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iHEAR Max Direct To Consumer Hearing Aid

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About the iHEAR Max

iHEAR (company described on our iHEARHD product page) recently launched the iHEARMAX behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. The hearing aid comes in at same same price point as the iHEARHD - $349 per device, or $827 for both ears + the iHEARMAX  Programming Kit. The programming kit is required to adjust the hearing aid(s) at home and the kit also includes the iHEARTEST Kit (The first FDA-cleared hearing screener). 

iHEARMAX Product information:

  * Telecoil for telephone and audio loop systems
  * Online tools to program custom settings based on your personal preferences
  * 30-day professional support by hearing care specialists
  * Unlimited technical support
  * High Fidelity 20-bit Digital Audio Processing
  * Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
  * 4-Channel Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  * Digital Ambient Noise Suppression
  * Low Battery Indicator
  * One-month supply of batteries, MAX tips
  * 30 day money back guarantee

Additional information:

Included with each iHEARMAX device:

  * iHEARMAX Device
  * 1x iHEARMAX Battery Pack (6 batteries / 2 month supply)
  * 1x Cleaning Wipe (x2)
  * MAX Tip Set

iHEAR Max employs special nano-technology for moisture protection of external and internal components, including the microphone. The plasma coating protects against moisture, ear-wax, and corrosion and repels any liquid that comes into contact with the hearing device. The special coating attaches a nanometer-thin polymer layer over the entire device, which becomes part of the material for the entire life of the device. 


iHEAR Max Videos

iHEAR MAX | Watch the iHEAR MAX disappear behind the ear
iHEAR Max Video

iHEAR MAX | Watch the iHEAR MAX disappear behind the ear

03 August 2016

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