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Phonak Lyric 3 Hearing Aid

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77% score based on 4 reviews

About the Phonak Lyric 3

The Phonak Lyric™ 3 is an extended wear - disposable hearing aid that and has .

Phonak Lyric 3 Model Details

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Phonak LyricTM 3

4 reviews

Release Date: 02 April 2014

The Phonak Lyric 3 .

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Phonak Lyric 3 Physical Specifications

Phonak Lyric 3

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Phonak Lyric 3 Technology Details

Phonak Lyric 3
Price $

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Phonak Lyric 3 Accessories


Compatible Aids

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Phonak Lyric 3 Reviews

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Bernadette M. 21 August 2018

Tried these for 2 weeks but last only 24 hours. Hated having occluded natural hearing and they felt like they chafed my ear canals. The hearing quality was excellent.

Member 15 August 2018

I have worn CIC and BTE aids in the past and nothing compares to the comfort and convenience of Lyric. Just put them in and forget them till the batteries wear out (about 5-6 weeks). No need to take them out at night or fiddle with batteries. They have been great--BUT they are very pricey and the price just went up from $1800 per year per ear to $2200. That's $4400 each year which is getting outrageous. I'm getting to the point where despite the comfort and convenience I'm thinking about going back to digital aids (probably Costco). I know the technology has improved over the last few years so I'm going to give them a try. If they're comparable to the Lyric sond quality, I'll switch--if not, I may bite the bullet and pull out my wallet to stick with Lyric.

Member 15 August 2018
Are you saying that, with the Lyric, you would need to replace a $4400 set of hearing aids each year?! At that price, I would expect them to last at least 5 years, and then expect a very reasonable discount should they need to be replaced.
Member 14 August 2018

This is the third pair of aids I've tried, and the only ones I'll keep and live with. I especially like that I don't have to remove them every night. They are comfortable, and help with my tinnitus. Not inexpensive, but I've returned both less and more expensive competitive brands.

Member 14 August 2018

I like that I can wear my Lyrics 24/7. That helps me hear my children if they call for me at night and helps mask my tinnitus. The sound is very natural.

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Member 16 December 2017
I tried these and within hours they were squeezing and had to go back for a different size. He has tried about 4 different sizes. Nothing has worked. they hurt my ear canal badly and I had to remove them after one night. Could not sleep on my side because laying my head and ear on the pillow was VERY painful. the one in my left ear was actually coming out of my ear. Horrible. Do not know what I am going to do. My ear canal is Highly sensitive and I cannot stand anything rubbing on it or inserted.
Member 02 May 2018 Replied to Member
I had exactly the same experience. Have tried different sizes and if they're too small, they leak and you get something like a wind whistling noise, but too big and you feel like your ears are blocked. I actually started to feel numbness around the area too. Sleeping is an issue and it can also dislodge them causing leaks. And then the sound quality was anything but natural. It sounded artificial and scratchy. Imagine an antique transistor radio compared to dolby atmos 5.1 and you have the difference in sound quality of the lyric to natural sound. I was really looking forward to the invisibility and short term permanence of them compared to others, which begs the question....if the battery in these small things can last months, why does the battery in bigger ones only last days? Glad I got them on a trial, but I'll even be cutting the trial short. Even wearing them on full volume, I still needed subtitles watching tv.
Member 26 May 2018
I've been wearing the Lyrics for 1 month and these are my first hearing aids. Initially, the sound was quite harsh and tinny with no bass. I didn't like it, of course, but after a few days my brain started to adjust and the sound became slightly less harsh and tinny, but still no bass. After 2 weeks, the left one stopped working so I went in for a replacement. My audiologist also adjusted them to provide less high freq and more lows. The sound has continued to become more balanced in the last 2 weeks. The sound of a room full of people has always been loud and unpleasant, but that situation is almost tolerable now. I was told that my brain will slowly adjust, to a certain degree, over 2-3 months, and that has happened, fortunately, or I might have quit. I see now that one has to use the aids continuously for that to happen. One has to be patient. Hearing aids are not an instant fix and I will never hear like a normal person, but at least I can understand my friends now and don't ask them to repeat themselves as much. Yes, they are expensive and I will need to go in for replacements every 2-3 months, but at least I can hear people talking much, much better, I don't have to take them out to recharge, I'll get the latest models as they upgrade, I can easily put them in sleep mode when things get too loud, sleep mode is quiet but not silent so my car is much quieter and more pleasant and I just turn up my car audio, and no one knows I'm wearing them. For a while I didn't like that one of my ears sounded plugged up, but that seems to be decreasing just recently. Fortunately I have not had any irritation in my ears, which I understand some people do have. I think one has to wear/use a hearing aid continuously for ones brain to adjust to the sounds, or they will always sound unpleasant. Honestly, I'm not a Phonak employee. I just hope this helps someone as I've read a lot of rants about hearing aids and I think that people expect too much and don't understand about the adjustment that the brain makes over time.
Member 22 July 2018
The lyric has stretched out my son's canal and now the xxlarge don't fit. Did anyone else have this issue. My son has been wearing the lyric for 5 yrs. He is very disappointed. He liked the lyric now this.
Member 08 August 2018
I love the but lyric. The first year I wore them 2015-16 they worked great. Over the last year I have repeated problems with quality. The hearing aids stop working after one or two weeks and I have to have them replaced. This is a serious inconvenience. I have been told that the aids used to be manufactured in Switzerland but Lyric moved to another country to save $$. I have not renewed my contract because I do not want to spend $4,000 for hearing aids that do not work. Trish
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