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About the ReSound LiNX

The ReSound LiNX™ 61 is a receiver in the ear hearing aid that has a push button, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, and is Made For iPhone. Technology levels include the LiNX 9 and the LiNX 7.

ReSound LiNX Model Details

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

ReSound LiNXTM 61

42 reviews

Release Date: 21 October 2013

The ReSound LiNX 61 has a push button, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, and is Made For iPhone.

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ReSound LiNX Physical Specifications

ReSound LiNX 61

42 reviews

Disposable Batteries Battery Size
Made For iPhone
Push Button

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ReSound LiNX Technology Level Comparison

ReSound LiNX 7 ReSound LiNX 9
Price $ $$

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33 reviews

Adjustment Synchronization

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ReSound LiNX Reviews

Hearing aid reviews are fundamentally different from reviews for most other consumer electronic products. The reason is because individual factors, like degree of hearing loss, have a profound effect one's success and overall satisfaction with the product. When purchasing a hearing aid, you'll need to consider more than just your hearing outcome. Hearing aids are manufactured with varying levels of quality; some hearing aids are extremely durable, while others suffer frequent breakage. Battery life also varies between models, and manufacturer predictions of battery life are often optimistic. By collecting feedback from consumers, we can get a better idea of real world product durability and battery life... Continue reading

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Member 14 August 2018

I have had my hearing aids since August 2014 (3.5 yrs). They are very reliable, and have enjoyed the streaming ability with my iPhone and TV streamer. I am disappointed with their ability in noisy environments and with the streaming sound quality. I cannot comfortably listen to music because of the poor streaming quality and " pitchy" sound. I have great difficult in hearing young children speak. I also find it very unnatural when walking outside. In particular, when passing a school at recess time, the sound emanating from the children playing is virtually unrecognizable, very attenuated combined with squeals - very unnatural. I find when sitting in a quiet waiting room with other people, quiet conversations close by are unintelligible. I find that using an analog to vision, I have no 'depth perception" - when watching TV, background music is difficult to separate from the speech, making it difficult to hear. Since all movies use the former to establish mood, it makes hearing very difficult. Streaming helps, but the sound quality of the music is unnervingly poor. I have Apple AirPods which I use to stream audiobooks and music, and the sound quality is so far superior that I don't use the hearing aids at all. My audiologist may be a factor in this experience, since my hearing aids do not have a dome, but rather a smooth straight cylinder that I have not seen on any other hearing aids, and differs from that shown in Resound's literature. In the near term, I have an appointment with a different audiologist to investigate/explore this as an issue affecting my hearing ability. I am going to give the Oticon OPN a try, since I am looking for a more "natural" experience, one that does not try to eliminate all surrounding sound with narrow focus, but rather lets you hear sounds from the surroundings and helps you to discern what you are interested in hearing. I want to better hear all the sounds in my surroundings as a more natural experience, and Option's model appeals to this desire. We'll see how it plays out.

Paul K. 14 August 2018

I actually have the Costco Kirkland 6.0 which was made by Resound but is not a choice on Hearing Tracker's list. I have an appointment next week to try the Costco 8.0 made by Rexton and the newest Resound that Costco carries.

Member 14 August 2018

This is my first pair of hearing aids and I did not know what to expect. To get to where I am today took a great deal of effort. A good audiologist is essential.

Michael Z. 14 August 2018

Some good some very frustrating features. Being a hearing aid user for 18 years these have alot of potential. They are comfortable easy to wear, being able to have automatic adjustments. Problems with conectivity since I have a Samsung S7 edge which is supposedly compatable is a recurring problem. So alot of the features and benefits work sporadically. I'm comming to the conclusion that you need a Iphone to be able to get these hearing aids to work correctly.

Arnold S. 14 August 2018

Just got them a week ago Going well so far

Lionel S. 14 August 2018

I have now had the Resound Linx 7 for three years after having the Rexton (=Siemens) Pure for just over three years. I selected the Resound Linx for the iPhone integration. For me, the audio functionality of the Linx and the Rexton Pure are similar. I enjoy streaming/control from iPhone. At the beginning, pairing was problematic and frustrating but recently, due to iPhone software updates, pairing works well. "It just works" Battery life with 315 batteries is unacceptable 2-3 days. I have to walk around with batteries in my pockets as I expect to have change a battery most days. This is to a considerable extent due to the demands of maintaining the bluetooth connection to the iPhone. This impacts the battery life of the iPhone as well. When I go on trips where I cannot charge the iPhone for more than 12 hours, I turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone. Streaming phone calls and Waze (satnav) is an excellent experience. Streaming of music is unacceptable quality for me. I only listen to music without streaming directly to the HAs. I think the reason is the low fidelity of the (A2DP SBC --- not correct!!!) Bluetooth LE Audio (BLEA) codec in the iPhone (and the HAs). I have used the "Finder" feature of the iPhone/HA a few times to locate misplaced aids and it is really worthwhile. I don't use the "Favorites" feature to change programs as I rarely visit particular places where I need to change programs. I need to change the program to "Music" for a concert hall but the visits are too rare to make it worthwhile fiddling with the feature. I had an encouraging event with device survivability recently. I dived into the deep end of a swimming pool without removing the HAs from my ears. I heard a click , immediately realized what happened and climbed out of the pool. One HA was in my ear. I dried it and it worked. But where was the second HA. I tried to see if it had fallen on the floor of the pool but could not see anything. I asked other swimmers and the life-guard to look but nothing. I tried the "Finder" app. Perhaps it was in the dressing room or at home; but no, it was last observed by the iPhone at the edge of the pool. I borrowed goggles and searched the floor of the pool myself and immediately found it. I dried it. A couple of seconds in the changing room hairdrier. And it worked fine. I took it to the audios tech and she confirmed that the HAs were in good condition. So it survived 20 minutes under 2 m of water!! About the basic functionality. I wear the HAs all the day with no discomfort. In fact, I can't tell whether they are in or not. In some (not too may) situations, their use brings otherwise inaudible or incomprehensible speech to comprehensible. There are situations (or perhaps speakers) in low noise environments where I cannot understand low volume speech whereas everybody else in the room can. I do increase volume from the iPhone and turn to directional program ("Restaurant") but this rarely helps. In noisy environments, I naturally have difficulty sometimes in understanding speech. I use the "Restaurant" program in noisy environments for directionality but am not sure whether this helps significantly. I nearly always watch TV in a separate room from my wife as we have his and her rooms for TV due to viewing taste incompatibility. I play the sound at a much high level. Speech comprehension is patchy so that I always watch with subtitles where possible. News is always comprehensible. But drama is often problematic sometimes due no doubt due to the fashion for actors to mumble and directors not requiring clarity. A question is whether the HAs are optimally programmed for me. My current audiolog (and the previous one) has never performed Real Ear Measurement. I only learned about REM from this from this site recently. So as far as I am concerned, my experience of fitting up to now is that of a "black art". For my next HAs, I shall insist on REM in fitting.

Member 14 August 2018

Hate them. The VA provided them and they are junk. The ONLY thing good about them is the way I can control and use them with my iPhone.

Diane K. 14 August 2018

I have owned these aids for 2 years. Prior to them, I owned Siemens and Starkey. The ReSounds are the best and most comfortable I have owned thus far. While they're not perfect for understanding speech, they are the closest to clear, natural speech that I have had in the 9 years I have been wearing hearing aids.

Margaret H. 14 August 2018

I keep having to push them back in my ears. They are fine when I first insert them in the morning but when they warm up the tulip tip starts to slide out and all day I have to keep pushing them back in. When I realize I am not hearing well I know they need a push back in. If I am listening to a movie or conversation I either have to readjust them about every 5-10 minutes or just keep my finger on the wire from the battery to the entrance to my ear canal so they stay in place. So as to how things are going with them - they are definitely not worth the $5300.00 I paid for them.

Member 03 June 2017
Go back to the individual that sold them to you and ask them to put the sport retainer on your hearing aids. It is a small clear wire that snaps on to the clear wire part of your hearing aid. This retainer fits into lower part of the shell of your ear and is not visible to someone looking. This sport retainer will keep your hearing aid in your ear. I had this retainer on my previous hearing aids and my hearing doctor put them on my new ReSound Hearing Aids and they stay inside my ears fine. I work inside and outside and use a phone and have no issues. I hope this helps you.
Member 13 July 2017
Do you have the sports locks or retainers installed? If not I would ask your dispenser to install them. As well, if your loss is great enough to warrant tulip domes, I would look into custom tip options which will retain 10x better for you and provide you with the amplification you deserve. Go back to your dispenser and have them fix this! I wouldn't say this is an issue with the quality of the devices more than it is with the way you were fit.
Member 29 September 2017
That doesn't work either. Still won't stay in. Gonna have to get ear molds done to keep them in. Another $300.
Member 11 January 2018
You need longer tube or wires you can get them changed for free at the place wher you bought them
Elliott D. 14 August 2018

Very well. I am excited about how well they work in different environments. They definitely seem to be improving my quality of hearing.

Christopher S. 13 July 2017

they do not stop going wrong i feel ive thrown £2000 down the drain very very disappointed

Member 13 July 2017
Wish we knew what your issues were exactly... then we could help you.
Laura S. 29 January 2017

I am a hearing-impaired audiologist, and love the sound quality. So far, my favorite

Thomas M. 12 December 2016

I'm a 60 year old male. I have been having hearing issues for a number of years now. My wife was always telling me I needed to have my hearing checked. I would tell her it was selective! I finally did have my hearing checked by a professional. The same day I walked out into a new world. I was able to talk with my wife while driving down the road! Before I was always saying "huh" so we never talked while driving.. I'm glad I went to have a hearing examination.. I love these Resound Linx2 961..

William P. 03 June 2017

Great. The only real problem is the batteries do not last. If the batteries are low and I get a phone call the batteries go dead and I lose caller. Cant seem to estimate when battery is low.

Member 03 June 2017
My hearing doctor told me to take the cover off of the new batteries and let them sit at room temperature for about 3 minutes before putting them in my hearing aids. She said with the wi fi and new technology that if I did not do that the batteries would not last long at all. I wear my hearing aids about 18 hours a day and the batteries last 6 days. I get a ding tone when my batteries are going low. This may not be turned on for your hearing aids. I get it three or four times several minutes apart before my hearing aid dies all together. Ask your hearing specialist or look in your book for how to turn it on.
Jim B. 25 February 2018

Overall my experience is great. I hear my kids now clearly. I can hear my turn signals clicking and birds chirping for first time in years. I forget they are there. Not one person, including my family, noticed I had aids until I told them. My hair comes slightly over my ears, so that helps. I do have two minor issues that my audiologist has not seen before and hasn't been able to address. When on the phone or listening to music through them, one of the aids often goes silent and then comes back on. It switches back and forth so not just one aid but more a synching issue. It is pretty distracting. Anyone else have this issue? Also, a very minor hiss in the right ear that is there even in sound proof room. Other than that, these are the next best thing to having my original hearing back. I look forward to putting them on in the morning!

Member 04 September 2016
Same here about intermittent reception with both music and phone calls. I listen to music with the aid 10 inches away, same as with phone calls.
Member 25 September 2016
i wear different hearing aids but i was having similar issues whenever i bring the phone close or any other headphones. There is an option in the settings with which the aids try to sync so that the phone voice can come from both the aids even if you have the phone/earphones/headphones only close to one. You can ask the audiologist to switch off that option!
Member 19 January 2017
Yes I had the same issue. Extremely frequent cutting in and out with either or both aids. I had the in the canal aids, so took them back and am trialling these ones now. No more cutting in and out for normal use and telephone. But still in and out using Bluetooth tv app - very frustrating.
Member 03 June 2017
I have the same issue. I take out the hearing aid that is giving me the trouble and open the battery door and then close it. This seems to synch my hearing aid back in line. It is a pain if I am driving, but I consider it a small inconvenience in the grand picture of it all. I am going to see my doctor next week and will ask her if there is another remedy.
Member 25 February 2018
I have only had mine for two days and the volume keeps going up in down. Sometimes it goes down in both ears at same time and they are useless.
Clark F. 20 July 2016

These hearing aids are very good, at least for me. I have had absolutely no problems with them at all.

Anonymous (verified) 12 July 2016

No problems, delighted

Member 02 April 2016

These devices have changed my life because I can now do things I used to do when I was in my twenties! I can hear music clearer than I have in years and the iPhone link up is the best thing I've ever experienced with hearing aids. Taking calls in the street... Adjusting the volume and the sound quality... And more! I love these!

Member 04 September 2016
I think your audiologist did a great job with set up. But you didn't mention wind noise?
Member 07 August 2017

Today received my ReSound LINX2 TS 61 Mini MIC from my local VA Outpatient Clinic; these replace my Phonak Excelia from 7 years ago. I can trell in this short span of time that I will truly enjoy this new product. The fact that it teams up with my iPhone is an added plus. Also will be getting the TV streamer and Unite phone clip...great accessories. Now my wife, who also has the same ReSound, and I will be able to individually adjust the TV volume as we individually like. I look forward to years of improved hearing.

Member 07 August 2017
I received the same units from the VA and have had to return them 4 times now for problems where one or the other would quit working all together. As a matter of fact my left one quit today and I'll be calling tomorrow to make another appointment. I've also found that the batteries that they supply quite often are weak when you open a new pack. They use the 312 model batteries which are suppose to put out 1.4 volts. I have measured them with a volt meter and many times I have found that they were only putting out anywhere from 1.34 to 1.38 volts which can't be good for the performance.
Member 07 August 2017
I received the same units from the VA and have had to return them 4 times now for problems where one or the other would quit working all together. As a matter of fact my left one quit today and I'll be calling tomorrow to make another appointment. I've also found that the batteries that they supply quite often are weak when you open a new pack. They use the 312 model batteries which are suppose to put out 1.4 volts. I have measured them with a volt meter and many times I have found that they were only putting out anywhere from 1.34 to 1.38 volts which can't be good for the performance.
Anonymous (verified) 17 July 2015
Louis E. 13 July 2017

While the high cost of the initial hearing aid may by justified, the policy of dealing with lost hearing aids is completely avaricious. After the loss on one hearing aid which costs $400 to replace, (probably the wholesale price) the cost if it is again lost is the full $3,500. Only greed can justify not giving you replacement hearing aids at wholesale. I cannot understand this policy of again charging for what you have already paid for. My audiologist said "well, i have to program it again" a job that takes at most 10 minutes. I went ahead and paid for the replacement because I would otherwise lose the 7K I had already invested but, given the choice, I would never have made the original purchase.

User 07 July 2016
I'm just wondering what other products you own that, if you lose them, you get replaced like that? If I lose my bite guard, my dentist doesn't have a "loss insurance". It's up to me to take care of it and not lose it. I understand your frustration, but many people might also take advantage of that and say they "lost" an aid to get a cheaper price on a 'new' hearing aid.
Member 04 September 2016
Thes cost about 2500 a pair at Costco, one free replacement per aid with free set up during the first two years. Lynx 9
Member 13 July 2017
Sounds like your dispenser capitalized off from your loss. Resounds loss and damage replacement is $225
Member 06 January 2015

Hi again, this is my second review to my first review on Nov 14. I’ve had the resound for a month and a half. I have an Iphone 6 plus. Some of my Pro’s are: - Iphone / Apps playback – All audio plays through the Resound … phone calls, music, YouTube, Face time, Iheart Radio, Siri, everything - My Honda 2013, I stream music & calls from my Iphone to my car. Once I start my car, my Iphone streams all music & calls through my car’s blue tooth. My car takes over the Blue Tooth connection. The Resound is still working as a hearing aid. When I turn my car off, an active call will automatically switch into the Resound. If I reset the Resound battery in the car while it is running, my Iphone will start streaming to the Resound instead of my car. . This is a little annoying. Don’t change the battery while you’re in the car. - Find me feature – I’ve used this once in my home. My ear piece came off while I was changing my shirt. The finder feature sent me to the right room and then I had to search. - Receiving calls – My Iphone rings like normal. There is a 3 second delay to hear your party when answering. - Colors – The Resound can be ordered in different colors to match your hair or skin color. The tube is clear. I suggested to my audiologist to tell Resound to offer the tube in skin tone colors to make it less visible. - There are two changeable plastic pieces on the device. They are relatively easy to change. They are changed due to wax build-up and wear. Some of my con’s: - The battery doesn’t last long enough 2-3 days. - Music Bass – there is no base, tinny but livable. - Treble / Base setting – App does not save setting after battery replacement - ***Iphone 6 Video bug - My phone will not save any recorded videos while the Resound app is running. The phone appears to record but the file does not save. This is document on Apple forums. Summary – I truly enjoying using Resound hearing aid. All the features mention above are great but best part of the Resound is I can hear from both of my ears now. In my last review, I had plans to replace it with the Halo. I am scheduled to receive the Halo in Feb 2015. After seeing the reviews on the Halo, I am staying with the Resound. The Halo apparently has a lot of bugs with the connectivity to the Iphone. The Resound is a contender for an award at the CES 2015 convention in LasVegas.

Anonymous (verified) 07 December 2014
Karen K. 05 November 2017

I have not noticed a great deal of difference in noisy [restaurant] situations. And I have had some pairing problems with my iPhone, but otherwise I am pleased with these aids.

Member 23 November 2014

This is my 5th set of BTE Hearing Aids and the worst. I feel the companies have become so enamored by technology they have bypassed quality control. The doc will work for an hour to get the aids (both ears) working perfectly and I will no sooner get out out of the office than a squeal can be heard a block away. Then things will be working perfectly until I get in an elevator and oh boy! All the while it sounds like I am in a tin can. Not a happy camper. I have reverted to wearing the old ones between office visits. I'm a hard headed old toot. I will keep on trying.

Michael S. 22 November 2014

great improvement in overall hearing

Robert T. 21 November 2014

Resisted for a long time. Should have gotten one earlier.

Lyle G. 14 November 2014

I have a problem with my left ear. I have been using the resound linx for the last week & 1/2. I have pro's and cons. I'll start with the pro's. There's difinitely more pro's. The L is very comfortable. Most of the time, I forget it's there. Especially when I'm taking off a t-shirt. You can't really see it, just the tube. I no longer have to say " what" all day when someone speaks to me on my left side. Over all the sound quality is good. I found that when I was in a restaurant for the first time with the L, I became over whelmed with all of the sounds. I could everything... The doors, the phone, the other customers talking at there tables, I changed the setting in the L to "Resturant" mode, then the sound chilled. Cons: The music steam isn't that good. I hear no bass. I do clearly hear the music. I hear my wife clearly lol. The battery life is not good. The battery last for 2-3 days. I am switching to the Starkey halo which has battery life of 5-7 days. I should have the Halo in 6 weeks. Besides the battery life, the L is excellent for hearing again. It amazing to hear all the things I didnt realize I was missing.

Anonymous (verified) 07 October 2014

If you or your family feel you might need them, go get them. They are no more of an inconvenience than glasses were when I got to an age that compelled me to get them. I am not 100% sure that hearing aids were necessary for me, but my wife definitely thought I needed them. I suspected at work that I might have missed some words that were said to me, but only my wife has been firm in telling me they were needed. I am looking forward to seeing if there are other benefits for me. Some simple new hearing experiences I am having like this keyboard I am tapping now making more noise than I need, and the rustle of paper is also unnecessarily loud, and the zipper on my trousers is louder than I expected and had clearly forgotten about. However the new level of bird song outdoors, and the music played in my car is most welcome. Hearing the TV at my families volume setting is also nice, and I am looking forward to seeing if I can hear my grandchildren's voices much clearer.

Member 07 October 2014

wearing the aids for 2weeks so far no problems so far, but need some tweaking on the programming.

Anonymous (verified) 15 July 2014
Steven K. 07 October 2014

I approached my first hearing aids with a lot of experience (my father and his siblings, one of my brothers, grandparents, cousins, second cousins - all of them wear or wore hearing aids). I knew early in my life that I was going to be wearing hearing aids. I am about the same age my father was when he received his first. I have a fairly severe loss of hearing in both ears and a significant degradation in audio quality in my right ear. The primary selling point to me for the LiNX is the ability to use my iPhones to control the aids' settings, along with using the hearing aids as my phones' headset. I have a job where I spend a lot of time on the phone. Wired headsets were no longer providing enough volume for me to be able to follow conversations, particularly with sometimes 10-20 people on a conference call. Unfortunately, the LiNX did not provide a good alternative to wired headsets. Every time I would connect a call, each hearing aid would produce an electronic "pop" that was as annoying as it was loud. That is to say, very in each case. Further, the controller app on the phone was severely lacking in features. There was only a minor ability to adjust volume, bass and treble intensities. While the app allowed for the creation of locations, there was no way to tell exactly what that referred to. There is no notification that the aids are switching to a location, any location-based settings are not viewable and there is no notification when the location-based settings are no longer active. Overall, I cannot recommend the LiNX. However, your experience may vary from mine.

Robert C. 07 October 2014

I have worn hearing aids for over 7 years and was looking to get new ones when I read about the Resound Linx. My old hearing aids were BTE with the receiver in the unit housing. I have tested the BTE's with RIC hearing aids on a couple of occasions and couldn't sense enough of a noticeable difference with what I was currently wearing to justify the purchase. However, after trying the Linx I decided to purchase for several reasons. The size of the aid was the smallest of all I tried and the fit was very comfortable. Other things that were appealing was that I had more control over the hearing aid using my iPhone than I have had with a separate remote. Not having to carry a remote and a phone clip were big pluses in my book. Within the app I had control over the treble and bass witch made a big difference when streaming the TV or listening to music via the iPhone. The only downside I see is that when using the iPhone the conversation is very clear but you still must use the phone's mike instead of the mikes in the hearing aids for hands-free operation. I would assume this could be addressed by a firmware or software upgrade to give the user the choice of which mikes to use, the same way you are given a choice now of whether to use the iPhone, speakerphone, or hearing aid.

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Adam L. 22 April 2016
Did anyone feel compelled to buy the accessories for the resound? Or was the made for iphone feature enough?
Member 16 September 2016
Member 06 October 2016
Had speaker in ear for a week...went for 21 mile bike ride with glasses and helmet on....left one fell off somewhere...tried to locate with finder. Didnt work. These are risky to use if you have an active lifestyle. They hang over ear loosely.
Member 13 July 2017 Replied to Member
I wear them crawling under my car changing oil and doing yard work. Haven't lost one yet. Sounds like you were poorly fit. Look into the sports locks or alternative tips or wire length.
Diane S. 06 December 2016
This is my first pair of hearing aids. Both ears. I really am comfortable with the hearing aids. Getting use to using with iPhone for media use. I don't stream music only occasionally something posted as video. The batteries are very very very short lived if I am connected to wifi thru Bluetooth. 4 days usage gpfor both batteries. Now I only connect to Bluetooth when I want to hear the media privately not to bother others in room. My only complaint is the batteries. Not sold in any box store in my area. Big problem is usage life of battery. A three month supply will be 48 batteries. Wow
Member 08 December 2016
very satisfied, had my first appointment after receiving my hearing aids and very happy with the professional information re: cleaning hints etc.
Member 09 December 2016
What are the important differences between the 9 61 and the 9 62.
Member 10 December 2016 Replied to Member
Apparently one important difference is that the 61 uses the small 312 battery with short battery life and the 62 uses a #13 battery which has a longer life. That said, I assume it's also bigger and therefore more noticeable. I appreciate how small (not easily visible) these are.
Christopher S. 03 March 2017
absolute rubbish do not stop going wrong feel like ive thrown £2000 down the drain to say im disappointed is an understatement
Member 13 July 2017 Replied to Christopher S.
Not much help with what exactly was the issue. Can you elaborate?
Member 29 March 2017
I LOVE these hearing aides! I just hot them yesterday and they are amazing! I am former military and pipefitter exposed to loud noise my entire life which destroyed my hearing. Yesterday I heard my girlfriend and even better, I heard the birds chirping and rain hitting the ground! Its amazing after all these years of not hearing when you can hear again. I had a $2,500 pair of hearing aides before but they were terrible and didn't wear them, the quality was never right. These ReSound LINX2 are EXCELLENT! Clear, sharp, very comfortable and barely noticeably and I'm completely bald, I shave my head! Nobody sees them unless I say something, then they say they never saw them even though I ordered mine in bright red! I highly suggest these to anyone in need.
Member 06 August 2017
The problem I'm having involves the pre-sets. For some unknown reason periodically the aids will cycle through the pre-set settings, each announced with a loud and specific tone, and it happens for minutes to hours at a time. During many of the sieges I resort to removing and unpowering the aid as it's impossible to carry on a conversation with all the extraneous bells and whistles going off.
Member 06 August 2017
My hearing aids have an annoying bug. Periodically the cycle through the pre-sets announcing each setting with a loud, specific bong or tweet. Sometimes this lasts for minutes (or through a Beethoven Sonata, to give a specific example). It's impossible to converse while this happens and the only resort is to remove the aids and put them in my pocket and reacquaint with the word "What?" My provider knows of the problem but has been unable to suggest a debug. I've worn them for a couple of years and it's getting very frustrating considering how much I paid for them.
Member 17 August 2017
Just got mine today and couldn't be happier with them-love the fit and the fact that no one knows they are there -they are comfortable and I am amazed at all i was missing
Member 13 October 2017
how do i order wax guards
Member 19 October 2017
I just got my hearing aids this morning, they were fitted and adjusted by a great audiologist at the VA. I've have never before experienced the delight that I felt when i walked out of the VA and heard sounds and noises I haven't heard in years. The transformation was amazing.They are unobtrusive, comfortable and I love them... and my wife thanks the VA very much for restoring communication between us! Five stars!
Member 22 November 2017
How londg do batteries last in linx 3d model 61, mine only lasted 5 days. I got them from the VA
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