise as well as what I wanted to hear. In many situations they made my hearing worse. They were also bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Somewhere along the way I came across the iHear devices online. Hearing aids that I could program myself? I had to know more. I had a ton of questions and I bombarded the customer service people with them, pretty much making myself a pain in the butt. Nonetheless they patiently answered all of my questions patiently and fully. I sent them a copy of my most recent audiogram and they frankly told me that their devices could likely help my hearing, but not completely and perfectly due to the severe high frequency loss in my right ear. They made clear that they wouldn't help my right ear tinnitus, which I already knew. The iHear return policy is good, and I would surely know if the aids suited me within that time. I ordered the pair of iHear Max, the hearing test, and the programming kit,all for less money than my single audiologist hearing aid. The iHear techs programmed them as best they could based on my audiogram. When everything arrived I was super impressed as soon as I opened the boxes. The devices are really tiny- smaller than my expensive model, and they look and feel just as well made.The packaging and printed materials are totally professionally done and are very informative and easy to understand. I put in some batteries and fired them up. Amazing! Know the feeling and sound when you have water in your ears and then it finally comes out?That's what this was like. I realized for the first time how much I was missing from my good ear. As the iHear people had told me, my bad ear did not show as dramatic an improvement but it was still pretty impressive. Easily as good as my high priced model. With both in place I was hearing things I hadn't heard in years. Over the next several days I wore them in many different environments: a noisy restaurant, a dinner theater show, outdoors, driving in the car,listening to music, a live Celtic music concert, etc. Between the four different settings of the hearing aids I was able to find a setting for just about any situation.I decided to wear them as is for the time being. After about a week I took the hearing test which is necessary before you use the programmer. The kit comes with a calibrated set of earphones and works like a simplified online version of an audiologist's test-a series of beeps and tweets of different frequencies and volumes played in each ear. Then I was able to attach my hearing aids to the programming device and the programming app programmed each hearing aid to best match the hearing test results. After that, they worked even better for me. The programmer lets the user control the levels of various frequency bands which are labeled in layman's terms like “womans soft voice”, “man's voice,loud”etc. These can then be programmed into the aids.I will probably go back into the programmer again and play around with some of these levels, since I like to tinker, but just as they are programmed right now, they suit my needs very well. A great many people who need hearing aids are older folks on a fixed income,as I am. Custom audiologist supplied hearing aids are a huge investment and quite out of the reach of many people,especially seniors. The whole kit and caboodle from iHear cost less than half what the cheapest professionally fitted hearing aids would cost(Costco). If you or anyone you know is in the situation I was in, I'd strongly suggest that you consider these fine hearing aids from iHear. I don't think you can go wrong.

Member 14 August 2018

Would mention how well I can hear, and my hearing has actually improved. I have told a friend about I hear, and he purchased a set

Chris S
Chris S 14 August 2018

This is my first hearing aid and I'm only 5 days in but very pleased with the results so far. My family has been bugging me for years to get my hearing checked and getting tired of having to repeat themselves. I was reluctant to do so because of the extreme cost of hearing aids and feeling that the industry is a cartel. After extensive research, I selected the iHear Max which came very quickly and works wonderfully. The people at iHear have been amazing at responding to questions and providing support as I adapt and tune the device for the best results. This may not be for everyone but is perfect for me as I am a tech geek and like to be in control. If you are not computer literate then you might need to look at other solutions. Most of the time I don't notice them but do notice the high fidelity when listening to music, rustling paper and running water. Also, when speaking it is similar to using a PA system hearing my own voice. There are only a few changes I would like. Firstly, it does not have an on/off switch and we need to open the battery door to switch them off which is a little inconvenient when storing them powered off. The storage case seems roomy but with the spare batteries and cleaning cloth it is tight and I find the ear tips get damaged. My other wish list is a Bluetooth interface so I can listen to music on the phone. Currently, I need to remove the hearing aid, store them and insert my audio earbuds. Also, taking phone calls with the hearing aids is unusual since I need to position the phone speaker close to the mic on the hearing aid which takes some getting used to. I live in Canada and iHear is not an option for non-US residents which is very unfortunate. I had the hearing aids shipped to my agent in the US and then collected them across the border. I carefully checked the import restrictions to confirm that medical devices can be imported for personal use and do not need a license. I had no problems at the border.

Professional Member
Professional Member 05 February 2018
If your phone supports telecoil (most recent phones do), then you can turn on hearing aid mode on your phone and put the iHear Max on telecoil mode (program 2). With telecoil mode enabled, the iHear Max will wirelessly receive the audio from your phone.
Member 27 April 2018
Chris, they don't ship to Canada. How did you get yours?
Member 14 August 2018

A good as my $3000 Phonak! The Hearing Test and programing Are well designed and easy to use. I got the same results as from the Audiologist. No regrets and plan on being a long term customer.

Member 14 August 2018

I got the Diva and I'm very satisfied. They are better than the aids i had thru an audiologist. Came preprogrammed as i emailed them my test results. Ordered them on a Friday and got them on the next Tuesday. Audiologist wanted $4000 for a pair and this pair was $999 with the works including a programming kit so, as my hearing gets worse, I can adjust them. Very happy!

Myra D
Myra D 14 August 2018

These are very nice hearing aids, comfortable and easy to work with. The hearing aids are new, and I am still getting used to them. However, the hearing aids have already helped me tremendously. The hearing aids were within my budget. The supplies are reasonably priced. And the customer service folks at Ihearmedical are awesome! Helpful, friendly, and courteous, very patient with all my questions. Yes, I would recommend Ihearmedical to my friends. In fact, I already have.

Member 14 August 2018

After merciless pestering from the family, I went into a local hearing center and came out with a set of top end aids, a new credit card with $6,500 balance, and a 30 day return period. Then I did exhaustive research of the internet, big box stores, and other local centers, I decided to try iHear Max. Boy, am I glad I did. Delivery was fast, the devices seem well made, and support has been exceptional. After the initial test, Rene' recommended initial settings and I programmed them in. It was a little tedious at first, but fun. Over three months I've made two minor adjustments. Now I'm hearing like a teenager, especially enjoying music again. And the credit debt is gone!

Steven B
Steven B 14 August 2018

Superior to my $5000 previous aids. The self tuning us a big plus. Better than I expected and the support has been excellent. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

David P
David P 14 August 2018

I have used hearing aids in the past and have not liked their performance or fit. The iHEAR Max so far is the best performing hearing aids I have used. Setting up and programming was a breeze. Hearing is wonderful. Love the fit.Many extras ie: programming , fit, battery changing fast and easy. Love my new aids!!

Frank L
Frank L 14 August 2018

I have had these iHEAR Max hearing aids for almost a month now. Previously, I had tried several different brands of hearing aids ranging from $800/pr to $2000/pr. I can honestly say I have been more satisfied with the iHEAR Max hearing aids than any other brand I have tried. My next step up would have been to a $3000 pair of hearing aids and I don't expect that I would have gotten any more value than I have with these. The most important feature is being able to program the hearing aids. I am a computer tech and have vast amounts of computer experience. None of that matters. The software is easy to install, the programming cable is easy to connect, and the program is easy to run. The thing that makes it all worth while is being able to answer the programming questions for yourself. And being able to re-program. I have done this many times. The more I go through the programming, the better the hearing aids become. It is a good idea to make a log of all the settings you use so you can refer back to previous programs. I have been very happy with my iHEAR Max's and I look forward to enjoying them for a long time. I also can't wait to see what becomes available next from iHEAR Thanks, great job,

David L
David L 14 August 2018

Before I ordered I was tested at Costco and their hearing aids were $2,700 for the ones they recommended it. I've been found out about this company I hear. You can do your own test but instead I paid an extra hundred dollars and sent them my test from Costco so when my hearing aids arrived they were already set up. I put them on and never look back. I understand it supposed to take a long time to adjust your hearing aids. However I had no adjustment needed with these I heard perfectly with no problems except the first two days hearing my own voice sounded funny. I Am 1000 percent satisfied.

n2scrafts@gmail.com 14 August 2018

My first hearing aids were Audibel Anthems in 2008 ($5500 for the pair). Around 2011 their problems increased and by 2013 they needed repair. They settled in at about 30% functionality and unrepairable now due to their age. We’ve recently relocated and I just can not afford Starkey or Audibel replacements. Even used units with one year warranties were thousands. My research brought me to iHear. The pair of iHear MAX have worked out perfectly for me with my severe loss. I purchased the factory adjustment to my ENT/audiologists charts I emailed to iHear  The results were outstanding. Weeks later I tried the software at home. The process is simple but on track to adjusting the iHear MAX units to the basic four bands important to the human hearing range. My workplace at times is noisy and I find the noise cancellation setting works well making voices clear. Though affordable, THESE ARE HIGH QUALITY hearing instruments, (like Phonak, Resound etc) designed, manufactured and supported by professionals in the audiology field. This is the way to help many people with their hearing aid needs … no extreme price markups at sale, no appointments over and over for fittings and adjustments, no audiologists with sales pitches…..just a great affordable product and terrific on line support. North2SouthCrafts.com  (co-owner)

David S
David S 14 August 2018

Things are going great with my hew iHear BTE hearing aids. I avoided going the traditional route for hearing aids for years because of the outrageous prices charged. I recently responded to a "free" hearing aid trial. I was quoted $200 to $2000 if I chose to keep the aids after the 30 day trial. when it was all said and done, the final bill would have been over $7500..... no way. I left without the "free" aids. I found iHear after doing some research on the internet. The iHear hearing test results were very similar to what the audiologist showed me. I ordered a pair of iHear Max, BTE (behind the ear) aids and have experiences a profound improvement in my hearing. My work takes me in and out of noisy shops, the aids never seem to amplify the sounds I don't want, but they do make conversation much better. I've used the on-line support several times to better understand the "tuning". I found that the support was exceptional, and the units are now properly tuned to my needs. The 4 profiles that are available at the touch of a button come in handy in the different situations I encounter. Overall, I'm very impressed with the product, the pricing, and the support.

Ron M
Ron M 14 August 2018

Great value, my hearing seems almost normal again. Getting better as I use it.

Member 14 August 2018

These are my first pair of hearing aids so it is hard to compare them to other brands. But the improvement to my hearing for the price I paid is amazing.

ROBERT N 14 August 2018

I'm am thrilled with my hearing aids. A huge part of my job is to support Alarm System dealer's technicians over the phone. The ability to hear the technicians is key to helping them resolve their support issues. With my hearing aids I will be able to meet the call volume we get on a daily basis. The better I hear the faster I can provide the technical support I was hired to do. My hearing aids are a game changer and I thank God I have have them to support field technicians, and to communicate well with my fellow employees more so than before. At home I don't need to blast the television on the chance I'll here what is being said. Now I can hear the audio and I don't need to rewind to listen to what was said nor do I need subtitles at the bottom of the television to read what was said on a program. Yesterday I was listening to music and I was listening to a familiar song. I was shocked to hear the additional instruments that previously I hadn't heard before. Hearing good is great!

Terri R
Terri R 14 August 2018

Terri Rathbun Apr 27, 7:03 PM PDT I am very excited about the performance of my iHear Max hearing aids. After doing extensive research online and reading about the research and development of this product, I decided to try them before spending more money on another product. I also ordered the test kit, which was easy to use and accurate. I programmed the hearing aids and was thrilled with the results. I have moderate hearing loss in both ears and with the help of iTuner, was able to program my hearing aids in both ears to be both very clear and comfortable with no feedback at all. Because I how about all of the software loaded on my computer, I was able to redo any slight variations needed. I would recommend anyone with hearing loss to first check out iHear Max before making any final decisions. Terri Rathbun

Member 14 August 2018

First of all, these hearing aids are a tremendous value. Great product for not a lot of money! And the best part is that you customize them to your individual hearing needs! And you do it yourself at home! No need to set appointments with your audiologist and wait and spend time and money running back and forth. Just plug into your computer and adjust them. And it's simple! I dare say nearly anyone can do it. If you get them set and you discover you are having trouble with hearing soft male voices, just plug them in and readjust. Female voices sound tinny? Plug in and readjust. So simple! Another thing is these feature 4 sound profiles. Normal, volume down, clear voice, and volume up. Awesome! They also do a fantastic job at suppressing loud noises! Overall, I think you would be hard pressed to find a better hear aid for a comparable price. And a final note on the customer service of this company. Top notch! If you have any issue at all, they are right there wanting to help to resolve the issue. And they see the problem through to the end. They don't give up until you are satisfied! If it takes 50 emails, they keep working to make you happy. Thank you iHear! Awesome product! Awesome customer service! Awesome company! Kudos!

Member 14 August 2018

Very comfortable, easy to use, and changing the batteries is quick and simple, which I fully appreciate at the age of 93 (my eyes aren't what they used to be, either). This product has significantly improved my quality of life and for that I am so grateful! I can hear 100% better than before - I endorse these wonderful new hearing aids wholeheartedly.

Member 14 August 2018

Provides sound quality comparable to devices tested at audiologist's office costing several times the price of the iHEAR Max. Exceptional audiology and technical support staff are a bonus.

Jon  T
Jon T 28 February 2017

I hope that adjustments can be made to my imax hearing aids... I have had them for a few weeks, but so far, I am having problems understanding speech. I am working with the Ihear people, but the adjustments haven't worked for listening to speech better. I do hear more sounds, but for me, I want to hear conversations and TV dialog better. I am trying things and need to decide about returning them shortly.

Member 01 March 2017
Hi Jon, I am confident our licensed hearing aid specialist can assist you by making recommendations to improve the hearing experiance while wearing the iHEARMAX. Please contact us at 844-443-2744 or audiology@ihearmedical.com
Member 01 March 2017
Hello Jon T! Thank you for reaching out to Professional Support! I'm always excited to help "fine tune" your experience. And thank you for embracing the process of "gaining back" your ability to understand speech. As we have discussed, this is a rehabilitative process and doesn't happen without practice. When we first introduce amplification, our brain is not regarding these sounds as normal because our brain has not heard these sounds for a very long time. We must allow the cognitive process to get back in the game. As we rehabilitate, our brain gets accustomed, once again, to normal sounds. This is why it is critically important to wear hearing devices from the time you get up until the time you go to bed - removed only to bathe or sleep! By replacing the "broken" hearing system with a new, fresh approach, we can hope to rebuild our ability to understand speech. I commend you, Jon, for stepping up and taking action to improve your circumstances and couldn't be happier that we've been able to provide you with a MUCH more affordable option than you previously had! I look forward to our continued relationship in working together to improve your quality of life. Rene' - ACA, CA-HIS
Tarokh T
Tarokh T 26 January 2017

When I used the iHear test kit and programed my iHear HD hearing aids I noticed a world of difference in my hearing. Now I am sure I have the best possible hearing aids that one can possibly wish for. Now it is my wife that constatly wants to turn the TV volume up noyt me. What a switch!!

Dave R
Dave R 04 May 2017

Got a pair of iHearMAX's recently (in addition to a pair of the iHearHD's I got three weeks ago). Gut level reaction? Way to Go iHear Medical! Brilliant hearing aids at a fair price - finally. My experiences from tonight's programming session. Ran through the iHearTUNER to program my pair of iHearMAX's - I can hear my kids (both girls) better than ever. I normally can't understand much of what my wife says, yet with MAX's on, I can hear her just fine even with her TV program blasting in the same room. As a matter of fact, she is yelling at the kids right now (in a good way), I have my own music going strong on my computer, and I understand everyone - this is what I call speech in noise :-) performance. Seriously, they sound great and I'm loving the way music sounds with them. The next test will be at the mall with my cell phone. I'm a 10-year wearer of Phonak's best hearing aids (think $5,998 a pair) - Both models of iHear Medical hearing aids are strong contenders against the Phonak's but for $299 each vs. $2,999 each (at the local dispenser) for the Phonak's. Yes, that's a $2,700 dollar savings for a single hearing aid or $5,400 for a pair! I've been waiting for a product like iHearmedical.com's offering for 7 years and I'd say it was well worth the wait. I was at Costco's the other day looking over their offering; a selection of good looking hearing aids, but with lowest price model - a Bernafon - at $499.99 each or $300.99 more than iHear Medical's hearing aids. For Costco's Phonak offering, prices ranged from $1,299.99 to $1,399.99. I can say as a hearing aid wearer the hyper expense of their hearing aids is in their profit margins, overhead expenses of full-time dispensers/audiologists, huge costs of sound booths, otoscopes, super expensive audiometers and other ancillary items - NOT in better sound quality or performance in noise. I'll let others pay 4.6 times the cost of my pair of iHearMAX's at their dispenser- iHearmedical.com can have my money for a great hearing aid that doesn't require a small business loan. I love the fact that I programmed the iHearMAXs, then felt the need to make an adjustment and did just that - I didn't have to make an appointment with a dispenser or audiologist for next week - I made the adjustment I needed based on what I wanted to hear more of. I am impressed with the surprisingly simple FDA-cleared screening program methodology. Follow the instructions and blamo, you've done it yourself and saved a small fortune. As they say, let the buyer beware. I will be following ihearmedical.com from now on and wearing their hearing aids. Dave R.

Member 04 May 2017
Hi there: Would you be willing to comment on the difference in wearability between the iHearmax and the iHearHDs? I would love to try the HDs but am worried about the occlusion effect. Thanks!
Member 04 May 2017
Hi there: Would you be willing to comment on the difference in wearability between the iHearmax and the iHearHDs? I would love to try the HDs but am worried about the occlusion effect. Thanks!

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Dave R
Dave R 15 January 2017
Got a pair of iHearMAX's recently (in addition to a pair of the iHearHD's I got three weeks ago). Gut level reaction? Way to Go iHear Medical! Brilliant hearing aids at a fair price - finally. See my other full comments from tonight's programming session.
Arlen B
Arlen B 08 February 2017
Wow! This is my first use of assisted hearing (Made it to 87 before needing them) Because of slow internet service in the country, I used our library to do the test and programming. The operationprocedure was easy and understandable, so you don't need to be a computer nerd to do it. My first reaction in using the programmed iHear Max was WOW!. Suddenly I could hear the air conditioner, women's conversation in the office, then a passing vehicle. The medium full earplugs are very comfortable, without a plugged up feeling. The HD units work well with eyeglasses, no difficulty. I wear prism eyeglasses to correct split vision from eye treatment that damaged the eye muscles. I also wear another pair at the same time for reading,I've never been able to effectively use bifocals. Still no problem, (except people may think I'm senile). The 4 programs of the HD units allow me to adjust for loud or quiet conditions and use the telephone easily. Arlen Bright Wallace MI couldn't be happier
Bob V
Bob V 19 May 2017 Replied to Arlen B
Hearing Aids would help MOST adults. Age is immaterial. Modern life really ruins hearing: think back to 1905, or imagine it. It was QUIET then. What was the noise problem folks complained about? Horses! The incessant clip-clop of horseshoes on cobblestone and brick streets. No where near as loud as car engines, motors, rock bands. But in everyday life we have no easy way to gauge how much loss we have. Humans are very adaptable. With the eyes: we hit 40 and realize we can't read all the fine print anymore. We get reading glasses, thankfully modern plastics makes them so cheap! Hearing-wise? No way to tell. Folks are polite. They naturally raise their voices and do so without even thinking about it, when they meet a gray or white hair. So it's no bragging right to say you got to 87 without a hearing aid. It is a bragging right to say you reached 87 and can afford a hearing aid!
Member 29 March 2017
I have worn in the canal, upper end brand hearing aids in the past. Recently I have been "test driving" some Phonak behind the ear hearing aids which are a huge improvement. Since I have a lengthy trial period, I thought I'd give the iHEAR max a try. I am very impressed! There is practically no difference in sound quality between the two units. I tuned the iHEAR Max online and was underwhelmed with my results, so contacted Rene (the hearing professional) with my list of complaints. She remotely made changes to the settings based on the problems I was having, with very good results. After a few days of wearing the aids, I still needed some fine tuning. Once again, Rene deftly and quickly made some changes and I am delighted with the results. Great group of people, including Andrew who is part of the tech staff. He patiently helped me with some programming issues and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this unit and this company!
Member 03 April 2017
Provides sound quality comparable to devices tested at audiologist's office costing several times the price of the iHEAR Max. Exceptional audiology and technical support staff are a bonus.
Ron M
Ron M 08 May 2017
I've had my Ihear max about a month and my hearing seems a little better every day. I reprogramed them several times but the factory default seems to work best for me. I love them and wish I had heard about them sooner!
Member 08 May 2017
I have been wearing these aids for the last month and a half, and I have to say I do hear better. I just visited my daughter and had not told her that I had gotten them. After we had spent the afternoon together I said I have something to show you and pulled out a hearing aid. She laughed and said that she could tell something was different because I was not asking her to repeat herself all the time. I chose the iHEAR Max because I could do the hearing test and the adjustment of the aids at home. I have moderate loss in one ear and severe in the other. By trying the ear buds and adjusting the settings over the coarse of the last month, I was able to get to the best hearing with the least amount of feed back at work. I kept a record of the settings and the results that I got. I was able to get some good tips from the FAQ on the web site to help get the adjustment right for the woman voices, that was the hardest for me to get right. A whole lot easier than going to the audiologist trying to tell them what you are hearing or not hearing and then they make an adjustment. They are an excellent value in my opinion and I am very happy that I decided to try them.
Member 20 May 2017
I purchased my 'I Hear Max' because of reviews like the ones on this website. So I have little to add in terms of quality , effectiveness, functionality and cost, everything said here is true. But I do have two stories, the first I call Whispering Pines. You see I knew my hearing was bad, but I never imagined how bad. When I started using them about two months ago, I was both elated and shocked. I was elated by the fact that during phone calls and conversations I was no longer required to try to interpret what was said, I heard, I understood and I could respond much more clearly. They changed how I processed and replied. What shocked me was the NEW sounds that I heard, ones I forgot existed. I stood outside for almost 5 min the second day trying to figure out what was making that noise. Could it be the 'I Hear' units? Or construction equipment nearby? But it was too consistent and seemed to fade with the wind. I was again hearing the sound of the wind blowing through a series of very large pine trees. The term 'Whispering Pines' was now back in my vocabulary. The second story is just plain amazing. The grandsons and I snuck out early in the morning to go for a swim in pool while on a recent Florida vacation. I like to act like a kid at times and make an adventure of things. The morning was in mid 70's at 7am so first we got in the hot tub. But my sunburn from the day before wasn't happy with that. So a nice stroll down the pool steps and a couple of underwater dives to get use to the water was refreshing. I stood up and almost unconsciously reached to my right ear. OH > ~$#%@ , I had my hearing aids on! But , oh know #2, my left one was not I'm my ear. Diving dislodged it. It was on the bottom of the pool. Knowing water and electronics result in shorts and failure. I opened the one battery compartment, set the one on the edge of pool and recovered the one from the bottom of the pool. Then set both out to dry. With little hope that they worked. But they did work! Both of them! And have been working just like new for over two weeks since being drowned. Thanks to the good hard working people at 'I Hear' for their efforts. You have brought back an important part of life to me. Jack , Wisconsin
Member 22 June 2017 Replied to Member
Did the right aid, which remained in your ear, stop working immediately, prior to drying out?
Member 22 June 2017 Replied to Member
The right one was still working after diving underwater. Knowing that water and electronics do not mix, I immediately opened the battery compartment to turn it off. Then set it on the pool edge to retrieve the other. Both were then left to 'dry' for about 6 hrs, out of the sun but outdoors on a table , without batteries. Both are still working perfectly including the option to press top button to do 'quick' adjustments and the ability to go online and 'set' the various preferences. Jack
Steven B
Steven B 10 June 2017
I have been using the iHEAR Max for 10 days and could not be more satisfied. I used in the ear $5000 aids prior to purchasing the iHEAR Max. I have to say that the iHEAR product is superior because of the tuning capability and my hearing has actually improved over the more expensive aids. These are high quality hearing aids, and my experience with customer support has been excellent. Five stars from this user.
Member 19 June 2017
Hello. I would like to try this product. Does it give the occlusion effect - ie. That the vibrations of ones own voice coming through the cartilage cannot escape up the ear canal and hence ones own voice sounds too loud. ? Do the ear pieces allow his vibration to escape whilst blocking out noise from outside sources unless amplified by the unit?
Member 22 June 2017 Replied to Member
I have not experienced the occlusion effect. They do have vented ear option which may help with occlusion. I used the vented in my right ear as it was a 'smaller' opening and vented felt better. Since I've become more use to wearing them, I don't use the vented. When I first set my personal online options, I did have them too loud and my voice seemed to be too loud, but I just went back to settings and adjusted them. This adjustment did not affect my ability to understand others. It does take some time to learn how the settings affect your needs, but I take note of the settings and find once I've learned which to adjust I can set them the way I feel comfortable. To explain to someone else and have them do the settings, seems like it would take more time. So, both vented ear piece and experimenting on your own should give good results. Jack
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