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About Oticon Opn

Opn™ is Oticon's newest hearing aid family. Running on Oticon's new Velox™ Platform, the Opn™ will process data 50x faster than Oticon's previous processing platform, "Inium Sense." Oticon has also bumped the number of frequency processing channels to 64 and added an environmental analysis that runs in excess of 100x per second. Oticon claims that all this processing power has helped them to achieve better speech understanding, reduced listening effort, and an increase the ability to remember conversations.

Aside from processing improvements the Oticon Opn™ miniRITE is the first Oticon hearing have direct iPhone connectivity. This means no more intermediary device necessary to stream audio, phone calls, etc, from your iPhone (or compatible iOS device). From Oticon's marketing materials: Oticon Opn is compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th and 6th generation). Devices must be running iOS 9.3 or later. 

Opn™ may be paired with the TV Adapter 3.0 for a 2.4GHz audio streaming solution for television. Again, no intermediary device is required. For more information on this solution, check out the technical data sheet.

One last very interesting improvement: Oticon is the first hearing aid manufacturer to add an integration with the If This Then That (IFTTT) network, which effectively enables Opn™ users to control their home via "Internet of Things (IoT)" Not sure what that means? You're not alone! Here's a brief description of IoT from Wikipedia: The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. The IoT allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit; when IoT is augmented with sensors and actuators, the technology becomes an instance of the more general class of cyber-physical systems, which also encompasses technologies such as smart grids, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020.

So what does having your hearing aid connected to IFTTT/IoT mean for you anyway? In Oticon's own words: The Oticon ON app unlocks the power of the internet of things. IFTTT (If This Then That) is an ever expanding internet-based service, which enables you to integrate your hearing solution with a vast range of online products and solutions such as your home lighting, doorbell, alarm system, and mobile phone. For more information on IFTTT and the Oticon Opn™ see our article: Oticon Opn Internet-Connected Hearing Aids Offer More Than Amplification

Oticon Opn Models

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Oticon OpnTM miniRITE

114 reviews

Release Date: 14 April 2016

The Oticon Opn miniRITE has a push button (program control, volume control, and mute control), water resistant coating, an ingress protection rating of IP68, rechargeable batteries, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Phone Compatibility:

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Oticon OpnTM miniRITE-T

8 reviews

Release Date: 01 June 2017

The Oticon Opn miniRITE-T has a telecoil, a dedicated volume control, a push button (program control, volume control, and mute control), water resistant coating, an ingress protection rating of IP68, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Phone Compatibility:

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Oticon OpnTM BTE13 PP

9 reviews

Release Date: 01 June 2017

The Oticon Opn BTE13 PP has a telecoil, a dedicated volume control, a push button (program control, volume control, and mute control), water resistant coating, an ingress protection rating of IP68, uses size 13 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Phone Compatibility:

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Oticon Opn Model Comparison

Oticon Opn miniRITE Oticon Opn miniRITE-T Oticon Opn BTE13 PP

114 reviews


8 reviews


9 reviews

Android Compatibility
Disposable Batteries Battery Size
Battery Size
Battery Size
IP Rating (Liquid) 8 8 8
IP Rating (Solid) 6 6 6
Made For iPhone Lowest iOS Version
Lowest iOS Version
Lowest iOS Version
Push Button Push Button Options
  • Program control
  • Volume Control
  • Mute control
Push Button Options
  • Program control
  • Volume Control
  • Mute control
Push Button Options
  • Program control
  • Volume Control
  • Mute control
Rechargeable Batteries Battery Type
Volume Control
Water Resistant Coating

Model details listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email info@hearingtracker.com.

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Oticon Opn Technology Level Comparison

Oticon Opn 3 Oticon Opn 2 Oticon Opn 1
Price $ $$ $$$

11 reviews


15 reviews


105 reviews

Listening Programs 4 4 4
Automatic Acclimatization
Occlusion Reduction
Processing Channels
Number of processing channels
48 48 64
Adjustment Bands
Number of adjustment bands
12 14 16
Adaptation Management
Balancing power effect
Balancing power effect
50% 50% 100%
Bass Boost
Binaural Coordination
Binaural Noise Management
Clear Dynamics
Feedback shield LX
Maximum noise removal
Maximum noise removal
3 dB 5 dB 9 dB
Multiple Directionality Options
OpenSound Navigator™
OpenSound Navigator™ Level
Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Pinna Omni
Soft Speech Booster LX
Spatial Sound™ LX
Number of Spatial Sound™ LX estimators
2 estimators 2 estimators 4 estimators
Speech Guard™ LX
Speech Guard™ LX Level
Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Speech Rescue™ LX
Stereo streaming (2.4 GHz)
Tinnitus SoundSupport™
Transient Noise Management
On/Off On/Off 4 configurations
Wind Noise Management
YouMatic™ LX
Number of Configurations
1 configuration 2 configurations 3 configurations

Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email info@hearingtracker.com.

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Oticon Opn Accessories



On App


  • Smartphone App

Remote Control 3.0


  • Remote Control

TV Adapter 3.0


  • TV Streamer

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Oticon Opn Videos

Oticon Opn™ - Concept movie (Full Story)
Oticon Opn Video

Oticon OpnTM - Concept movie (Full Story)

31 May 2016

Directionality as we know it is now a thing of the past. Where traditional hearing aids focuses on one speaker and suppresses all others, Oticon...

Introducing Oticon Opn™
Oticon Opn Video

Introducing Oticon OpnTM

01 June 2016

A revolutionary breakthrough in hearing care. Source: Oticon USA, Inc.

Oticon Opn Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aid
Oticon Opn Video

Oticon Opn Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aid

02 October 2017

Professional review of the Oticon OPN Hearing Aid by Dr. Clifford Olson.

Oticon ConnectClip Streamer & Remote Microphone Review - No iPhone Needed For The OPN!!!
Oticon Opn Video

Oticon ConnectClip Streamer & Remote Microphone Review - No iPhone Needed For The OPN!!!

17 January 2018

Dr. Cliff Olson, from Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, reviews the Oticon ConnectClip Streamer & Remote Microphone. Finally there is a...

Clear Dynamics - Better sound, less distortion
Oticon Opn Video

Clear Dynamics - Better sound, less distortion

02 June 2017

A richer listening experience especially when enjoying music or engaging in conversation in noisy environments. When listening to music or...

How Hearing Loops Work: What is a Hearing Loop and how does it work?
Oticon Opn Video

How Hearing Loops Work: What is a Hearing Loop and how does it work?

15 June 2015

Hearing Loops are the preferred assistive listening technology for people with hearing loss. At the push of a button, most hearing aids can...

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Oticon Opn Reviews

Hearing aid reviews are fundamentally different from reviews for most other consumer electronic products. The reason is because individual factors, like degree of hearing loss, have a profound effect one's success and overall satisfaction with the product. When purchasing a hearing aid, you'll need to consider more than just your hearing outcome. Hearing aids are manufactured with varying levels of quality; some hearing aids are extremely durable, while others suffer frequent breakage. Battery life also varies between models, and manufacturer predictions of battery life are often optimistic. By collecting feedback from consumers, we can get a better idea of real world product durability and battery life... Continue reading

Overall Ratings

Hearing Tracker uses a ten-question survey to assess consumer feedback on hearing aids. The percentage bars below reflect the average ratings provided per question, averaged across all hearing aids belonging to this family of devices.
Note: Original answers provided in star rating format.

Benefit in Quiet
Benefit in Noise
Benefit on the Phone
Clear and Natural
Music Improvement
Physical Comfort
Hearing Improvement
Member 17 October 2018

After a disastrous and frustrating experience with big box store hearing aids, these are a welcome relief. I am still in the very early stages of adjustment, so my own voice still sounds like I'm in a vast empty room (Hate that), but I have had some brief moments of it sounding normal, so I'm hoping that is a sign of my brain adjusting. I'm wearing them daily in spite of some physical discomfort and hearing more background noise than I'm used to, but I'm determined to give my brain time to adapt. I do hear speech better in noisy environments, but I'm also finding the background noise distracting and annoyingly loud, so I hope that both my brain and the hearing aids will filter out the unwanted clutter in time. In quiet to moderately noisy situations, they're far superior to what I tried before. I also like that these are wireless, so if I adjust the volume or program on one, the other automatically adjusts. My "big box" pair had to be adjusted separately. I like the adjustability on the app, and being able to stream phone calls into the hearing aids. So far, streaming music is less satisfying than listening to a external music source, but is not bad, to my surprise. I never had a problem hearing music before, anyway. My hearing loss is the somewhat difficult to fit "cookie bite", and I'm very active, so I believe I made the right decision in returning the lower tech aids for these more sophisticated ones, but I still expect it to take some time and fitting adjustments before I can say that they're wonderful. I do love how "invisible" they are--no one ever notices I have them unless I show them off (which I do, because so many of my friends have hearing loss but don't wear aids). Once I'm past the adjustment period (it has only been a week), I imagine my ratings will change.

Member 09 October 2018

Just starting out, but going well. Great support from AUD.

Member 09 October 2018

Get good fitting. Seems the provider could have done a better job. These work great although not sure if the hearing couldn’t be better. At some point I will consider another opinion on fitting/programming. I got rechargeable batteries. Good choice.

Member 08 October 2018

The Bluetooth is a major disappointment, as is the app. Otherwise, they are fine I guess. My Audi seems totally overwhelmed by the tech and by my specific loss. Good times!

Member 06 October 2018

These change my ability to hear when I’m with a group of people or in a noisy environment.

Member 04 October 2018

Slightly good but not as good as I was hoping by reading relative news.

Member 04 October 2018

OK but only had them a few weeks. But had Oticon alta pros before that.

Roberto C. 03 October 2018

During some phone conversations and sometimes hearing videos I listen to annoying clicking sounds that are very disturbing. However I must state that most of the times the HA works alright. Oticon distributer has said that they are working to eliminate the cliking sounds.

Member 28 September 2018

The clarity of sound and speech is so good with the Oticon opn , it’s a joy to use them ! The Bluetooth capabilities make them super pieces of tech, and I would not be without them. I wear them from getting up to going to bed, and forget they are there..they’re so light and comfortable....and.... they do no good left in the box..or taken out to have a rest..from what ? .. they are my ears ! I can recommend the Oticon Opn 2... my first ever hearing aids.

Member 24 September 2018

Having difficulty understanding and operating controls. It has a two-way push button which make a 3 tone sound when either end is held down for 6 seconds but does nothing to change hearing. Occasionally my Apple i-phone will send a phone conversation directly to the aid. Why? In large rooms, the echo is heard better than the voices. My $29 aids are almost equal, but much harder on batteries

Member 22 September 2018

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my hearing aids. They have been a huge boost to my family life. I don’t have to ask my wife what she just said, I don’t have to turn the volume up on the TV remote any more, I can even use the Bluetooth feature to connect with my iPhone!

Member 19 September 2018

Have used OPN2 for 8 months. Very happy with speech hearing. I am able to hear conversations in noisy restaurants without difficulty. Even able to hear conversations from tables behind me. Also, really appreciate the improvement in hearing environmental sounds and music. Streaming sound quality is thin. Happy with the TV adapter; however, there sre certain situations that cause clicks or pops. This is seemingly related to clipping when a speaker is directly in front of a microphone. Initial issues with life of rechargeable batteries may now be resolved by using Zpower batteries and avoiding placing the batteries in the HA Dryer (Oticon advice.) Have been trialing Signia Pure Charge'n Go as alternative for rechargeability. These were uncomfortable for me because of being slightly larger. They do a good job suppressing noise, but left me feeling disconnected from the world compared to the Oticon.

Stan 15 September 2018

I feel I have been fortunate to hear much better with these, and to have had no problems with them in the almost 2 years I have had them. I am especially pleased with how they pair with my iPhone. I now hear everything on my cell. I still have some problems in very noisy environments and listening to my large,very thin TV. I think the latter issue has somewhat to do with the tv speakers, as I can hear other tv's more clearly. I clean my HAs every night and keep them in a dryer overnight. I guess I do "baby" them, as I consider them a major investment. Since I am far from a "techie", I would not attempt to adjust them myself.

Member 11 September 2018

Love the hearing aids so far, but it's only been 5 days! Not sure about my dispenser, but have a follow up visit in another day so we'll see if I get more careful answers to my questions. If not, I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm a full time RV traveler and will only be in my dispensers area 8-12 weeks out of the year. Any thoughts would be appreciated…maybe the rechargeable devices?

Member 09 October 2018

Fine, I would like to modify the hearing profile myself.

Member 09 October 2018
Good idea. The provider could do a lot better. The software is quite expensive. Seems like self-fitting would be a great idea. 
Member 06 September 2018

I have tested 3 different types and this was the best for me.

Member 29 August 2018

Only had them for a week but so far are making a vast improvement in my (& my wife's) quality of life.

David N. 14 August 2018

Just started my journey with them, conscious of their cost and effectively an investment. Went for good quality with the hope that it would last well if looked after.

Member 14 August 2018

I can hear better aka the TV. Situations like high ceiling and hardwood floors with an echo makes it worse. If there are several things running like a fan, air conditioner, refrigerator, dishwasher, the sounds all run together and sound like a meat grinder that I sometimes have to shut them off. Riding in the car I pick up the road noise and have to turn off one or both. The left one after about 2 months picked up a loud crackling sound and had to be replaced, the remote control quit after 2 weeks. The left one got replaced under the warranty and so did the remote control. Now after another 6 months the replacement remote control doesn't work half the time, changed the battery but did not help. I do not have a "tail piece" on them a it made my ears very sore so they don't stay in as well as I would like. When my hair rubs against them (I have very long hair) it sounds like sandpaper. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a 5 or 6 for what it helps. I am told they last about 5 years, hope by then they have improved.

Member 31 August 2018

UPDATE-- 8/30/2018--I decided to try Opn1. So far, in comparison with Opn2, I am finding the sound of the Opn 1 to be a bit better. I think that the higher-level of noise reduction in the Opn 1 devices is more beneficial for me. The sound seems more crisp and the sound processing seems faster too. I haven't noticed any "cut-outs" or sound delays with the Opn 1 yet. I think this may be because Opn1 allows for a wider range of "transient noise" settings than Opn2. Still having some feedback issues, but trying different domes. I've decided to wait on going rechargeable with the Opn 1 because of the known quality control issues with the battery doors and the ZPower charger. I hope to purchase the charging option later, when it is clear the Oticon and ZPower have all the kinks worked out. ORIGINAL REVIEW of Opn2 from July 2018--I am in the 3rd week of my trial of the Oticon Opn2 hearing aids. I would advise against getting the ZPower rechargeable option for the Oticon Opn hearing aids until the known glitches and issues with the ZPower charger and rechargeable batteries are resolved. In addition, there are no built-in drying or disinfecting capabilities with the ZPower charger (yet). The Oticon hearing aids are satisfactory, but I'm having problems finding the right domes. I found the prescribed domes to be uncomfortable and occluding, so my audiologist and I are experimenting with other options. I do have some clicking sounds and sound "cutting out" issues with the Oticon Opn2 hearing aids, but I'm hoping that additional adjustments by my audiologist will remedy this. There has also been some "ping-ponging" of sound between the aids sometimes, usually when streaming wiith the ConnectClip. Again, these may be issues that can be resolved with adjustments to the programming of my hearing aids (at least I hope so). I trialed the Oticon Opn 2 and the Phonak Audeo V-70. I found the sound quality to be better with the Oticon hearing aids. I especially like the Oticon ConnectClip, as it allows me to use an Android phone, and it streams phone calls to both ears. Phonak aids do not stream to both ears. This was a deal breaker for me. I don't find the Oticon app for Android very useful, as the hearing aids always disconnect from the app whenever Bluetooth is turned off. In addition, you need to purchase a Sennheiser BTD 800 USB ML dongle to get streaming directly from your PC to the hearing aids. If you're lucky, your audiologist will include this dongle as part of your package for free. If not, expect to pay about $100 in the office and approximately $60 on Amazon. Getting hearing aids is an adventure, but they are definitely helping my hearing loss.

Member 14 August 2018

Great help especially on phone through my i phone

Member 14 August 2018

Very good, but still not entirely pleased with performance in noisy settings, especially when that's one of its selling points. This may be better tuned in follow-up visit. I'm also not excited about how little configuration can be done by the user with the phone app. At the very least, the app should have a graphic equalizer that can be set to temporarily change existing programs.

Victor P. 14 August 2018

Ok... my first review after 2 months use, not to much I think, brain takes longer to adapt, so will provably write a new review in 6 months or so. It's the first time I wear HAs. I started to loose my hearing since teenager, but in the last 3 years (I'm 37 now) it got worse, to the point I could not understand someone talking in front of me. Not to mention noisy environments... there I just "turn off my brain" and get completely isolated of the conversation. Learning a new language was an impossible task, watching a movie without closed captions too. Opn's seemed to be the best option, as my requests to my AuD where: very small (I'm on my mid-30s, any noticeable HA can lead to work or social discrimination); and high tech (I'm a bit of a geek, so love the iPhone pairing and get my phone calls on the HAs, stream music, etc). Improvements came to light since first hour use. I could properly hear someone talking soft voice or even whispering. But after a few hours use, I started to feel confused and got headache. To much new information was blasting my brain. It got better week after week, and now I can use them almost all day without issue. Maybe on late night I notice sounds are not so natural as when I first wear them in the morning, but it's been only 2 months of getting used to it. Just need to give time. Back to noisy environments... I'm using bass domes, and they do not completely block ear canal. So natural sounds can still travel thru the canal, and HAs just do a reinforcement. AuD says it's better this way, as my loss is not severe. But when on a pub with very loud music, a gig, disco, is the same wearing them or not... I can't hear a thing!. In mild noisy environments things go better, but need to focus on the person who's talking. I expect that will improve on next months. Anyway, I don't perceive any of those "SpeechRescue", "BrainHearing", "SpeechClarity" technologies.... I'm thinking it's just marketing bullshit... About gadgets: I got the ConnectClip, but really not using it. Pairing HAs straight to iPhone is awesome. I also went with the ZPower rechargeable batteries. That's a MUST DO!!!!!. Charging system is amazing!. No need to open battery drawer, no need to dump toxic batteries every week. I get a full day use without any issues (8am to 12am), and batteries get charged overnight. ZPower charger plugs into any USB powered port, so u can recharge with your laptop, phone charger, airplane USB port, etc.

David C. 14 August 2018

Comfortable, vast improvement in hearing, hard to hear in noisy environment.

Member 14 August 2018

These are great hearing devices! I’ve accidentally jumped in the shower with them on numerous times and no problems. I especially love how I can stream phone calls to both ears Bluetooth.

Member 14 August 2018

This is my second pair - first from Oticon. Much better sound quality. Primary issues have been feedback and lack of moisture resistance. Audiologist has changed setting numerous times to try to control the feedback but now I’m kind of just putting up with it. Biggest issue for me has been (lack of) moisture resistance. It says you should be able to sweat and exercise. I’ve had to pretty much stop wearing them when I exercise because they start to make white noise like they’re about to fry. They were sent back once already. Even eating spicey food that causes me to sweat a little causes them to start fizzing. I’m about to bring them back to audiologist again to be repaired. I get these four sets of 8 warning tones pretty much every day. These tones indicate an issue with the HA. Hopefully this issue can be improved because otherwise the sound is very good.

Member 14 August 2018

New OPN1 13 PP BTE with Cordon 1.3 tubes and custom ear mold. They are a big improvement over previous ALTA 1 PRO's specifically with the "Speech in Noise" program. BLE to iPhone 8 is excellent especially when receiving or making calls in comparison to the Oticon Streamer which didn't always connect immediately. Just got the Connect Clip and this truly makes it a hands-free setup (people look at you like are you talking to me). I think they still need some fine tuning but overall I'M very pleased.

Member 14 August 2018

Things are going well. I've only had these four weeks but they are significantly better than my previous Starkey CICs. Of course, I expect things to go well - they are expensive as hell...

Member 14 August 2018

Only third day of wearing them so not great

Member 14 August 2018

I think that the Opns are outstanding! These are my second pair of aids; the first were Bernafons.

Karlheinz B. 14 August 2018

Good improvement with difficult audio-gram (sharp decline with increasing frequencies, beginning at about 1000 Hz)

Member 14 August 2018

I've been wearing hearing aids for 25 years, and these are the best I've had.

Member 14 August 2018

Oticon 8mm domes too "clogging", use phonak 8mm domes instead. More natural sounding, but also more feedback tendency when hand brushes ear. Batteries are rechargeable silver zinc. 4 months and counting; should last a year.

Keith R. 14 August 2018

Great! Love them. Makes a significant difference

Member 14 August 2018

The most difficult factor is getting the domes which are most helpful to reduce occlusion and ensure that good speech differentiation. After 2 months, I am still casting about for the best arrangement. Power domes form a complete seal which causes booming sounds when I walk and a feeling of excessive vacuum in my right ear canal. Bass domes(1 or 2 vent) work quite well, but they tend to migrate out after a while. Open domes are out of the question with my hearing loss profile. I will inquire about custom molds on my next appointment Streaming is excellent, but I will ask about a bass boost for that feature. Because of streaming and the wireless connectivity between aids, batteries fade at twice the rate encountered in my 10 year old Phonaks.

Member 14 August 2018

I'm not completely satisfied with the setup my OPN2. I want to configure them myself using Wireless NoahLink My hearing aids have more options

Member 14 August 2018

Very good, very much in line with my requirements

Member 14 August 2018

I am still getting used to wearing the hearing aids

David 14 August 2018

I am in the process of auditioning these hearing aids. I will be trying the Resound Linx 3D BTE aids next. I will end up with these or the Resounds

Member 17 September 2018

Things are going well, but I purchased rechargeable hearing aids, and the rechargeable feature does not work on one of my hearing aids. Therefore, my provider gives me disposable batteries, which is kind of them, but it defeats the purpose of rechargeable batteries. I paid for the charger and two rechargeable batteries, and am waiting since January to have a working rechargeable battery for the left hearing aid given to me. I am very dissatisfied with the rechargeable part of this product. Is the company holding out on me? Will the manufacturer ever give me the rechargeable battery which I paid for? Please respond soon. D. Carroll

Member 17 September 2018
Oticon had problems with the rechargeable battery compartment and charger compatibility. They have replaced the battery compartments with new ones. it isn't the battery or the charger but the battery compartment. Make sure those are replaced with the new version. (I'm an audiologist and wear Oticon Opns.)
Member 17 October 2018

To say that I am not completely satisfied is an understatement. The hearing aids have had several problems that required fixing and/or replacement. I also have not had the experiences that is claimed on the Oticon website with these hearing aids. These include, but are not limited to: 1. Wind noises are horrific and cause my ability to hear outside to be mostly non-existent. I can no longer attend sporting events or any family outdoor activities and hope to hear what is going on. 2. When using the hearing aids indoor (home or office), I can hear sounds across the room and the air conditioning system, but can’t understand, or in some cases even hear, the person sitting next to me without turning the volume way up, which of course also amplifies the background noise I could already hear. 3. Forget concerts, movies, or church. Any type of music other than streaming from my phone is painful at best. Trying to understand a speaker in a large auditorium is difficult and in many cases impossible. 4. When watching television, I can hear the background sounds in the shows I watch, but have difficulty understanding the talking. 5. My tinnitus seems to be getting worse instead of improving. When I asked about help with my tinnitus, I only got one program added to my program list that sounds like the ocean. I received no explanation on how to use it or anything. Oticon’s advertising promises so much more regarding tinnitus relief. 6. When driving, I can hear the wind noise, the tires on the road, and the engine running, but unless I turn the radio up to almost unbearable levels, I can’t hear the music or any talk radio. As stated, my experience with these hearing aids does not come close to the promises made by Oticon in their brochures or on their website. I work harder than ever to hear and end my day exhausted from just trying to hear. Plus, I was never really fitted for these aids. They were just programmed like the last pair I had (Alta2 miniRite) without the extensive set up that was done for the previous pair. I also was never advised about the accessories that I could get and was only told these hearing aids are Bluetooth capable. I hear worse than before I bought these hearing aids and my quality of life has decreased dramatically. I don’t hear as well with these hearing aids, period.

Member 27 May 2018
I'm finding the same problems with my minirites, it's worse wearing them than having nothing at all. I'm past the 30 day return so am stuck with $4250 of technical junk! :(
Member 17 October 2018 Replied to Member
In my opinion, these are not technical junk.  The problems sounds like you've both been underserved by your providers.  They should have properly fit them and educated you.  If they won't do that, you should go somewhere else.  It really helped me to educate myself by watching Dr. Cliff Olson's YouTube videos, to understand what level of care to expect and demand from the professional.
Member 14 August 2018

I said I would never spend this much money for hearing aids but after trying these on I was sold. The quality of everything I hear is so natural and clear its amazing. I've even played golf twice now with wearing them and not only could I hear my partners but when the wind kicked up I didn't get any whistling noise at all, just kind of a mild microphone crackling noise. Being able to change settings and volume with my iPhone is a plus. As far as watching tv goes, we do have a Sonos sound bar which is very clear and that coupled with the hearing aids, I find myself using the subtitles far less. Since these are new, only having them for two weeks, I may update this review but for now I'm very very happy!!

Member 14 August 2018

They are amazing but still have trouble in very noisy environments.

Martin E. 14 August 2018

At the moment I haven't given these hearing aids a very good score, it is only because they have not been fitted properly. I will be getting them re-fitted in a couple of days, so hopefully I will update my review after the fitting. It has gotten to the point where I have taken them out and put my old ones back in for the time being.

Member (verified) 14 August 2018

Get your hearing tested now for a baseline. Too many people put off purchasing hearing aids until it's either too late or more difficult to adjust to them. There is a direct correlation between dementia and hearing loss. Do something now!

Member 14 August 2018

frustrating. too expensive $3500 each. no real ear measures. custom molds not in canal enough

Member 22 March 2018
Cost is in us dollars not australian correct?
Andrew W. 14 August 2018

Just got the equipment on 21/2/2018. Am still trying out the set. But the batteries are draining out fast with just 3 days of 8 hours per day usage.

Member 14 August 2018

I've only had them 3 weeks so I'm getting used to them. They are a great improvement over my KS-7's. I have trouble hearing movies on TV

Member 14 August 2018

Left ear works really well, my right ear is where I have problems with comfort and trying to get the programming right.

Member 14 August 2018

Replaced Widex ha’s. So far they sound more natural and the connectivity with iPhone 8+ is wonderful.

Xuan W. 14 August 2018

This is Oticon's first MFi hearing aids. Sound: unbeatable! miracle! My previous hearing aids seems to be nothing! Feedback: some time is annoying. Ask your Audi to run feedback analyzer again should solve it. Connection to iPhone: You need both latest OPN firmware and iOS. I did have a hard time that my iPhone can't make phone call at all. After Oct 2016, the iOS update solve it. Then firmware update for Opn continued to improve the connection stability. Sound quality is not comparable to a pair of good headphones. Battery: 5-6 days. Streaming from iPhone doesn't significant impact battery life. I have never turned off Bluetooth connection. Stability: reboot occasionally. Ask your Audi to update to latest firmware. Music: Vast improvement over my previous hearing aids in concerts! For musicals, it tried to keep music but sacrificed speech clarity. I am not sure whether the Music program will help. I will try that in the future.

Member 14 August 2018

First time hearing aid user. Been in them 4 months now. They have completely changed my life. I did not know how much I was missing in the world. Price does not match the actual cost of goods of the devices. They are clearly overpriced. If they last 3 to 5 years that could justify it though.

Member 14 August 2018

Experienced HA wearer - 20 years. Last 3 HA's have been Oticon. I am currently in trial with OPN1 less than 2 weeks. Process and frustration level as expected with the new changes and programing.

Member 14 August 2018

Voice recognition seems better than old aids. Better directionality and impulse noise suppression.

Member 14 August 2018

I have had the Oticon Opn 1 Mini-Rite T hearing aids for about a month now. Due to impending insurance benefit cut-backs, I got these while my Siemens Carat 7 Binax aids were still functioning perfectly well. Although I have been quite satisfied with the Siemens aids, the Oticon aids are clearly better. With the Siemens aids, I had difficulty understanding my wife's speech from an adjacent room. The Oticons offer a significant improvement. With the Siemens aids it was necessary for me to have the sound bar on my television set to the highest of three high-frequency speech boost settings. With the Oticons I have backed off the setting to the mid position. Although the Oticons came packaged with a "free" television streamer, I find it unnecessary. I should add that my Siemens aids were re-checked with REM at the time I was fitted with the Oticons, which were also fitted with REM, so it seems fair to assume that any comparison between the two is on a level playing field. I cannot at this time make any definitive comparative assessment of the two aids in noisy restaurant situations, as (1) I am still getting used to the Opn aids and (2) I have yet to make a side-by-side comparison of the two, which I plan to do eventually.

Member 14 August 2018

I have moderate hearing loss. I started with Oticon Alta 2. These were good but did not help with noisy situations or with soft spoken people. I was able to upgrade to the OPN 1 and found it more comfortable, but this seems to be more of a change from the earpiece from 10 mm to 8 mm. The OPN 1 does not help me any more than the Alta 2 for noisy situations of low speech. It does help overall hearing in every other situation. The iPhone connection is great for phone conversations and I have had no problems with that. There was an firmware update that did some things including restoring the dead battery sound, but then the left HA started to reboot itself and it was sent out to be repaired. Then the right HA started to reboot itself and it was sent out for repair. Once it came back, the two HA's would not sync with each other. It turns out that there was a new firmware installed on the right one and the left one had to be done as well.

Member 14 August 2018

I have only worn a pair for 45 minutes at doctors office, so my 3's are only because I really did not get to evaluate those situations. But the 45 minutes I did wear at office was best 45 minutes I have experienced in conversations in last 7 years. Wish I had not waited so long and can't until 1/10/18 when I get mine. Don't even know some of the answers to the questions below yet. I bot the recharger because I am up about 18 hours a day.

Member 14 August 2018

I love these aids. This is my second set and these have Bluetooth. I love it that I don't have to put my iPhone on speaker anymore because it bluetooths right to my aid. One of the problems that I do have is listening to the TV. Some programs play there back ground music so high that I can't understand what the characters are saying. Could this b a problem with the software adjustment? Do u think the Bluetooth transmitter from the TV would help this problem? Thank you Mike

Mike B. 18 January 2018
Mike, I had the same problem watching television. It was so bad that I gave up TV for a couple of years. My brother suggested getting an audio receiver (I got Yamaha) to run the sound through. Using the Yamaha receiver I could actually adjust the 'talking' up and the 'background music' down to the point that I actually enjoy television again. I ran my television, blueray and TiVo all through the receiver and it has been the best investment of my life.
Member 02 February 2018
Hi, you seem to have a grasp on the technical issues. I too have issues with background tv sounds. Would you know if the Pioneer vsx530 has the same option as your Yamaha?
Member 25 April 2018
Hi Mike! Big problem for me too. What did you adjust on the Yamaha, the equalizer or something else?? I'm not aware of any receiver that has specific adjustments for 'talking' and 'background music, but would be interested if there is such a thing. Appreciate your help!!!!! Nick
Member 14 August 2018

Not going well at all. Have sent them back to be checked on 3 occasions. Can't hear with them. Have to turn up TV to 20 . They are not doing what they were promised to do. I have them over a year now and I am very dissatisfied. I am sorry I kept them. But I like the Bluetooth facility.

Member 14 August 2018

My audi mistakenly fitted me with OPN 3s even though I had requested 1s, so I wore the 3s for about 5 weeks until the 1s came in and I could get back in to see her. The difference and improvement was incredible. I told her to tell her patients to go straight to the 1s if they could possibly afford it, even if it meant not going out to eat quite as often. It's a darn shame they're so astronomically expensive, but they are truly incredible.

Member 14 August 2018

Extreme difficulty at times in a crowded noisy environment where the hearing aids seem to concentrate more on surrounding conversations rather than close up conversations. I have had to remove them at times in these situations as I could not concentrate on the person who was actually speaking to me.

Member 14 August 2018

I'm only in my third week. Still getting used to the sound of them. I can't answer the question about how long my aid batteries last, because they're renewable and haven't run out yet.

Anonymous (verified) 14 August 2018

Don't buy them until the recharger is available. 4-5 days of battery life is crazy.

Debbie O. 14 August 2018

I’ve only had my hearing aids for 2 weeks. The hearing aids fit great and improve my hearing overall. When I take them off I notice a definite difference in my hearing. I can get away without my hearing aids as I don’t have major loss, but just enough to have to have someone repeat themselves. I do think that there can be a program or two added to enhance the capability of the hearing aid, but that’s an audi issue and not my HA. I just know my hearing aids have more capabilities that may not have been programmed in by the audi. If I’m in a noisy situation with loud kids, screaming babies, or shouting My head feels like it wants to explode. I end up reducing the volume level. I think thats a programming issue, not the HA. Sounds are natural and not tinny or mechanical. I love my hearing aids.

Julian K. 14 August 2018

Overall, good to excellent. Not specially helpful in noisy situations

M. S. 14 August 2018

My hearing is profound. I have been wearing hearing aids since grade school. I am now a grandmother. I utilized the Oticon Opn 1 miniRITE with Telecoil. The hearing aid themselves are very tiny. Perhaps dime sized (?). The dome ear piece sits inside the ear canal to a near invisible hearing aid. If you see anything it may only be the tiny reflection at times to the dome tubing itself. The fit is comfortable. There is a bit of fiddling around at times when wearing glasses. I have frequently been told that I would not be able to utilize the domes due to feedback. But domes themselves have changed to a more 'closed' style and thus able to see how they work out. In comparison to Oticon vs. Phonak, the feedback with Oticon is still an issue upon putting them in but they settle in my ear throughout the day. Phonak hearing aids did not have feedback at anytime. Since the feedback seems to be on insertion of dome and not a bother otherwise I continued my demo with Oticon Opn 1. Since I demo'd Phonaks first w/ no feedback issue I asked if perhaps this was a dome issue. The domes between Oticon and Phonak are interchangeable. The Phonak domes certainly did fit better and the feedback lessened quite a bit, but not eliminated. The Phonak domes are much more comfortable. I not sure why as they appear to be the same. I chose to get custom ear molds as well as the domes as this feedback issue was not completely resolved to my entire satisfaction. I wanted to have a fall back with the customs just in case. This was completely subjective and I do not believe it is necessary to go that route. It was simply my choice. The sound quality is truly exceptional. I did not have to spend constant visits to audiologist for fittings. The first fit was perfect. My audiologist did utilize RealEar as the base and then actually went above its recommendations due to how I've been used to analog sounds. I did not experience the "tinny" sound so often that I'm told that I have to get used to. That comment from audiologist throughout my life always annoyed me. I'm supposed to get used to the crappy sound quality. Here? No--the sound was fantastic and I was blown away. Noisy Situations. I went to a restaurant that was crowded. It was the first big test. My experiences with crowded, loud places is that I lose the flow of the conversation with a group of people. So I usually feel a bit isolated as the night wears on. I was able to hear the entirety of the conversation. Including behind me. Something that literally has never happened before in my life. I was able to hear the conversation to the people at next table. This experience of actually enjoying myself with friends in a noisy environment really turned me on to the Oticon Opn 1. I will say that I did experience quite a bit of fatigue each time I went into a noisy environment. I am adjusting to these aids very powerful assistance. This has lessened and I anticipate continuing to be the case as I wear these within my daily life. Family LIfe. Within my personal life my family no longer has to repeat themselves for the umpteeth time. It certainly has reduced confusion and frustration for all of us. In fact, my family had become so accustomed to me not hearing they expressed surprise when I was able to hear what they were saying in next room. I borrowed an iPhone to see how it worked. You have to download the Oticon app, and it then connects to your hearing aid. I listened to videos via Youtube, Hulu. Music, movies, t.v. I could hear within both ears through the hearing aids. That WAS cool. The sound was okay. A lot of the quality of sound does depend on the content provider and not the hearing aids. You may need to up the volume within the iPhone to see if it will increase. The volume within the iPhone did not increase it enough for me. This was a borrowed phone so I did not utilize it but for one hour. I'm curious if I can ask my audiologist to allow a greater volume control within the hearing aid for more flexibility. We'll see. The phone conversation quality was superb, however. All the people I called all commented that they were enjoying our conversation. I asked why. The theme was similiar, "I don't have to repeat myself and you seem more engaged yourself." I had to agree. Just in the last week Oticon came out with a device Connect Clip that utilizes any type of bluetooth enabled phone-iPhone or Android. I have ordered that as I don't see the need to be tied down to one choice in a cellphone. This will take a bit until delivery but I thought I'd share as having to change phones is very expensive. The ConnectClip should eliminate the undue expense. IFTTT. This has been touted heavily by Oticon. I do not have the ability to set this up via computer only through an iPhone currently so this is a moot issue. If I remember I will come back once I receive the ConnectClip for Oticon Opn and review that. I can not think of what I need it for but hey I remember thinking, "What would I need the internet for?" I'm sure I'll come up with something if not for kicks and giggles at first. Battery life. The battery life is decent. It does not last seemingly forever such as my Phonak. I now go through 8 pk of batteries every 8 days or so. I believe usage of iPhone will decrease that longevity to half. So if planning on using iPhone or any other bluetooth capability in the future please consider doubling your hearing aid battery budget just to be on the safe side until you know your activities and how your using your hearing aid. Telecoil. I have mine set up as auto-telecoil which is nifty. Just pick up phone and it connects. No fiddling with the hearing aid and then bring phone to ear. This telecoil was not the best I've ever had. This may be due to the landline phone I am using. But you have to hold the phone consistently to the hearing aid to get great reception. It was pointed out that this may not be the telecoil itself. It may be the poor phones and their own magnet that isn't connecting well. When you move the phone around as one does when sitting chatting on the phone there is an audio diddy that plays when the magnetic connection is lost. It continues for a bit even after reconnecting. This silly stupid little diddy playing even reconnection loses a tiny bit of conversation. The solution so far is that my audiologist has allowed me to use a stronger magnet. This really did do the trick. No as many 'dropped' magnetic connections as before. This hearing aid set has transformed my life in how I communicate and listen. To me that is invaluable. Is it worth the money? Yes. There are however, too many variances in the price point a you will be well served by being a informed consumer. Would i buy it again? Yes. Would I recommend Oticon Opn 1 to others? Yes. In fact I've done so already.

Matthew Pearson 13 January 2018
Very comprehensive review! Thank you for taking the time to share.
Vigneshwaran R. 14 August 2018

best choose ..... very costly product better one ....blue tooth pair is perfect for i phone but not perfect for android not given for calling future in android phone ..... every think is better in this hearing aids opn 3

Dennis T. 14 August 2018

First time user. Currently have loaner set until mine come in.

Ady S. 14 August 2018

Changed from Widex CIC, sound quality is very similar, very clear, natural and no sibilance. The streaming to bluetooth capabilities are excellent so I don't need headphones much anymore but when I need to I can use in ear headphones at the same time with this model which I couldn't do very well with a CIC aid as it protruded slightly.

Mark 14 August 2018

I love my Oticon OPN 1 aids. I am still exploring the boundaries and I expect at least a 10% improvement as I continue to refine my fitting. I am using single domes at the moment but will probably go for custom moulds for more comfort and reduce feedback even more. I really, really love the connectivity with my iPhone. They just work with the iPhone without fuss, without dropouts, unlike my Signia Pure 7px aids. When my phone rings, even when it is in another room, it simply automatically connects to my ears and I just track down the phone to answer it. I now have fabulous understanding of phone reception in my ears. In fact it is so good that I don't even bother to use or wear my Connectline streamer. I just hold the iPhone in my hand or pop ii in my top pocket and chat away. Also, I love the Oticon ON app for remote control. It just is so easy to pair and so simple and extremely logical to use. And after the Siemens/Signia experiences with convoluted and problematic connectivity, that is really refreshing and pleasant!

Leslie P. 14 August 2018

Still in trial period. So far I’m not impressed.

Member 14 August 2018

I'm currently not wearing them due to constantly having to push them into my canal throughout the day.

Kylie B. 14 August 2018

I have a unique situation. I went completely deaf in right ear following brain surgery 12 years ago. Never wore hearing aids before that. My left ear has moderate to severe loss so have one aid for that. Without ha I cannot live a functional life. With ha no one even knows I have disability unless I tell them. The opn1 is my 3rd ha. All have been Oticon (replaced saffron and Agil). But I've trialed phonak bi cros a few times and rexton at Costco. I waited for the opn 1 mini rite T to be released in June so I could have volume contol on aid. With only one aid I could only change volume on iPhone which was pain. I love the opn. Hearing on the phone via Bluetooth is the biggest improvement. Makes my dailylife much easier

Joseph F. 14 August 2018

Excellent choice. Great hearing improvement over previous model. Technical enhancements well designed. Would like this model to eventually become rechargeable.

Dennis J. 14 August 2018

It takes a little getting used to having something in my ear all the time but it is well worth it! I can hear things I did not know I was missiing. I can actually hear the kids conversations, the clock on the wall ticking and the birds singing! Love having my hearing back!

Steve L. 14 August 2018

Very natural sound, love the iPhone integration

Ben S. 14 August 2018

I am a first time HA user and first tried Resound Linx 3D custom fit. I had issues where everything sounded very muted, and in a loud restaurant everything was way too loud and I could not hear speech very well. I just traded them in for Oticon OPN1 MiniRTE and love them so far. The open fit makes everything sound more natural, and so far they do a great job at amplifying what I need amplified (speech) and not everything else. Looking forward to trying them in a noisy setting.

Chris R. 14 August 2018

Very well, they are the most natural sounding hearing aids I have used

Nancy D. 14 August 2018

This is my first experience with hearing aids so I don't have anything to compare them to, other than hearing without them..... I finally broke down and got hearing aids. I have had the oticon opn miniRITEs for about a month and a half.... I decided to go with the rechargables . I do like the idea that the aids can also take regular batteries . I'm still adjusting to hearing aids and I always have the sensation that they are there - I compare it to using earbuds - my ears always feel plugged up..... I have the regular domes , not the vented domes... My audiologist recommended against the vented domes for my hearing, but I did try them at a difference audiologist and the vented domes were much more comfortable. The main problem I am having is: 1) the app -I have Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) and I downloaded the app, but frankly, it's pretty useless.... In the "event log" on the app I constantly see the aids "connected/ disconnected" sometimes every minute ... I don't know if this drains the battery but that's the other issue I am having.. 2) rechargable batteries: according to the oticon literature, with normal wear(no streaming,calling,etc) you should get 18-19 hrs out of the rechargables...I am getting nowhere near that.... I am averaging about 12 hrs before one of the aids goes down to 30%.....the only way to see battery life is with the app, and I don't know how accurate the app is.... seems like the app shows both aids at 100% (although there is no percentage that shows on the app - only a green line for each aid ...) and then all of sudden one of the aids will go down to about 50% (again , I'm guessing because all I have to go by is the green line....) ... but almost every day, the left aid goes down to 30% after only 10hrs of wearing them.... I don't stream music/TV/phone - just normal wearing.... last night the left aid went down to 30% after about 10 hours, then down to 20% one hour later, then down to 10% one hour after that.... I don't know if that's normal .... I've been emailing my audiologist and giving her screen shots of app showing battery lines .... again I don't know how accurate the app is with regard to battery life... I have the 3 beeps battery warning shut off on the aids as I didn't want them beeping at me every minute or so.... I have mentioned to my audiologist that I am concerned about battery life of the rechargables if I decide to buy the TV streaming box or buy an iphone for music and calling with the aids..... she has been in contact with oticon and they sent a new charger and batteries but I still get the same thing..... I even tried switching the batteries (putting left aid battery in the right aid,etc) but it still happened with the left aid..... I also tried putting in regular batteries and they lasted about 7 days so oticon says the aids are working properly ...... so right now my decision is whether to send back the charger (cost $250 - they gave discount of $50 as I purchased charger/batteries at the same time as the aids) ...I'm thinking I can buy a lot of regular batteries with $250 .... I'm wondering if the "new" rechargable technology and batteries might just be too new and kinks/bugs need to be worked out..... although my audiologist has another patient that has the rechargables and she gets a good 18 hrs out of them - including iphone streaming, calling etc.... weird.... So I will have to talk with the audiologist more ... I did get an extra month trial (originally it was 30 days but in talking with audiologist she got an extra month from oticon) and at this point I'll probably keep the aids but still unsure about the charger/rechargable batteries..... unless oticon offers to refund my money for the charger ;) ..... Only other issue is with my eyeglasses.. I have to put them on just right so they don't hurt my head,ears.. and I'll probably have to get new prescription sunglasses as the ones I have the temple pieces are too thick.....

Stephen P. 14 August 2018

I wrote this comment but feel the OPN 2 deserves a review as well. It's a great hearing aid. I trialed OPN 3, and 2's along with Resound Cala 861's from Costco. There is virtually no difference between OPN 2 and 3's. I found a little distortion in the OPN 2's, probably because they are processing the sound more. At 105 dBA in a movie theatre both performed without distortion during the movie "Dunkirk." I'm a music nut and musician. Both do a decent job of streaming music from an iPhone. The software for setup is excellent and my audiologist used some voodoo to improve the music stream. The bass is weak but that's an occlusion issue. If you get ear molds you'll hear more bass. I proved it by putting my fingers in my ears - bingo lots of bass. Personally, I prefer the balance of vocals and instruments. I'm hearing the lyrics and instrument detail I've missed for a decade. I can't believe I'm practicing guitar with hearing aids in place. That was impossible with previous Bernafon 9's. Battery life is 3 days + a few hours. I stream music 2-4 hours a day but don't make a lot of calls. If you get background noise or a click repeating, trying re-booting the hearing aids. Works for me. Resound Cala 861's? Couldn't get passed square one - distorted sound so I gave them back. The music streaming was typical tinny hearing aid sound. Sometimes it helps to shut down all the background apps on your iPhone, especially things like Facebook and Twitter which are trying to stream music now.

Member 14 August 2018

Much better than the previous two sets of aids.

Jim F. 14 August 2018

The Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids work very well. I especially like the ability to stream to my iPhone. With the update to version 4 of the firmware the Bluetooth connection to my iPhone is now improved and rarely has any issues. Compared to my last set of aids these are much better at allowing me to hear in noisy environments and also do an excellent job of eliminating almost all wind noise which is a huge improvement.

Thomas Y. 14 August 2018

I'm a new user with only 5 months of HA use. Two pair of OPN1s had hardware problems right out of the box. The third pair works, and I am generally satisfied, but I am looking forward to improvements from future adjustments .

Ron F. 14 August 2018

I have found the OTICON OPN 1 have been a big improvement in voice and conversation comprehension as compared to my Starkey's Z i 110 model. The Starkey Z i 110 model is still much better for music for a Professional Musician that plays a piano and performs live on stage.

Constantine G. 18 September 2018

Overall, this is a great hearing aid with a very natural and clear sound! Highly recommend! Check out my more detailed review.

Member 04 February 2018
Hi Constantine - if you would choose today - would it still be OPN 1? Speaking about music – if you like music – did you manage to get settings for a "full music experience" with good midrange and bass? I am a long time Widex user (CIC), loved the sound, however tried lately Oticon OPN 1, now Linx9 3D over Widex due to the size, both OPN and Linx are smaller than Widex (behind ear) Quick comparison: OPN 1 > Plus - Great speech recognition, soft and perfect fit cables to mic in ear, no wind noice, no hair noice, good battery time. Minus – App in iPhone not so hi/tech (@Volusiano have a good point there ), music sound to crispy/artificial and lacking mid-range & base, in noisy environment ex. restaurant they seemed to pick up “deeper” voices even far away to much – a little strange feeling when you have to search with your eyes over the tables who’s voice it is. 3D > Plus - Music sounds really good – was overwhelmed by the quality. Great speech recognition. Overall more “crisp” sound than both Widex and Oticon which have more “soft” sound. Very good iPhone and settings possibilities in App. Minus - Pick up a lot of wind and hair noice. Cables to mics in ear hard, sticking out a little more than they should. Battery eating devils.
Wayne W. 14 August 2018

Just got them today. Better than last ones by big margin.

Cheryl S. 14 August 2018

Before getting my hearing aids, when I was in a noisy environment - like at the lunch table at work in a hospital cafeteria (which is very noisy) - I couldn't make out the speech of the person sitting across and diagonally from me. Now I can.

Sara O. 14 August 2018

I'm frustrated that the Oticon Opn hearing aids do not have telecoils. Places I go regularly attend are looped and I am missing out on this feature. I bought them for $7,200 less than a year ago. I'd like to have them retrofitted with Tcoils or replaced with the upgraded versions with Tcoils. Is it possible to do this? What other options do I have?

Matthew Pearson 29 July 2017
It would very much depend on how long you have had your Opn's. I can only speak for the UK market but we get 90 days from the orders being despatched to being back with the manufacturer (hence the reason people generally get 60 days to make a decision to ensure they are back within the credit period. One thing to consider is that the loop version is not & cannot be retrospectively made to work as a rechargeable solution so my patients have decided to stick with the slightly smaller standard version but both in the same product like the Unitron Moxi Tempus series would have been nice!
Ashley S. 14 August 2018

Overall I purchased these to address my tinnitus. I liked the direct connectivity option; however, it drops connection more than I would like.

Matthew Pearson 29 July 2017
I have found the Ocean 2 sound to be particularly soothing. It is nice that you can adjust it with the remote but have also experienced the same frustration with the Android App
Member 14 August 2018

I have demo Pair waiting for the t coil version

Lee W. 14 August 2018

Just recently started using the OPN1 in both ears. Severe loss from 6k and up. Initial impression is I got my hearing back. Took them out after a couple of hours and couldn't believe the difference. I was missing so much! My provider offers a 30 day return, but if they continue to work as they have so far it won't be needed.

Matthew Pearson 29 July 2017
Fantastic news! 100% of the patients I have fitted have gone on to keep them, so I am a fan!
Ron V. 20 February 2017

Very good high end response..sometimes have to lower a couple of notches to get the sibalance out of music...(used in a recording studio). found the bottom end was the a little too clicky.....loses a lot of the band width(warmth..especially kick drum bottom)that I would get with my unitron's...Found the best result so far was using the OPN Minirite in my left ear(lost of bottom loss)..... with a unitron in my right(lots of high end loss)...(60 years of playing music, shooting guns and flying airplanes will do that to ya) Over all....so far the OPN's are alot better for speech, I have the unitron program on my computer( 20 channels per ear) and could not get anywhere near duplicating the OPN response.... I think for music (with both OPN aids) things seemed over compressed which makes mixing very difficult.....Maybe its just the way they are set up, I don't have the OPN program to play with (that would be nice)..so theres a lot of wiggle room..... I did find less ear fatigue in the studio(good thing)... For speech OPN get my vote..... Let me add... I returned these hearing aids because I felt the overall difference between the Unitron & Oticon was not great enough to justify the cost(mostly relative to studio use) I now am trying them again because of the speech application.. my provider is excellant, he would go to the end of tommorrow to make them work for me....I know I have very different problems from the norm and of course, would love to solve the problem....

Member 13 February 2017

Fantastic! Friends have also commented on the effectiveness of the hearing aids on my ability to communicate. I have had the hearing aids less than a month.

Joseph T. 28 June 2018

The "ON" app for Android doesn'the tell you how to reconnect your aids to the app after they have been paired. You can easily reestablish a connection by simply restarting your phone and opening up the app.

Member 28 June 2018
If you scroll down, there is a "reset" option. That worked for me...
Member 28 June 2018
If you scroll down, there is a "reset" option. That worked for me...
Francisco V. 28 December 2016

At the present time everything is working really nice. Sound quality is good and overall fit is great. A couple of areas for improvement would be the app for iPhone, it doesn't help at all!!! For the technology that is built in the hearing aids you would expect the same for the app but it's not the case. Another area would be for streaming music from iPhone to hearing aids, there's a lot of distortion hence I don't use it.

Member 08 December 2016

As a hearing aid it is fine, but totally unreliable. Since the first day one hearing aid (my good ear) has cut off periodically. And do not even try to use the Bluetooth. Every time I try to make a call or listen to music one ear fails. I have complained so much that the are going to replace. For $7k you would expect them to work consistently

Member 21 December 2016
AMEN!!! Mine won't even pair because MY PHONE IS TOO OLD (2 years...) even though it has the required OS ...
Member 28 November 2016

With moderate hearing loss in my left ear and somewhere between mild and moderate in the right, these MiniRites solved my problem. The first day I got them, I stopped by the local supermarket and on exiting the car heard a vast chirping event. The powerlines were loaded with black birds who obviously were celebrating something, a party that I evidently was missing before my hearing aids went "live". Sold me the first day, and I hadn't even had time to adjust. Update: Two months later they are a natural part of the day. Occasionally the wifi connection to my iPhone 7plus will drop off either the left or right hearing aid. Or there may be some static, but I think the way to correct it is to use the Opn App on the phone and change the program from P1 to P2. My audiologist created P2 for restaurant environments. I may have her set a P3 for telephone conversations, if that is possible. Figured out how to connect my iPad Mini2 sound to the MiniRites so now I can stream movies or TV with great sound. Will try it with a downloaded movie on a cross-country flight next week and see how it works. Outstanding Questions: 1. The Opn App has a weird iPhone microphone setting that uses the phone input speaker instead of the hearing aid speakers. I suppose it has a useful application, but the sound is weird. Does anyone use it? 2. I do not have the TV adapter that allows streaming to my hearing aids. I'm wondering if the newer smart TVs have a low power wifi sound out, that does not require the $300 Adaptor 3.0? 3. Do the newer MacBook Air computers connect to the MiniRites? My 2011 model does not.

カスタマイズ カ. 19 November 2016

I have a sensorineural hearing loss which has its bottom at 55db of 2000Hz for five years. My first experience of hearing aid, costs ¥200,000 a pair, was very disappointed. Always exhausted when I lean on it. Hearing of conversation was not improved so much. Adjustment at shop was always ended to unsatisfied. I bought Oticon Opn after one week trial. I thought it is worth buying than other maker's equipments of the same price band because it has enough quality of sound, improvement of hearing, natural supression of background noise. sometimes I wonder whether I wore Opn. I came not to feel of release when I rid it from my years because of its natural sound and confortability. I don't say I totally recovered my healing losses with Opn. Japanese talks without raising their voices in general and I am not good at female voice. Also I did not try all other hearing aids. My disgusting old HA seems to be an OEM production by Oticon. But I can't help expressing my respect to Oticon's philosophy of development. Other makers seem to be in stagnant. I really hope the future price will be decreased dramatically until my Opn stops working someday.

John C. 03 July 2017

I just got my HA's on Monday November 7, 2016. I had no idea how bad my hearing was until I took them out. It made me sad to think of all the times I had to ask people to repeat themselves. Ok, on to the good stuff. On Tuesday night I made a pizza in the oven. I heard something I had never heard before; the blower fan inside the oven. Apparently it always turns on and runs when you use the oven. I never heard it once. I thought it was broke or only turned on if the oven was on too long. I noticed on Monday that my hair was too loud. LOL I had an itch and scratched my head at which point my hair went across the mic and it was loud. It made for a good laugh. It's an adjustment period. Tuesday I had to go in to get the special plastic thingy to make sure the HA stays in my ears. Wednesday and especially Thursday, my earlobes hurt toward the end of the day and quite a bit. I know wearing them all the time will eventually make the pain go away. I have worn them almost all day every day since I got them. I want to hear people. That's why I got them. When my earlobes hurt, I just take them out for a half hour or so, and then put them right back in. Each morning, my ears don't hurt and I know I am building up the stamina. My HUGE complaint. I can't stand the fact that I can't get these to work with my Samsung Smartphone. Samsung outsells Apple almost every year for the past 5 years and it seems the Opn 1 is designed only for Apple. As someone that has been in the technology field for over 20 years, I have a complete disdain toward Apple and all Apple products. It saddens me that these HA's are not designed to work with both Android and Apple. I also can't stand the fact that I can't seem to pair them to my Samsung to use for phone calls without having to purchase a special device. Unless I'm missing something (which is altogether possible), I am very disappointed with the lack of connectivity with my Samsung. To end on a positive note... I have not had to ask my wife to repeat herself once. I can be engaged in conversations I would have otherwise missed out on. I love hearing what is going on when people are talking. I do truly love these HA's.

Phong N. 10 February 2017
The inability to stream directly to Android phones like Samsung is not because Oticon favors supporting Apple only. It's because Apple has already adapted its own proprietary 2.4 GHz Low Energy protocol already available for Oticon to support. Meanwhile, there's no standard Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol available on Android phones for Oticon to support. A new BLE just came out recently but it'll take a while before Android phone mfgs support it. Direct streaming requires 2.4GHz low energy transmission. But Oticon plans to come out with a standard Bluetooth streamer in Q1'17 to allow streaming between standard Bluetooth devices and the OPN.
Member 03 July 2017
My Opn 1 works with my Samsung S5. I am not technically minded, the App is connected through Google play. Page 43 in the instruction book.
Member 08 November 2016

I've had my hearing aids about 2 months and it has been a life-changer. I am now confident to engage in conversation where before I would have stayed quiet.

Morris F. 28 October 2016

Before OPN's I had Ino"s and Nera"s from Oticon. Before trying the OPN's I gave on-line vendors a trial. My health insurer, AARP Complete has their own HA company. Their HA's are extremely inexpensive. They did not help me with my hearing loss and they are probably good for someone with a moderate loss. My second vendor was Adicus. I tried their most advanced models. The advanced models have Blue tooth connectivity and compared to a local audio retailer are inexpensive. However their Ha's also did not help with my profound hearing loss. I also found their blue tooth devices have a limited range and hey were not smart phone ready. Which brings me to my current HA's, OPN's. I was fitted for them in April of this year by Island Audiology. Dr. Fulman is very knowledgeable and professional and has a good hearing clinic venue. During my trial period I did experience both aids intermittently turning off and on. After some trial and error we found that if the batteries wre the tiniest out of spec it would effect the aids in that way. I always used Costco batteries in my older aids and never had a problem. As soon as I switched the batteries from my audiologist to the Costco ones the problem stopped The Oticon OPN's in my estimation are the best aids I have had to date. I use all of the features available.their AP and the ITT features. I miss the landline adapter that I had for my Nera's but am told Otican my have one available in 2017. The OPN's have given me almost all of my haring ability back.

Kay H. 14 October 2016

Having to change batteries much more frequently than with previous aids-I would say at least twice as often.

Cristine B. 26 September 2016

Things are going well I guess. It's an adjustment. I've only had them 2 months after years of not even knowing I had hearing loss. It's taking me a while to get used to having something in my ears. Love them, just get a little bit of sensory overload going from not hearing/or having everything muffled to being able to hear and very little muffled. My only issue is I can't pair them to my android devices. (Not a big Apple fan) just hope w g end the technology comes out to make them compatible with android devices, I'm not penalized. Still haven't figured everything out yet and still on the learning curve.

Member 25 September 2016

I have had these hearing aids for about a month. I had another Oticon product for almost 6 years. These have made a GREAT improvement in my hearing in noisy rooms and it meetings where I had difficulty always hearing the speaker. I can now hear the TV much better too. I was using CC on almost all shows and now I don't need it. Very satisfied with my hearing aids. I am on the borderline of severe hearing loss.

Member 19 September 2017

My background: I'm a 30+ year HA wearer with 80dB loss in both ears, so I definitely walk the walk. I've previously used Phonak and Oticon aids, so I was interested in exploring Widex as well as newer Oticon releases. I have finished Week One of a 2-week trial with the Oticon Opn miniRITE aids. My current rating for these aids is on the low site, however, because I currently am happy with the overall performance of my older Oticon Agil Pro ITEs. Compared to the Agil Pros, the Opn does not offer a HUGE improvement other than the amazingly "invisible" look of them, which I love. I would need to have some further fine-tuning in the frequencies and MOST important, availability of a phone streamer compatible with non-Apple product before I make a purchase. Overall Impression: Very favorable! I just finished (and returned) a 2-week trial of the Widex Unique U-FS aids, and find these Oticon Opn miniRITEs superior in several areas: 1. Ease of insertion – for whatever reason (speaker shape/size, etc.,) these Oticon Opns are significantly easier to insert into my ear canal and maintain a good seal than the Widex Unique. 2. Comfort – related to the above, the size of the current Speaker 60 in the Oticon Opns fit comfortably in my ear canal with no visible sign of poor fit (e.g., leaving an impression or red mark on the ear canal, discomfort from wearing, etc.,). I would ultimately be replacing Oticon Agil Pro ITEs, which are only 3 years old, but seem old-fashioned in design and technology. Not only are the Opns very lightweight and discreet, but they don't plug my ears like the ITEs, which tend to make my ears itchy and sweaty by day's end. 3. Program Functionality – so far so good! NOTE: Program 1 also controls the direct-to-aid streaming from the TV unit, which works very well, volume being controlled right on my aids. I've had Program 2 set up for the phone to help eliminate some of the feedback and audio fading issues that happen when on the phone in Program 1. 4. Frequencies – Definitely better spectrum of high, mid and low-range frequencies than the Widex Unique aids, but still needs some boosting in the lower & midrange to sound a bit more natural. After wearing these Oticon Opns for a week, I find the sound is more natural every day. It is not unusual for hi-fi systems to experience similar "burn-in" improvement after being left on for several days, so perhaps I'm benefiting from that with these aids, wearing them 16 hrs a day? They have a crisp clarity that's superior to my current Oticon Agil Pros. 5. Dynamic range – Better than current Oticon Agil Pros and Widex Unique. I am using the Speaker 60, but may try out the Speaker 85 for more power if it doesn't impact battery life or lead to feedback issues. 6. Feedback – There is still feedback when anything comes near these aids even when seated perfect, so I may be at the limit of the power these little puppies put out with the smaller Speaker 60. Fixes/Issues ****1. Phone streamer – this is the #1 issue outstanding. Currently, the Oticon Opn miniRITE phone streamer is compatible ONLY with Apple products. I would absolutely need a guarantee that a phone streamer is available for using with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Global. Without that streaming device, these aids will not function as well as my current Oticon Agil Pros + streamer and would be a big disincentive to buy these aids. I would absolutely have to try the aids out with the phone streamer before making a final purchase. My plan is to return these after my trial is over and wait (and wait and wait and wait!) until Oticon offers a phone streamer for non-Apple cell phones. To ignore the REST of us users and potential customers seems absurd at the very least and a missed marketing opportunity. Not everyone is dedicated to using Apple products! 2. Noisy environments – with no program dedicated to directionality, I’m having a difficult time hearing in noisy places. By contrast, the Agil Pros perform superbly here. I will likely need a fourth program dedicated to noisy environments, as these aids do not help much in Program 1. Program 2 is my phone program, Program 3 is a copy of Program 1, enabling me to hear TV without it streaming into my aids directly. If I have a fourth program, it will be for full directionality that I hope will work as good as my current Agil Pros.

Member 18 August 2017
WOW!!! Your review could've been written by me word for word! I am also 30+ year HA wearer, 80db loss in both ears, previous user of Phonak and Oticon Alta Pro. Exactly as you mention, I trialed the Widex Unique and gonged them for sounding too flat (I don't recall how the fit/seal was). Your observations about how the Opn works in noisy environment AND the lack of an Android-based streamer is 100% my own gripes! I also have to say I totally agree with your "pros" on the Opn (lightweight, discreet, etc.,) I have resolved my two biggest gripes (inability to hear in noisy places and lack of streamer) via: tweaking my "restaurant" program to not only make it directional, but to reduce some of the lower frequencies (or BOOM notes), and set noise management to the most aggressive setting. So far, it's made a big improvement in my being able to hear better in noisy places, which include airports, planes, restaurants, big stores, malls, large crowds, etc., As for the Android-based streamer, I am so irked about that that I am contemplating asking my audiologist to trial the new Phonak aid - the Audeo B Direct, soon to be released! - that would indeed have compatibility with Android devices. Meantime, I bought an Android-compatible Sennheiser headphone at Amazon.com. That's what I use to make long phone calls hands-free. REAL clunky and a total cludge, but it actually works. I am just very disappointed with Oticon's having mislead so many of us saying the clip-on Android streamer would come out in Q1 2017.
Anonymous (verified) 21 August 2016

Hearing in conversations in noisy environments (restaurants) has improved, along with hearing low voices. The hearing aids can be (and are being) adjusted to improve my hearing in noisy environments. And II hear sounds that I did not hear with my Alta Pro hearing aids: car turn signal, refrigerator ice machine, my laptop computer processing information. I am looking forward to the bluetooth connection for cellphone connectivity when I upgrade my iPhone next month.

Anonymous (verified) 19 August 2016

Things are going fine.

Henric O. 21 July 2018

I had this hearing device (both ears) for 3 weeks now and I have split feelings about it. The positive things about it is that it is really good in noisy Environments. With my old hearing device I had big problems to select one sound from Another in noisy areas. The idea/vision to connect it directly to the mobile phone is great. Thats pretty much the positive aspects of it. The negative stuff: Price. IF all the functions and sound would be as in the Oticon advertisement, then I would not mind paying this much for a pair of hearing devices. But right now the price vs. quality/function is not right. Sound. The normal conversation sound is very good, but sometimes an odd "feature" happens and that is a vibrato. For example if you whistle in very low frequency, it sounds normal. But if you go up in frequency alittle (over 1500Hz) the sound starts to "vibrate" (its called vibrato) and this is very anoying. It also happens when my 2-year-old son screams. iPhone Connection. I connect the hearing devices to my iPhone with Bluetooth. When I make a normal phonecall the sound is very bad. It sounds like a broken loudspeaker or "clipping sound". There is Another function in my iPhone to stream the sound from the iPhone microphone directly to my ears. This function is "hidden" under alot of menus and I have a feeling that Oticon dont want people to use this function for the simple reason that: The quality of the sound is terrible. One odd thing is that if you for example listen to musik (via Spotify on the mobile phone) the sound quality is good. Also if you make a phonecall with Facetime, the sound quality is alot better than a regular phonecall. I have a feeling that Oticon needs to do some software updates on the hearing devices to make it better, because this feels like bugs. Support. The Oticon support is...how should I say...not existing. I tried to Contact the Oticon support on Facebook, email and Telephone but sadly they (first) did not reply. And when they finally reply they refuse to listen to whats wrong with their Product. I have to go through the audionoms that sold this to me. Overall. As it is now, I would not recommend anyone to get Oticon OPN because it still needs some developement. I know this Product is very new and all new Products have bugs. Im fine with that IF they are willing to listen to their custmers and fix the problems. Update 2016-08-10: I have now had contact with experts at Oticon and this is what happend so far: The vibrato-sound they can explain, and there might be solutions for it in settings or change the dome. On the other hand they said that all hearing devices have problems with vibrato. I never had any vibrato problem with my old hearing device (Oticon Integra). The Oticon ON App (iPhone) is not so basic after all. The "stream microphone" function could be reached by clicking at some places in the app. (still you need to know where to click) There should be a better tutorial for this App. According to the engineer at Oticon (that also use Oticon OPN) there is no problem at all with the sound quality when in a phone call. This means that 1. The settings for my hearing device are not correct or 2. My hearing device is broken or 3. He was not completely honest. I have a meeting with my audionom next week and I will update this page after the visit.

User 04 August 2016
Hello, I am an Audiologist. These issues seem like they should be discussed with your Audiologist, they could be fine tuned in the software. Have you had a follow up visit?
Henric O. 10 August 2016
Hello, Yes I have a meeting with them next week. I really hope that all this are problems caused by settings because I really want the hearing device to be as good as they say.
User 24 August 2016
This sounds like something a simple adjustment to the feedback management or transient sound management would fix.
Member 28 August 2016
Thank you! Am in the process of a free trial and this is really useful information. With the 4 days of trial so far (out of 7 days) I am underwhelmed with the OPN miniRite. It's good, but not good enough for me to justify the price. Looking forward to your update to the above info. Thanks again. James.
Henric O. 03 September 2016
Since last post I have been in contact with Oticon experts (again) and also my Audiologist. The result: I returned my new OPN hearing device. Before I returned OPN I managed to record the poor sound when youre in a phone call. I also recorded the sound from my old Integra + Streamer and the result is that when youre in a phone call using OPN, the sound quality is less good than with the old hearing device. I also let som ppl without hearing problem listen to recordings and they can hear the difference, so its not just my bad ears. I also managed to record the annoying vibrato effects. This recordings was sent to Oticon experts a few weeks ago. I have not heard any comments from them yet... I see that some Audiologists answer here in my post and suggest that this could be a settings-issue. If it is a setting-problem it would be great, but so far my audiologist has not been able to solve the problems. And Oticon does not admit that they have a problem, so its difficult to know what´s causing the problems. Its not that I dont like the OPN. In most real-life situations its a great product and if they could solve the phonecall sound quality and vibrato problem it would be worth the money.
Henric O. 08 September 2016
More news: Yesterday I visited my audiologist again and believe it or not, now Im back with a new pair of Oticon OPN. Just to exclude the possibility that it was my last pair of OPN that was accually broken/bad. I also use another speaker (better range) on this ones. The result: The vibrato problem is exactly the same . The sound quality when doing a phonecall is slightly (and I mean really slightly) improved. Still its alot worse than with my old Oticon hearingdevice + streamer. I was asking my audiologist why the vibrato effects come. She tried to explain a few possible reasons. One was that it might be some "parts" in my ear that change and can cause this. Another reason was that it might be the "delay" that I hear in my head when I whistle. (I hear the sound in my head first, then the hearing device pick up the sound and make it stronger) I made some experiments that prove that this 2 reasons are not the real reason. First I recorded the vibrato from the hearing device speaker. In the recordings you can clearly hear the vibrato (even a person with normal hearing) So that proves the vibrato already exists when the sound leaves the speaker. (its not my ears that create the vibrato) The second test was similar. Again I recorded when I whistle (then I hear the vibrato). After that I play the recording and I hear the vibrato again, and this time the sound does not come from my mouth. This proves that the vibrato is not created by a "delay". Im really intrested in hearing other peoples reflections about OPN. Most ppl talk about how nice it is and the sound quality is really good. Its true, in normal conditions the sound is great. But I want to know if more people are expering the same vibrato effects when you whistle (for examlpe) and that the sound quality is really poor when doing a phone call (iPhone).
Member 16 September 2016
I have been trying out the OPN ones. I hated to domes that got stuck in my ears and plugged them. The sound was good but my iPhone had the same problem as you did. They were taken back and I had a molded ones made. Results were that only one hearing aid worked. Also when they put the molded ones in it sounded like I was under water when I talked. I said try to fix once more and if I don't like them I'm sticking with the molded ones in resound. I've had no problems with them and so far I may just keep them until the bugs are fixed in oticon. Great having reviews my quote was $7000 CR
Henric O. 16 September 2016
Update 2016-09-16: Visited my audiologist again this morning and I have some good news. The extremely unwanted vibrato that I had can be removed. She created a new program for me that disable alot of functions (not sure exactly what Changes she did). But with the new program, the vibrato is gone. Oticon also promised to try to re-create the problem with the bad sound quality when in a phonecall. Right now Im changing oppinion about te OPN. If they fix the sound quality in phonecall this will definaty be the ultimate hearing device.
Member 30 March 2017
Hi, I hope you see this response. I am currently in the evaluation process for a Pair of OPN 1's. They are great so far except for the 'vibrato'. I havn't tried pairing them with my iPhone as it's an old 4. They are really great except for that vibrato. I am a musician and a singer and when I play certain note or sing certain notes the vibrato is unacceptable. As a singer we locate pitch through 'beating' frequencies and the vibrato completely cancels this out. I am now trying a pair OPN 2's but have the vibrato but only about 1/2 the time and the frequency of the vibrato is faster, actually making it more objectionable. My Audiologist had tried several adjustments to the OPN 1's but couldn't get the vibrato out. I am very interested in what your Audiologist did to fix the problem. Is there a way I might get this information to relay to her? Thanks for your perseverence with this issue.
Member 24 January 2018
Sure wish I knew what changes were made to get rid of the vibrato. I want to keep the Oticon Opn 1 miniRITE's but having issues with female high pitched voices and the TV due to vibrato. My audiologist hasn't been able correct the problem.
Member 04 February 2018
Hi Henric - how did it go? Did you keep the OPN? OPN1? I am just about to decide if go for the GnResound Linx 3D or OPN 1... I am a long time Widex user (CIC), loved the sound, however tried lately Oticon OPN 1, now Linx9 3D over Widex due to the size, both OPN and Linx are smaller than Widex (behind ear) Quick comparison: OPN 1 > Plus - Great speech recognition, soft and perfect fit cables to mic in ear, no wind noice, no hair noice, good battery time. Minus – App in iPhone not so hi/tech (@Volusiano have a good point there ), music sound to crispy/artificial and lacking mid-range & base, in noisy environment ex. restaurant they seemed to pick up “deeper” voices even far away to much – a little strange feeling when you have to search with your eyes over the tables who’s voice it is. 3D > Plus - Music sounds really good – was overwhelmed by the quality. Great speech recognition. Overall more “crisp” sound than both Widex and Oticon which have more “soft” sound. Very good iPhone and settings possibilities in App. Minus - Pick up a lot of wind and hair noice. Cables to mics in ear hard, sticking out a little more than they should. Battery eating devils.
Member 18 July 2018
Your input is great. How did you manage to record the phone call steaming? I would like to share this with my Audi.
Gravity T. 21 July 2018
i hope you have solved it and you dont mind my super late reply that may not related to you anymore...it happened to me... the two possible factors i think are Whisteblock features.. when sound volume reaches the peak limit at certain frequency.. the vibrato comes... OR too much gain of low frequency...
Anthony B. 27 July 2016

I am currently wearing the Oticon OPNs only for a few days. I was previously wearing Bernafon Juna 9s for 4 months. The OPNs are a huge improvement IMO. I would also like to mention that I have a reverse-slope (low frequency) hearing loss and these are working very well for me. The improvement over the Bernafons is very noticeable to me. Pros: Good spatial awareness - helps me really determine where a sound is coming from Hearing is very "open" in that I can hear sounds coming from all directions even from my behind my back Noise is minimized without having to use a beam directionality focus Sound is very natural I am hearing soft-spoken males better than I was before I have not experienced any call drop-outs while streaming calls through my iPhone. Solid build - they feel very sturdy and well made I am listening to the radio about 5-10 levels lower than I was before (same for TV) Music sounds good again despite me wearing open domes The Apple Watch controls are convenient Cons: On occasion I get static/clicking in the receivers at random Sometimes the calls flutter as if the call is going to disconnect (it doesn't actually drop)- the volume seems to decrease dramatically and then goes back to where I had it at No accessories - I would like to use these to stream phone calls from my work cell phone, but I can't because there isn't an accessory yet, same thing for my computer

Abram Bailey 27 July 2016
Anthony, thank you for the thoughtful review. Very much appreciated. I have been involved in a Facebook group with a number of audiologists, and the feedback from the group has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the Oticon Opn aids. Glad to see consumers like yourself are feeling positive about the product as well.
Anthony B. 10 September 2016
Update: I have been wearing these for nearly 6 weeks now so I have additional experiences to share. I find that soft spoken voices are not loud enough even with these being adjusted several times to to make these voices louder. The spatial awareness is hit or miss. I was at a noisy BJs last week and heard my wife calling me, but could not identify where she was so I was basically looking in all directions to find her. On the other hand when in less challenging environments I am able to locate the source of a random noise or from where someone is speaking from. For noise, these do a relatively good job. They are not a miracle cure. Yesterday I was on a fishing trip with about 20 coworkers. The boat was very loud as it cruised on the ocean. The captain also had the radio playing from overhead speakers. I was able to have one on one conversations with several different people over the course of the 4 hour excursion. That's not to say there weren't times where I had to "bluff" through bits of the conversation bc I missed parts here and there. However I was able to participate in many different conversations and follow the general topic. After the boat trip, we went to dinner at a very noisy restaurant. There was an overhead air conditioner blowing, several TVs on and a very noisy bar/grille type crowd. Luckily our group was broken into several tables. My table had 4 seats. I heard 2 of the people almost perfectly just missing an occasional word here or there, but again actively participating in the general conversation. For the 3rd person, his voice is at a frequency that just doesn't agree with me (he is also soft spoken). I always have trouble hearing him be it in person or the phone. I'm able to converse with him in a quiet setting, but in a noisy environment, no hearing aids can help me overcome my challenge of understanding him. That is okay since this is s function of my hearing loss. Further I would like to mention a few more scenarios. Phone streaming via my iPhone is flawless. No connection drop outs. The streaming works until the battery is just about dead and the beep indicating low battery plays. I wear these for about 12-13 hours a day and get 4-5 days even with daily streaming for phone calls. The calls are clear for the most part. Sometimes I feel the calls are too low, but when the fitter adjusted for that, calls were then too loud. I should also mention I have a low frequency hearing loss. This means certain voices transmitted via cell phone are always going to be a challenge for me. I hear most voices via phone okay and OPNs connection to my iPhone is very nice. The lack of a clip microphone like Resound has is an inconvenience as I have to hold the phone to my mouth when streaming, but eventually the ConnectClip will get released to address this. Also once I adjusted the settings on my car radio, music sounds pretty good despite me wearing open domes. I would say that the OPNs are very good hearing aids. Like all their performance will vary based on the skill of your fitter and the nature of your hearing loss.
Member 03 October 2016
Hi I too have reverse slope hearing. How are yours programmed did your audio use your audiogram readings or did they lower the low frequencies and up the high frequency. How are yours in noisy situations in understanding speech thanks
Anthony B. 05 October 2016
Mine are not programmed by just plugging in the audiogram into the computer. We did a lot of fine tuning. Less low frequency amplification and some in the mid and highs. I still struggle understanding speech in noise, sometimes I hear better without the aids in noise bc they amplify the things I don't want to focus on.
Diana S. 03 September 2017

I've only had them for 2 days but they are a huge improvement over my old Starkeys or the Bernafons I was trialing. Much better speech clarity and localization. They did well eating with a group at a round table and with moderate background noise. Streaming music from my iPhone for about an hour did drain the phone battery more than using ear buds. I haven't had many phone calls yet but a couple of short ones seemed to be OK. I don't know how long the batteries last but the program insists on a response (you need a don't know/not applicable respons).

Steve C. 07 June 2016

I just got these aids yesterday, so it may be too early to tell.. but so far I've been really impressed with the sound quality and speech clarity. I'm waiting to see how the app and iPhone works but as far as the hearing aids themselves.. they seem like a high quality build and the sound is great. Looking forward to updating this review after trying all they have to offer.

Member 18 June 2016
Really interested to see how these work for you after a couple of weeks. Specifically would love to hear about what you think of: - ability to hear an individual in crowds (like restaurants) - ability to identify direction of a sound - connectivity to the iPhone - i.e. Do the hearing aids maintain their connection when phone is in your pocket or do they easily lose connection with the phone? - phone calls and music - how do these sound? - overall intelligibility of what you hear compared to what you had before - does the iPhone app work well to control them?
Member 13 July 2016
Love to hear more! Are you using the Oticon On app? Please tell us about it. Thanks!

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Member 22 June 2016
My first hearing aid, and I have had it for less than a week. It is great. Wore to a baseball game the first day, can hear voices in a crowd, good connection with my iPhone. The iPhone app is great for adjusting sound. But the app has a big problem with battery power reading. It randomly fluctuates from full power to very little power to more power. I tried to contact Oticon but they did not respond. Out of curiosity, how much did yours cost? I am new to this and paid $7k
User 04 August 2016 Replied to Member
You are correct the voice prompt is very irregular, I suggest deactivating it. The battery indicators in the settings screen ( triple click) seem to be most reliable. Suggested to change battery one a week if normal wear time is 8-10 hrs a day. Hope this helps! Dr. Treadway- Audiologist
Howard L. 03 July 2016
I have had them for about a week. I love the sound and the clarity. Big test will be the Red Sox game tomorrow. I have tested them in restaurants and I find that I can hear people at my table which was a struggle before. The sound on these is clearer and brighter than the Resound or Starkey models I tried. More comfortable also and the battery seems to last longer even though I use them with my iphone and iPad.
Howard L. 03 July 2016
I have been through a number of other products. I started with the REsound with iphone support. The sound was tinny in the high range and they just weren't comfortable. I then tried out the Starkey Halo II but they were just too big on my ear and the sound was just too fuzzy? Then I tried the Oticon OPN and I love them. I am not an experienced hearing aid user, so take this with that in mind. they are smaller and more comfortable to wear and the in ear fit is just much better for me. The sound is, well, brighter. I have experimented with the Starkey Halo and the OPN in the same environment andthe difference is, to use a pun, stark. The sound is more natural, but voices are clear and and I am not asking people "what?" I can hear people behind me now. The software is OK, and I haven't had any real Bluetooth connection problems. I haven't tried the IFFT programming yet. So, the fact that I could buy them through a non profit foundation for deaf children was also a big plus so the money goes to the services for the kids.
Henric O. 03 August 2016
I had this hearing device (both ears) for 3 weeks now and I have split feelings about it. The positive things about it is that it is really good in noisy Environments. With my old hearing device I had big problems to select one sound from Another in noisy areas. The idea/vision to connect it directly to the mobile phone is great. Thats pretty much the positive aspects of it. The negative stuff: Price. IF all the functions and sound would be as in the Oticon advertisement, then I would not mind paying this much for a pair of hearing devices. But right now the price vs. quality/function is not right. Sound. The normal conversation sound is very good, but sometimes an odd "feature" happens and that is a vibrato. For example if you whistle in very low frequency, it sounds normal. But if you go up in frequency alittle (over 1500Hz) the sound starts to "vibrate" (its called vibrato) and this is very anoying. It also happens when my 2-year-old son screams. iPhone Connection. I connect the hearing devices to my iPhone with Bluetooth. When I make a normal phonecall the sound is very bad. It sounds like a broken loudspeaker or "clipping sound". There is Another function in my iPhone to stream the sound from the iPhone microphone directly to my ears. This function is "hidden" under alot of menus and I have a feeling that Oticon dont want people to use this function for the simple reason that: The quality of the sound is terrible. One odd thing is that if you for example listen to musik (via Spotify on the mobile phone) the sound quality is good. Also if you make a phonecall with Facetime, the sound quality is alot better than a regular phonecall. I have a feeling that Oticon needs to do some software updates on the hearing devices to make it better, because this feels like bugs. Support. The Oticon support is...how should I say...not existing. I tried to Contact the Oticon support on Facebook, email and Telephone but sadly they (first) did not reply. And when they finally reply they refuse to listen to whats wrong with their Product. I have to go through the audionoms that sold this to me. Overall. As it is now, I would not recommend anyone to get Oticon OPN because it still needs some developement. I know this Product is very new and all new Products have bugs. Im fine with that IF they are willing to listen to their custmers and fix the problems.
Member 06 September 2016 Replied to Henric O.
How much did you pay for yours?
Henric O. 06 September 2016 Replied to Member
34.000SEK (minus 6000SEK) (you get some Money from the government) So I payed 28.000SEK for this hearing devices (both ears) Converted to USD is around 3750USD today. (the Swedish currency is really bad right now towards the USD so normally the USD price would be around 4000-4500USD)
Member 28 August 2016
I have used the Resound and tried the new Opticon Opn aids and the latter are far superior. Will stay with these!
Member 01 September 2016
I just got my pair a few days ago and so far they're pretty good. The actual amplification and heari aid parts of it work fine but I'm running into quite a few problems with the Bluetooth connections. I like music a lot but I've found when I'm streaming audio from my phone the audio cuts in and out even with my phone less than a foot away from either one and if it's in my pocket it's almost impossible to enjoy a song. This was a major selling point for getting these so I'm wondering if anyone else has these problems or if something is just wrong with mine.
Member 18 September 2016 Replied to Member
Just got my OPNs yesterday and they are my first set of hearing aids. Yes. I have an iPad Air and am experiencing the exact same issue with my OPNs. They're working pretty good as hearing aids but I'm getting momentary audio dropouts when streaming Bluetooth. I'm going to try a couple of things to resolve this, first I'm going to update to iOS 10 since I need to do that anyway. If the problem persists then I'll turn of the volume on the iPad (when streaming via Bluetooth) but turn the sound down correspondingly on the aid. I believe this may resolve the dropout issue.
Member 06 September 2016
I am a new user ... Pairing with my iPhone 6+ was easy... However connection with my Ipad air 2...works sometimes...Have tried most everything..please advise
Member 12 September 2016
I have had my miniRite for 2.5 months . I love everything about them so far except these. Quirks. I don't understand . They eat up batteries : I listen to music a lot , I wear them about 14hrs / day . Is that normal . I check batteries and when batteries are about 1/2 they just abruptly go down . Batteries last 4 days my Agils were 7 days . If I am away from my phone ,phone in my back pocket , one ear or another will disconnect ... Bugle ... And come back on . Annoying . What is it trying to prompt me to do ? There is no warning when batteries are about to die. . Except for a bugling sound and they disconnect . Usuall at an inconvenient time. . Some times I have to stop , take one off and open battery cage and reboot . I want know why , it it normal , What can I do to improve it ? These are so much better for me than the Agiles . I do hear speech significantly better. And the Bluetooth feature to listen to phone calls and music on is tremendous . Just help me under stand the quirks . Thanks
Member 24 September 2016 Replied to Member
I am also trialing the Oticon Opn miniRITEs as a replacement for my Oticon Agil Pros. As a long-time HA user, I have a suggestion regarding the quirky "disconnecting" of your aids. Once the aids are paired with your iPhone, it could be that a disconnect happens if one device is "out of range" as the phone is in a back pocket. Or perhaps there is other electronic interference depending on when/where this happens (office, home, airport, etc.,?). As for the sound prompt when batteries are going down: just have your audiologist program some warning beeps. Mine will beep when the batteries are getting low and one final series of several beeps diminishing in tone when the aids are about to go dead. Good luck getting these two issues addressed!
Member 29 October 2016
My wife is testing a pair of OPNs. She has been wearing hearing aids for many years. This is her 5th pair. She loves them and the bluetooth connection to her iphone is great. The only question is about the batteries. In her other HAs the batteries lasted about 7-8 days. They are lasting only about 3 days in the OPNs. I have seen a few mentions about the batteries but not much. Could a few of you please let us know your experience. We just want to know if this is the norm. ----She does have the bluetooth on as much as possible but as a teacher she it is off for more than half of the day. Thank you.
Member 28 January 2017 Replied to Member
re the batteries. When you are about to insert new ones you need to peel the cover from the smooth side of the battery and leave exposed for 5 minutes before inserting into hearing aid. This increases the length of the life of the battery. Let the battery sit out for five full minutes after you remove the plastic tab. When you take the plastic tab off, the zinc in the battery mixes with the air to power it up. There are a lot of recommendations out there as to how long you should wait after removing the tab and before inserting the battery, but recent research has shown that if you wait five whole minutes, you can extend the battery’s life by as much as 2-3 days.
Member 23 November 2016
My husband is in the process of getting hearing aids for the first time. The hearing aid specialist recommended Oticon OPN, because of the advanced technology. However, my husband does not use a Smart phone nor does he seem to have any problems with using the land line phone. Is this model worth the expense in terms of the improvements in his hearing? He had moderate to severe hearing loss. Thank you
Member 29 January 2017
I wore other Oticons for 6 years and loved them. They were so comfortable I would almost enter the shower with them on and go to bed with them on - never felt them. I could change the batteries in a theater without dropping them or anywhere in an instant. Fantastic! However, I have many problems with the new Oticon Opn aides that are now about 5 weeks old. They are very awkward to put on and take off. Also, there is so much feedback in the right ear that it is distracting when I try to teach. I have to turn them all the way down to eliminate that, but then I can't hear as well. I've had them adjusted every week so far - 5 weeks and nothing has changed. I do hear clearly even though the sound is like in a tunnel or tinny. In six years use with the older Oticons, I never had feedback and never had tinny voices. Very disappointed. I'm going back this week to have them adjusted. Oh, yes, and like someone else...the left ear hurts so bad at the top near the case that I have to take them off. I"ve read all about feedback and nothing seems to work. These aides are so inconvenient in a job where my hearing is absolutely necessary and fooling around with them while teaching is ridiculous. I'll try again this week.
Member 01 February 2017
I am "test driving" a pair of Oticon 3 Minirite aids. I find that background noise and speech are coming through much too loudly, which causes me trouble hearing the person who is speaking right in front of me. Have worn aids for about 5 years. I'm hoping they can be programmed to mute background noises somewhat
Member 01 February 2017
I am currently "test driving" a pair of Oticon OPN3 Minirite aids. I find that the background and side noises are coming thru loudly enough that I cannot hear the person directly in front of me well. I'm hoping the aids can be programmed to somewhat suppress background noise. I have quite a severe loss when it comes to understanding speech. I also miss having individual volume controls for each ear...I found this useful on my first pair. (this will now be my 3rd pair)
Don C. 09 February 2017
One of my Oticon aids (left ear) emits a series of 8 beeps and repeats 4 times. It does this periodically after I turn them on with no apparent degradation of quality. I sent them both back (as was requested) and was told that they found no problem and the aids checked out normal. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Member 14 March 2018 Replied to Don C.
I just found this question on this website. Mine have started doing it as well. It seems that loud noises trigger it. Did you find a solution?
Don C. 09 February 2017
I've had my aids for about 5 months and really like them. I had moderate hearing loss and my grand kids complained to their mother that "pop pop never hears them". Consequently I'm now a happy user. I've had the normal issue with my iphone wrt sometimes needing repairing of the aids, but nothing really upsetting. One issue though that still seems unresolved...The left aid emits 4 series of 8 beeps periodically. I tried replacing batteries etc, but it still did this. I sent them back as requested and was just informed that they've been inspected and everything checks out with no problems detected. I haven't got them back yet, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues.
Member 06 March 2017
I'm using the miniRites for 2 months now and it's really an "ear"-opener! They work fine, for the most part. Connecting with my iPhone is easy and works fine although one of my HA drops the connection now and then when streaming music. It recovers itself but it's annoying. Phone conversations are perfect now and actually I can't do without them anymore. Sound automatically switches to the iPhone when I switch on the HAs however not to my Aplle Watch when I use that for my telephone connection altough the App is active and HAs are connected. Anybody has a clue what I'm doing wrong? Overall, I love my miniRites!
Member 14 March 2017
Very disappointed in performance. I have been a HA wearer for ten years. Switched to Oticon six months ago and cant keep the Bluetooth working in both aids. Only one will work and they alternate. Both aids have already been replaced and both had broken antennas which needed repair. Just got the right aid back from shop and it worked for two days before going out again. I am on a three week business trip and cant get the right side repaired again until I get back. The antenna's which carry the signal for streaming are too sensitive and unreliable. No complaints when they are working but keeping them repaired has become a major issue. I would not have paid $6,000 for these if I knew they would not hold aa Bluetooth signal. .
David B. 22 April 2017
I received my Oticon Opn 2's on Monday 4/17 and I am still learning the functionalities. While writing this I am listening to Panadora via my iphone. I have if you turn the volume down to 0 for each hearing aid and close all other apps on the phone, there is less interference. Sound is good but would like a bit more bass, as usual with hearing aids. Maybe there is a way to do that. Have had many phone calls using the aids, very clear and enjoyable. Aside from the iPhone functionality, I believe the hearing aid functionality is great, I can hear much better than I did with my Siemens hearing aids that I had for six years. At this stage of my usage I would rate them a 4 star.
Member 26 April 2017
I just received a replacement pair for the pair that I had purchased in January and returned because of several problems--one of which is that the hearing aids talked to me periodically. The voice said "general ", and the pair that I picked up today is doing the same thing. It has said "general" 7 times today so far. Has anyone else had this experience; and if so, what did you do about it.
Member 02 May 2017
do you have any reviews on the new Oticon Opn 2 miniRite hearing aids?
Member 05 May 2017
I've been using the Opn 1 now for approximately two months, and it has really improved my life. I am a first time hearing aid user, and probably a rarity in this review group because I have single sided deafness. My deafness was related to an acoustic neuroma which basically snuffed out my left side approximately 13 years ago. My right side hearing is perfect… Probably above average. The severity of my left side hearing loss is severe – I don't have the audiogram results; though, I would say my hearing loss is approximately in the 40% range. Initially, I was thinking about the Phonak Cross, but then after consultation with my audiologist at Whisper Hearing I decided to go with the Opn 1. I chose this over the Phonak because I am a musician guitar player, and I felt that if I could get a modicum of stereo separation between my good ear to my bad ear that would suffice. For me there certainly was and still is a bit of a learning curve. First of all: the amplification of the hearing aid brings it basically on par with my good ear. The only dodgy part Is the high silibance that I have to accustom myself to... which in no way is the fault of the hearing aid, but the severe loss of my single-sided deafness. I really like that I can now go outside or to a restaurant, and hear voices – just like the advertisement states and be able to retain what is being said and where it's coming from. It's not 100% perfect… But it is a vast improvement over not having an aid at all. After wearing the hearing aid for a month, It was fitted with a custom mold. That improved the quality of the sound enormously. I don't know how the other hearing aids compared to the Opn 1...I wish that I could get a little more bass response, but due to the nerve damage from the neuroma that's not likely an attainable achievement.
Member 18 May 2017
had them for 1 month they could not stop the bad squealing even when I hugged my children they would squeal took them back
Member 20 June 2017
Does anyone know if the OPN 1 will connect with any BLE device? I am trying to get my office phone to connect to my HA's. It is a terminal phone that has many functions and is not like a normal phone. bt they do make adapters that might work with my OPN1. Just need to know what is the right way to go about this. Tks. Also..does anyone have any experience with the OPN 1 vs the OPN1 T?
Member 11 October 2017
Habe das Gerät zur Probe und bin sehr überrascht von dem angenehmen Hörgenuss. Nach zwanzigjährigem Suchen habe ich endlich DAS Gerät gefunden... Gerhard Rogall D-72800 Eningen unter Achalm
Member 28 June 2018 Replied to Member
Ich stimme über ein. Ich habe meine drei Wochen lang gehabt...
Mark 18 November 2017
Just recently I have been streaming music from my iPhone very softly in the background while playing golf. I have found it very relaxing. It doesn't impinge on my sense of awareness of my surrounding environment and my communication with my fellow golfers. It is completely different experience compared to those disconnected young folk wander around with earplug type earphones and appear completely oblivious of their surroundings. A secret pleasure available to the hearing impaired!
Member 28 November 2017
Why are these very expensive devices only available in neutral colors? Where is the fun in that?
Alvin V. 30 December 2017
Still waiting for connect clip!!! When will it be available inU.S.??. Last word (mid-december came and went)
Alvin V. 30 December 2017
Hearing Aids are o.k. When will we get the connect clip for android that was promised in U.s. this year (2017) last Oct.
Member 14 January 2018
Just 2 weeks in. I do a lot of streaming. So using a lot of batteries. One aid may however be defective so no final conclusion. Problem with aids falling off my ear seems to be resolved with larger domes. Major complaint: I have to choose between having telecoil and having rechargeable. I want both! Not sure if rechargeable would work with my heavy daily use, though. Should I keep telecoil and put up with batteries? Should I go with rechargeable and get separate neck device for telecoil use? My hearing loss is not too significant but given $$$ I want to have all the functionality I can. And I guess I believe studies that show “early” use of hearing aids avoids brain function loss.
Member 29 January 2018
i weared Oticon minirite 3. i face a problem on third day. since battery power low, i cant listen clearly. if i change a new one, mean i need to replace battery every 2 days. I cant afford the cost.
Member 01 February 2018
I'm a new HA wearer and have found this to be a fairly positive experience. There has been what I have been told to be the normal adjustment period as I get used to hearing things I didn't realize I was not hearing but the fact that I can hear those things again is great. The relief I am starting to get from my Tinnitus is also very pleasant as it was this that started the adventure to begin with. The thing that I find to be an issue is the lack of support from Oticon for getting their apps to work with Android. Very disappointing when you take into account that over half of the smartphone users in the US alone are Android users. This has so much potential that it is amazing to me that they are not taking this more seriously. I hope they will catch up on this as it will be a great benefit to many users.
Member 12 February 2018
Ok, the HA's are terrific overall. My wife pestered me for the last few years, but with the last hearing test there was no more doubt. Had them now since 12/21/17. Just recently however, one of the rechargeable batteries seems to have problems holding a charge for longer than a couple of hours. So now down to one rechargeable and one regular battery. I failed to see where in their shop they carry those rechargeable batteries, or where to cite one at fault for a replacement.
Member 21 February 2018
I switched to an android phone and I am looking for an Android app like oticon any body?? I liked the blue tooth feature.
Member 27 February 2018
Have worn HAs for years, but got my first pair of Oticon (OPN1 miniRITE) a week ago. They were incredible until I changed batteries the first time (after five days of pretty constant use, including iPhone pairing). Now they constantly signal low battery and shut down after a few minutes, but the batteries are fine. I put them in my old ReSounds and they have plenty of power. This is very frustrating. I've seen suggestions that the firmware in the HAs need updating/resetting. Going to the Audiologist again this week. If anyyone has any experience/insight, please let me known.
Member 28 February 2018
Has anyone purchased this hearing aid from AccuQuest. I had a hearing test last night and put a deposit down on one to try and it seems like the prices here are much different than what i was quoted.
Member 02 April 2018
I purchased my second set of hearing aids. First set being IN THE EAR and second being BEHIND THE EAR . Second set is model "opn 2,mrite 312 2.4G and i am some what disappointed. I was expecting a much bigger improvement from what i was told. I have been back to audiologist many times to try to get my problems resolved and it seems as if she has giving up and left well enough alone . Very frustrating. My first experience with the BEHIND THE EAR was outstanding. But then I started having problems with the Bluetooth connection not being aware of this and started going back to my audiologist . She corrected a couple of things not realizing that it was an IPHONE issue. i decided to look into it further and found out that many people were having BLUETOOTH fail connections which was causing volume to go up or down. But, by then many adjustments had been made including a stronger speaker. Know not only am i constantly sticking my finger in my ears to adjust. i'm also having problems keeping hearing aids in place, the plastic domes keep pooping out to the point where i feel i'm going to lose them. I also have this uncontrollable itching in my ears where i'm pushing the hearing aids hard against my ears to stop the itch. MY audiologist did order double domes, but have not gotten rid of the popping out and itch. i thought i was getting state of the art hearing aids, but i'm not sure any more. She basically said that this is all she can do with one other option. That is to get a mold made and it will cost an additional $350. needless to say this is not a guarantee that it will fix my problems. so, for now i'm supposed to live with these problems until the my next expensive purchase of hearing aids. frustrating...
Member 16 April 2018
Could anyone tell me if the Opn 1 offered through Amazon are originals or clones? The price is tempting. I don't have any choice than buying by mail since I live in venezuela.
Member 18 May 2018
I am pleased with them although I would expect more given the desciption of their features. Generally out and about I am not sure I find them a lot better than my old ones. Where they do shine is with television. I have the tv attachment that sends sound directly to them. That is amazing. I had virtually given up on tv but now have found enjoyment in it again. Also the app to help find them has come in handy. I took them out while using some loud equipment and put them in my pocket. Later they were not there. I revisited shops I had been to and located them on the floor of a shop with the aid of the 'locate my hearing aids" section of the android app.
Member 12 June 2018
opn es un audífono que se escucha muy natural y me eh probado audífonos de otras marcas buscando el mejor ya que soy un estudiante universitario y tuve un accidente y deje de escuchar con mi oído izquierdo y probé audífonos de ponak rexton resound y el mejor fue el opn era más caro pero se escuchaba nítido y lo que me gusto es que se conecta a internet y el celular y la escucha preferí pagar los 3500 dólares que me costó.
Member 21 June 2018
these are fantastic. Wish Id never bought the Resound Linx2 ver 61's I have had past 2 years at 10,000 nz dollars:wind noise. crackles. feedback. muffled sound behind head. indistinct speech. Now I can hear everything even at parties and in loud rooms. TRY THEM! PS anyone want half price Resounds?
Member 15 July 2018
My kid has mild hearing loss in low frequencies and profound hearing loss (up to 115 dB) in high frequencies (3kHz and 6kHz) in both ears. The audiologist advices to buy Oticon opn BTE, but I doubt if they will work well for her, considering her profound hearing loss in high frequencies. Any suggestions?
Member 15 July 2018
My kid has mild hearing loss in low frequencies and profound hearing loss (up to 115 dB) in high frequencies (3kHz and 6kHz) in both ears. The audiologist advices to buy Oticon opn BTE, but I doubt if they will work well for her, considering her profound hearing loss in high frequencies. Any suggestions?
Member 29 August 2018
I have a pair of the Oticon mini Rite-T I average about 2.5 days on the battery life.they disconnect a lot and have to open and close the battery door to reconnect them to start getting sound out of them. At times I have too keep repairing them to my I phone . For me personally the battery is an issue
Phil L. 31 August 2018
Have a question about the 4 different programs. I understand 1-2-3, at least superficially, but is Program 4, Comfort? I’m new to this product, after using Lyric for many years. I’m trying them out on a trial basis. So far, I love the Bluetooth features using my iPhone.
Member 11 September 2018
I am a veteran and have been using aids for 6 years. I just got my newest pair, Oticon Opn MiniRITE, rechargible hearing aids and the Conect Clip remote just this last week. These hearing aids are thr best I have ever used and I have had three different pairs. I love having the remote and put it around my neck the first thing each morning and the new aids in my ears. The back ground noise is much much less than with ny last pair. I can actually hear people talking now with out interuption from a ton of back ground noise. I love the remote because I clearly hear the phone speaker in both ears. I dont have to have the phone in hand and it can even be in another room if I get an incoming call. I have to have the phone in hand to call out on but as soon as I get a connect on the other end I have a clear conversation with the caller. The batteries are rechargable and the remote charges up as well whie my aids are charging, usually when I am asleep. The remote fits on a lanyard (not the best, but I plan to replace it) around my neck and I have not had any complaints from the recievers about voice quality or volume. The remote has voice adjustment right on it so I do not have to push the button on the hearing aid itself. Each aid has a wax trap right on the end of the custom ear peice and I can easily change the trap weeky. The batteries are good for up to 12 hours. Even then, I can use regular batteries if the recgargeable ones are dead. These hearing aids are a win win situation for me and I give a huge thumbs up to Oticon for making them. Since I am a Vet, the Veteran Office in my area are my providers and thay keep up to date records and take good cair of my hearing needs also. Thank you.
Member 11 September 2018
Have been wearing for not quite a week and very happy so far. Not sure about dispenser though…when I asked about maintenance , she said there was none! Well, the Instructions for use say otherwise! I travel full time, so all my dispensers "free" offerings will only apply 6 -8 weeks a year. I have a follow-up appointment in a couple of days, so we'll see how she answers my questions. But, I have been satisfied with the aids themselves.
Member 13 October 2018
Not very happy xpected better. Where I was having trouble the problem still exists. They were sent out for 2 of the 3 months I had them and finally got back with the same/similar issues. Feedback squeel and gerrr noise. 
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