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Beltone Trust Hearing Aids

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About Beltone Trust

Beltone's Trust hearing aids, introduced in May 2017, are suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss. In addition to premium sound processing, the hearing aids feature Beltone's 5th generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology for audio streaming from remote mics via Beltone accessories. They also:

  • Stream sound from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and select Android devices—without requiring an adapter.
  • Work with apps to let you control sound or connect with your hearing care practitioner for fine-tuning.
  • Come in all hearing aid styles.

Remote care

The Beltone Trust family was among the first in the industry to provide remote care by connecting customers with their hearing care providers via smartphone. Wearers can share feedback about difficulty hearing in the moment via the Beltone HearMax app, rather than trying to remember how to describe issues later during an adjustment visit. And hearing care professionals can offer follow-up services remotely.

Advanced sound processing

Trust hearing aids integrate premium sound processing features to make it easier to understand speech in noisy environments, to provide "360-degree" hearing, and to provide a more natural sound.

  • SmartGain Pro automatically adjusts volume levels and settings as your listening environment changes.
  • Ear-to-Ear Synchronization coordinates and balances amplification between the two ears as the environment changes.
  • Feedback Eraser and Whistletop cancel whistling and other feedback sounds without sacrificing sound quality.
  • CrossLink Directionality 2 monitors your surroundings and adjusts focus settings for improved understanding of speech.

Smartphone connectivity

In addition to Made-for-iPhone connectivity, Trust hearing aids provide Android smartphone wireless connectivity as well. They are compatible with the Android Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) standard developed by Google, Cochlear Ltd. and Beltone's corporate parent, GN Hearing.

ASHA enables direct wireless Android streaming to hearing aids and hearing implants using Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology. It's initially available with Google Pixel Android phones, while other Android phone manufacturers are developing ASHA capabilities as well.

Wireless accessories and apps

Amaze hearing aids also work with Beltone's Beltone's smartphone apps and 2.4 GHz Direct Line wireless accessories.

Beltone myPAL remote microphones can be clipped to your shirt collar or set on a conference table to broadcast speakers' voices directly into your hearing aids. TV Link 2 streams audio from the TV directly into your hearing aids. And Phone Link 2 audio streaming devices for phones and TV's, and handheld remote controllers.

Beltone's most highly integrated smartphone apps is HearMax , which provides remote control capabilities, management of smartphone and 2.4 GHz streaming accessories, and remote support from your audiologist. The HearPlus app provides simple remote control of the hearing aids. And the Smart Remote app can be used with the Direct Line wireless accessories to manage audio streaming from the TV, phone and music players.


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Beltone Trust Hearing Aids
Beltone Trust Video

Beltone Trust Hearing Aids

09 May 2017

Beltone Trust is the worlds most complete hearing care experience: Excellent sound quality, Personal control in a full hearing aid family and the...

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