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77% score based on 46 reviews

About the Widex BEYOND

The Widex BEYOND™ is the first Made-For-iPhone (2.4 GHz) hearing aid produced by Widex. Widex claims that BEYOND™ has better audio streaming sound quality and lower power consumption (while streaming) than any other Made-For-iPhone hearing aid. BEYOND™ is compatible with Widex's full suite of wireless devices (DEX range) and supports teleocoil functionality, which is important for anyone wanting to use a hearing loop. Hearing loops are often installed in meeting spaces, auditoriums, churches, etc, to give a direct sound to the hearing aid user. For a more detailed description of features, see Widex Introduces Made For iPhone, from our friends at Hearing Aid Know.

The companion BEYOND™ App (Requires iOS 9.0 or later) allows users to do the following with their hearing aids via the app (via iTunes):

  • Adjust hearing aid volume, and mute hearing aids
  • Adjust directional focus to aid listening
  • Choose your favorite programs to appear on the front page
  • Add locations to programs for automatic selection when in specific places
  • Adjust the sound equalization in up to three bands, or choose from sound pre-sets
  • Access help in using the app, connecting and troubleshooting

Some limitations of the Widex BEYOND™ App:

  • No support for geotagging at this point (Supposedly coming 1st quarter 2017). Some other apps allow users to set sound preferences by location
  • No "find my hearing aids" functionality. Some other apps allow users to find hearing aids using the app
  • Possible problem using Siri while phone is connected to hearing aids (see reviews on iTunes)

Update - March 2017

  • Geotagging and find my hearing aids are now both available in the BEYOND app as well as the ability to make personalized programs through the app.
  • Widex released the BEYOND app for select Android phones earlier this month. This will not allow direct streaming (must use one of our DEX accessories for streaming); however, this allows Android patients to utilize the app for the sound quality controls that are in the app. According to the Play store, the Android app works with the following phone models: Samsung Galaxy® S7, Samsung Galaxy® S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy® S6, Samsung Galaxy® S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy® Note 4, Samsung Galaxy® Note 5.

Widex BEYOND Model Details

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Widex BEYONDTM Fusion 2

46 reviews

Release Date: 21 November 2016

The Widex BEYOND Fusion 2 has a telecoil, a push button (program control and volume control), water resistant coating, an ingress protection rating of IP68, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Phone Compatibility:

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Widex BEYOND Physical Specifications

Widex BEYOND Fusion 2

46 reviews

Android Compatibility
Disposable Batteries Battery Size
IP Rating (Liquid) 8
IP Rating (Solid) 6
Made For iPhone Lowest iOS Version
Push Button Push Button Options
  • Program control
  • Volume Control
Water Resistant Coating

Model details listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email info@hearingtracker.com.

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Widex BEYOND Technology Level Comparison

Widex BEYOND 110 Widex BEYOND 220 Widex BEYOND 330 Widex BEYOND 440
Price $ $$ $$$ $$$$

2 reviews


2 reviews


4 reviews


38 reviews

Tinnitus Relief
Processing Channels 4 6 10 15
Noise Reduction
Listening Programs
Listening Programs
3 3 4 5
Adjustment Bands
Fine tuning channels
4 6 10 15
Stereo Audio Streaming Stereo streaming (2.4 GHz)
Audibility Extender
Digital Pinna
Focus Mode
Front Front
High Definition Locator
Number of channels
1 (Broadband) 6 10 15
High-frequency boost
Soft-level noise reduction
Sound Class Technology
Number of environments
1 3 5 9
Speech Enhancer
TruSound Softener
Wind noise attenuation
Stereo Effect with InterEar ZEN
Not InterEar
InterEar InterEar InterEar

Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email info@hearingtracker.com.

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Widex BEYOND Accessories

Beyond App


  • Smartphone App

Compatible Aids

Beyond Z Charger


  • Battery Charger

Compatible Aids



  • Smartphone Streamer

Compatible Aids



Compatible Aids



  • Landline Phone

Compatible Aids



  • Remote Control

Compatible Aids



  • TV Streamer

Compatible Aids


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Widex BEYOND Videos

Widex BEYOND Video


12 December 2016

BEYOND hearing aids come with the Widex SMARTWIND Manager, which significantly reduces the noise created by the turbulence of the wind, allowing...

Widex BEYOND Video


07 December 2016

Having a hearing loss doesn’t mean that you can’t live life to the fullest. Widex BEYOND hearing aids can help you have a more active lifestyle...

Widex BEYOND Video


12 December 2016

With the new BEYOND hearing aid you can stream sound directly from your iPhone. The new BEYOND hearing aids have the lowest power consumption on...

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Widex BEYOND Reviews

Hearing aid reviews are fundamentally different from reviews for most other consumer electronic products. The reason is because individual factors, like degree of hearing loss, have a profound effect one's success and overall satisfaction with the product. When purchasing a hearing aid, you'll need to consider more than just your hearing outcome. Hearing aids are manufactured with varying levels of quality; some hearing aids are extremely durable, while others suffer frequent breakage. Battery life also varies between models, and manufacturer predictions of battery life are often optimistic. By collecting feedback from consumers, we can get a better idea of real world product durability and battery life... Continue reading

Overall Ratings

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Benefit in Quiet
Benefit in Noise
Benefit on the Phone
Clear and Natural
Music Improvement
Physical Comfort
Hearing Improvement
Member 15 September 2018

Functionally they are OK. I particularly like the ability to adjust them with mu iPhone.

Member 27 August 2018

I would like to download the phone software that controls the hearing aid I could not find a way to do so from this website

Member 27 August 2018
Go to the Appple App Store or Google Play Store
Member 21 August 2018

The hearing aids are fine. I had an ear mold with them that interfered with playing music--I am a professional clarinetist. I had the ear molds changed today for over-the-counter power domes and I can hear music much better. Even with the custom ear mold, it was not easy to hear in a restaurant.

Member 14 August 2018

This hearing aid is amazing but mine had some serious issues: battery draining within 2 hours of placing new batteries , problem streaming , and unreliable delivery of sound just to one ear or interacting with one another . Within 5 days were sent back to repair but came back with the same problem. Now trying Oticon Minirite open . I don’t trust my audiologist, part of the problem is the way she mistreated me and how she set the HA .

Member 14 August 2018

I like them and have had no issues with them.

Member 14 August 2018

I used Resound hearing aids for many years. They took the edge off my moderate-severe hearing loss, but they were easy to lose and did not work with Bluetooth. My new audiologist recommended the Widex Beyond aids. They were very expensive ($7,500), but my insurance covered almost 50% and the audiologist provides free batteries. In short, these aids have changed my life. They are connected via Bluetooth to my Samsung Galaxy V phone. Using the streamer, which I wear around my neck, I make clear handfree phone calls. I use my phone for work, including conference calls, in which some participants speak in, at times, heavily accented English. These aids now allow me to better understand my clients and colleagues. The positive change is really life-altering. No longer do I feel stressed out about my hearing especially in professional settings. I now have to replace my Samsung phone. These aids are designed to work with Apple phones and my audiologist highly recommends that I purchase an Apple phone. I really dislike Apple although I use an Apple Mini Ipad 2, which I won in a raffle. My audiologist tells me Samsung and other Android phones are having trouble with hearing aids even though I haven't had trouble with my old Android. Anyway, I hope this information is helpful. I welcome questions and am open to suggestions/thoughts re smartphones that work well with Widex Beyond 440 aids.

Member 14 August 2018

I received my Beyond 440 four days ago through Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (which I had been waiting for 1 year before I got approved for it). And I got to say I love them! I used to have Widex all my life and my old hearing aids were 6 years old. I started to mumble and mispronounce words, with Beyond 440 I am able to hear whisper (something I couldn't do with my older hearing aids), I am able to hear different bird chirps and recognize that it's not one and the same bird but different. I am also able to hear with music and lawn mover, a tea kettle whistle from 2 rooms across. I am so so happy with these hearing aids. Oh... and the cool thing about it if you have Iphone/Android you can download an app that allows you to add programs and control your hearing aids volume. I also have a remote control and TV-Dex for it and I am in love. Highly recommend (also if you can instead of paying $7000 for them make sure your OVR (office og vocational rehabilitation covers it). They take forever but it is sooooo worth the wait, you'll need to have hearing aids authorization from your audiologist and primary care provider and everything else is paperwork. You'll need to meet 2 times with your counselor and hello freeee hearing aids!

Member 14 August 2018

I went thru AARP/HEAR USA in march 2017, audiologist sold me on widex 220 at $3800 +tax, i have had nothing but whistling and feedback since i bought them, was informed in Feb 2018 that my audiologist dropped the HEAR USA program, made an appointment to have them adjusted on April 10th, my audiologist informed me ,warrant was out and it would be $500 up front to reprogram them, needless to say i put them in my pocket and walked out. I called embrace hearing,Trump signed a bill to buy over the counter to bypass the extreme cost audologist charge,also i can buy the software and hardware for $375 to reprogram them to my liking, rep at embrace hearing said he could have sold me the widex 220 for $1250 for the pair, and if i had an audiogram , could program them to it. I checked on cost of parts on hearing aids, its $80 , audiologist says its training and equipment that drive the cost up, I remember when a 55 inch tv was $5000 dollars 20 years ago but now they are $250, i also paid $600 for the 1St pair of polycarbonate glasses, now they are $100, an optomitrist has as much or more schooling as audiologist, plus the cost of their equipment. I like the idea of being able to program my aids, instead of an audiologist ,making a change, then asking ,"how does that sound", i will know what i need to hear and how it sounds , My audiologist, always tells me that in her OPINION i'm hearing what i should hear like, i told her that my aids pick up so much road noise in my car or truck that i have to remove my right hearing aids to carry on a conversation with whoever is in the car with me . My aids amplify noise like candy wrappers, and sand on the bottom of your shoes on a hardwood floor, but int does nothing to help me hear a person sitting beside me , i still have to go HuH 2 or 3 times to understand them, and for no reason at all, nothing passing by my ears, one may whistle for 10 seconds now and maybe 10 mins later the other one will whistle for 30 seconds for no reason. So i have a $4000 mantle piece of aids, i,m not spending thousands everyyear for batteriers ,cleanings, reprogramming, and $250 to send them back to maker, and have to do without them for a month. Its not that people are embarassed about wearing hearing aids, its the $7000 cost to buy them , then the cost of the upkeep, most people that need them are retired and on a fixed income and they have to make a choice between paying the electric bill or keeping food on the table versus being able to hear clearly

Member 26 August 2018

My word recognition went from 50% with no hearing aid, to 60% with my old CIC hearing aid to 90% with the Widex in noisy situations. They have helped me tremendously in noisy situations and when I am talking to women and/or children. I don't have any issues with dialogue on the TV and movies now. I play guitar and with the music channel on my aids, I am hearing nuances that were totally inaudible to me before. I am very pleased, since I have nerve deafness and will be using hearing aids for the rest of my life. What a difference from my first pair.

Bob P. 26 August 2018
do you program these yourself? if so what hardware do you use for the interface from the aids to the software? thanks
Member 14 August 2018

Waiting for the BEYOND Z Retrofit kit......

Anonymous (verified) 14 August 2018


Member 14 August 2018

I have had my first HA's, Widex Beyond Fusion 2 440, for a couple months so to be fair, I am probably not done with getting to the optimal setup for me. I have moderate hearing loss (see profile), with considerable high frequency tinnitus. So far, they are helping, but I do hope that the audiologist will eventually get them tuned more to my liking.

Member (verified) 14 August 2018

This is my second pair of hearing aids. The first pair were a different brand and I had difficulty hearing with them. These aids are 99% better, although nothing will be as good as normal hearing. I wear them for about 15 hours a day and sometimes forget they are in. Background noise is still a little bothersome, but all in all I am extremely happy with these aids.

Member 14 August 2018

The hearing aids make sounds unrealistic, and over amplified. It sounds, as though I'm in a tunnel, and I can hear myself talk very loudly, which doesn't seem natural. The hearing aids are very touchy when I put my hands round my ears; like when scratching my head, so they start squelching very loudly. I have several personal dislikes about the hearing aids, like if I take a hearing aid out of an ear for whatever reason the other hearing aid keeps reminding me that the hearing aid is out; don't you think I would know that, because I wouldn't be able to hear, so damed annoying! I don't care for the way they power up, because the hearing aid notifies me that each side is ready in words ( not beeps), and since they are simultaneous you can't understand what they are saying. They hearing aids do not pair with my iOS device smoothly, and still has a lots of bugs that need to bee worked out, such as dropping calls, and sometimes only the right side will receive the call, when both are selected. The hearing aids have issues picking up the calls, and do not always connect right away leaving the person on the other end of the phone line wondering what is going on; I especially have an issues with this if it's an important phone call. All in all they may be great for some people, but these hearing aids are not particularly right for me, and all the little bells and whistles don't mean a thing if they don't work correctly, or are annoying.

Jennifer Waddell 15 December 2017
Your fitting sounds like it's not correct. Your ear domes are too open and the sound is leaking out around the domes and that is why it's squelching. The gain sounds to be too high, which means they need turned down. The check partner option can be turned off in the software, so it will not announce the message. You can turn all voice announcements off and just have beeps. Sounds like you may need more assistance and more time spent on programming. Try a different dome and have them turn them down a bit, until you get used to the power.
Michael P. 14 August 2018

I am really enjoying using these. They are unobtrusive, comfortable, and really help my hearing.

Member 14 August 2018

After 12days I’m disappointed overall. I have profound high pitch hearing loss but my six year old Phonak aids allowed me to hear our burglar alarm beep on setting and on entry. These don’t so I’m forever setting off the alarm. I have them bluetoothed to my iphone5s and that works well letting me adjust settings and hear calls in the aids themselves. This means I can’t pass the phone to anyone else though as they can’t hear the caller. There is interference with my Mercedes car Bluetooth such that I can make calls out that don’t go to my aids, but I cannot accept any incoming calls as the system seems disabled so unless I hold the phone which is illegal if driving in the UK I miss the calls. The caps that came from the moulds made the wires stand out from my head so we’re ditched at the outset as a waste of money. I had Phonak covers fitted instead but these make the speaker difficult to fit and do not allow for much moisture to pass, so I have had itchy ears several evenings. I get too much feedback when driving in the ear next to the car door and from winged armchairs and other things my head nears. I only have universal and music settings and the music one elevates back ground noise considerably. I see little benefit over my old Phonak aids at present and in some ways they are worse for my hearing. I return on Friday to see how much of this is the aid the dome and how much is me or wrong settings. I feel like returning them just now

Bruce F. 14 August 2018

Not going well. I was very excited to get aids with built in bluetooth. I got the top of the line Beyone Fusion 2 440 model. Listening to music or podcasts via the bluetooth is horrible. Pops, cracking and total cutouts, consistently. Not the phones fault, it streams BT nicely to my car stereo or head phones. The poor performance is with the hearing aids only. Not sure if I will keep these haring aids.

Roham S. 14 August 2018

I've had these for almost a month now... they're great! Almost perfect natural sounds as if I've never had any hearing problems at all (well, almost). One thing that I really dislike about them is the connectivity to my iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 10.3.3 (havent tried any other iPhones or smartphones with these aids yet). When listening to music or talking on the phone, the sounds keep cutting off like how you would experience with other manufacturers streaming devices like the Compilot II of Phonak if you keep moving your head in different directions. With these, you won't even need an streaming device as they connect to the phone via Bluetooth by themselves which is quite useful but they keep cutting off. They cut off even more often if I'm using the phone for any purpose while the aids are streaming, which is weird and extremely annoying as they are called "made for iPhone hearing aids". I read through the comments section here and took a note of some suggestions such as a gentleman's comment about letting the battery activate by removing the battery lable and leaving it for 3-4 minutes before putting them on... that doesn't solve the problem. I went back to my audiologist and he said "hmm, that's strange, it shouldn't do that. Make the phone forget the devices completely and delete the Beyond app and then start from scratch." That didn't work either! If they stopped cutting off, the clarity would be just amazing! You could even hear the lyrics so clear, you'd be surprised. You might think "what's the big deal? Just use your headphones." But when you know that you have paid £3500 for them, you'd want them to work as they are advertised. Other than that, they are just really awesome with the default plastic domes. I used to get a lot of feedback when my audiologist put on the Phonak plastic domes on these initially but when I asked for the original Widex plastic domes, they stopped whistling (unless I cup my ears). However, I did order the custom made domes and I'm waiting for them to arrive, to see the difference. Speech clarity is great. I even stopped saying "what" constantly which was annoying my MRS. I'm happy with them as much as she is. You can even adjust the way you hear sounds (bass, treble, volume of each device) via the app to your liking in different environments and save them for next time which is quite useful too. The accessibility feature of the iPhone even allows you to activate the triple click of the home button to access the hearing aids to change the programmes or adjust the volumes. Overall, I would keep them if the issue with connection is sorted. If not, they will be going back. Having worn hearing aids since I was 7 years old, I'm tired of various problems I've had with my previous hearing aids and different audiologists and would like to have a pair that works as good as they are advertised and an audiologist who is not fussy for what I ask of them. Is that too much to ask?

Member 15 August 2017
My son was having a similar issue. I found an audiologist who shared the steps developed by a Widex audiologist that worked for us. It was emphasized that the steps need to be in EXACT order. COREY’S TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE FOR CONNECTIVITY: 1. Hook the hearing aids up, go to the handling screen, and delete the mobile connectivity. 2. Go into the phone:  "Forget the devices"  Delete the app  Close all apps out on the phone (double click and swipe all apps closed) 3. Hard reset the phone by holding down the side power button and circle (home) button at the same time and hold them down until the white apple shows up. 4. Once phone is on:  Wait 2 minutes until doing anything once you turn the phone on  Download the app  Turn off the Wi-Fi  Pair the aids in the settings  Turn on the Wi-Fi
Roham S. 30 August 2017
Thank you. I just tried the step-by-step instruction with my audiologist but it didn't help.
Mark C. 21 December 2017
I've got an Android, so not sure if this will work for you - it also obviously won't help when streaming. I had constant drop out and feed interuptions when connected via my com-dex. I changed the setting on my phone so that I was only connected to the phone audio and not phone media and it solved all the problems. My hearing aids stream my phone calls seamlessly now and I don't get any interruptions in my aids.
Member 14 August 2018

The programming is unreliable - shows full battery and 2 minutes later (actual time) voice in ear says low battery. I got these because of the music program. Music for those of us who like jazz and serious (classical) music, this is not the aid for you. Sound is awful with lots of feedback and a "tin can" quality. If you have small ear canals like I do, it is difficult to fit and the domes kept coming off in my ear. One had to be dug out and that was uncomfortable. The shape and length of the microphone is just not suitable for those with small ear canals and consequently there is endless feedback and poor fit. For the $$$, just not worth it. I returned them and happy to be rid of them. I have opted to try the Oticon OPN. My audiologist is very patient with my frustrations and we are hoping these are a better match for my needs. The reviews are more encouraging.

Member 18 September 2018

Using Widex Beyond Fusions Hearing Aids For 6 Months Reviewing Direct Streaming Sound Quality & Function (Author: Dan T. – 06.08.2017) -Author's Note & Disclosure: I'm also an audiologist by training and have worked in industry, including for Widex, but I do not currently work for Widex. Background on Dan’s Loss: Severe Bilateral Sensorineural Loss. Over 35 Years of Hearing Instrument Experience with Multiple Vendors. Phone in Use: iPhone 6s IOS Version: 10.3.2 Hearing Aid in Use: Widex Beyond Fusion 440 – with Power Receivers, Soft Mold with Trench Vent – Effective Vent Size after Feedback Test = 0.8 mm (R) & 0.6 mm (L) Other Accessories in Use: TV-DEX (Used Frequently) & UNI-DEX (Use Sporadically/Situation Dependent) Experience with Current Devices: Widex Beyond = 6 Months of Use Hearing Aid Firmware Version: 4.00 App Version: 1.1.0 (20097.18.3) Favorite Takeaways of Device: Sound Quality of Streaming, Performance in Wind, IP68 rating and firmware updates pushed to end-user through Widex App. Dan also enjoys the function of the Universal program being sophisticated enough to not need to change programs. (While a technocrat, Dan prefers ease of use and “set and forget” performance from electronics.) Battery Life on a 312 Battery – After several battery changes, Dan is getting 4 to 4.5 Days with frequent streaming and significant of gain output with power receivers. (Dan would get 6.5 Days of battery life with his previous non-direct streaming hearing device – also 312 Battery) Discussion: I could spend a lot of space discussing the various options, features and background of the devices, but for today’s discussion, I will focus on the streaming quality. I find the Widex Beyond offers an excellent sound quality. Producing sound in stereo, I find the function of the devices is consistent. Mentioned above, I use an iPhone 6s. I’ve not had a desire to upgrade to the iPhone 7 for several unrelated reasons, but have heard some issues with connectivity to the iPhone 7. The issue doesn’t seem to be related specifically to the Widex Beyond but to the architecture/software of the iPhone 7 as you can find sources describing iPhone 7 issues with other Bluetooth headset platforms. You can read about iPhone 7 Bluetooth issues here: <a href="http://gizmodo.com/the-iphone-7s-bluetooth-is-totally-screwed-up-for-some-1787276957">link</a> <a href="http://www.macworld.com/article/3122614/iphone-ipad/iphone-7-review.html">link</a> It is completely reasonable that hearing aid manufacturers may not be able to control the architecture on smart phones, particularity considering how often updates seems to get pushed through to our phones. However, the net effect to the end-user that a phone model doesn’t “work well” may, in their mind, reflect more on the hearing aid than the phone (even if the phone is the culprit). I suspect that education on this issue may help both the dispensing professional and the end-user. At the end of the day, end-users have a level of expectation regarding how the hearing aids and their features/accessories should perform regardless of where the original "issue/problem” may be generating from. It is because of this, I like that the Beyond can receive firmware updates directly and not need a visit to the dispensing office. The only time I have an issue with a drop off in sound quality is when I'm streaming DirecTV Now or YouTube and the network connection slows and the picture pixelates. At that point, the audio may get temperamental and drop in one ear or get static. When I play music stored on my phone or use Pandora, it works flawless for me. That being said, interference in your environment and what stage your battery is in their life cycle can impact streaming performance. When a battery gets low, many features, including streaming range may start to weaken. We see this in many electronics when battery life gets low, performance doesn’t remain optimal. Staying on top of battery changes will help ensure consistent performance and streaming. In all, the Widex Beyond offers me a consistent, high-fidelity performance that is equivalent or superior to other direct to iPhone streaming devices I’ve listened to. Most challenges end-users experience with a direct 2.4 GHz connection, will likely be related to: the battery, network strength, environmental interference, or system architecture issues that likely impact many 3rd party vendors interfacing with that architecture. Future hearing aid firmware updates from the manufacturer and appropriate expectations from the end-user should help. (End) Author’s Note: All observations and comments are the author’s experience and opinion.

Michael J. 14 August 2018

These hearing aids vastly improved the clarity of speech and sound. I used to hear bassy tones and speech. Now I hear the treble tones and high pitches that I missed for 20 years. Its a new experience in sound for me

James N. 14 August 2018

The expertise of the audiologist setting the parameters and adjusting those parameters during client use is a critical variable for improving the overall client experience. The current software has options that require client usage of course, e.g., bluetooth settings, phone settings that then require another appointment or visit to the provider when adjustment is necessary. This process needs to be made more convenient to the end user in order to maximize the capability of the hearing aid. My "non-5" ratings were primarily for this reason. This is my second pair of Widex aids - the first failed completely 4 months after the warranty expired - a very expensive product failure. The current Widex were best for my needs but I was quite hesitant to purchase another pair given the earlier failure.

Member 14 August 2018

These hearing aids are amazing! I knew I lost hearing and was missing things. But I did not realize how much I was missing. It's so clear! It's almost like I don't have hearing aids in!

Member 14 August 2018

Still getting used to them. The special molded ear piece for the right ear is not acceptable. Causes muffle sound and is uncomfortable. I switched back to normal ear piece. Normal sounds and voices seem and sound too mechanical or electronic and not natural.

Veronica Heide 22 April 2017
Please return to your audiologist or dispenser and let them know that the custom mold is causing the sound to be muffled and is not comfortable. The muffling can be caused when the sound delivery opening or loudspeaker aims into the wall of the ear canal. Ask if the custom mold was a Widex Camisha Shell or if it was made by an earmold lab. You have many options to get the comfortable and secure fitting that is right for your ears and hearing, so work together with your provider to find the right solution because it will make all the difference in the sound of the instruments and the comfort of wearing them.
Member 19 October 2017
Veronica, I have Widex Beyond 440 HAs for about 2 months. The sound is very loud (unless I turn down vol) and especially boomy in left ear. Why do you suggest asking whether Camisha or from earmold lab ? I have Camisha, now with canal locks and a bigger vent. Your thoughts pls ? Thanks. Steve
Scott F. 14 August 2018

This is my first set of hearing aids, so I have nothing else to compare them too. I have been amassed at hearing things that I haven't heard in years. My wife is now asking me to turn up the volume on the TV, instead of turning it down.

Member 14 August 2018

Ok some issues with telephone calls

Stephen B. 14 August 2018

There is yet a "perfect " hearing aid but the best I have owned, which is three. I sometimes have to reset my right ear aid because it will lose the wifi connection. I believe these hearing aids may be a little slower to recover from loud noises but overall, my Widex is the best I have ever owned.

Martha K. 14 August 2018

I think they're good--my hearing tends to be OK in quiet environments and I still CANNOT hear my grandkids!

Marcey Hartman-Jumper 14 December 2017
Hi Martha, please see your hearing professional and tell them you cannot hear your grandkids. They might be able to adjust the programming in your hearing aids to fix that. Sincerely, Marcey
Ranjan P. 14 August 2018

I wore Oticon for 5 years, and though they were fine, these Widex hearing aids are remarkable magical. The technology is insane--I can sit in a noisy restaurant and it keeps background noise in the background and yet I can hear my husband talking! I love how it muffles wind and the clarity of speech is so much better. I'm very disappointed in the sound quality of Bluetooth for conversation: it has some static and is somewhat distorted--as a psychologist who needs to talk to my patients on the phone, I must resort to my trusty Bang and Olufson headphones. I must take the Widex off and cannot use Bluetooth. That said, the music streaming program is true audiophile quality, remarkable sound, rich and resonant. My biggest complaint about this model hearing aid from Widex is: the random, intermittent squealing and inexplicable feedback :-( :-( It is unacceptable and I cannot live with it. This is why I went back to my audiologist yesterday, and she's ordering another Widex model without the Blootooth connectivity. I'm hoping that without this, the hearing aid will not give the feedback and squealing. This by the way, happens, especially when I'm sitting in front of my computer--and I have a wired keyboard and wired mouse, specifically so that I wouldn't get interference. I also get feedback in a quiet environment without electronics nearby. My audiologist said that she's received these complaints from a few other patients, which is oddly reassuring to know I'm not the only one. My hypothesis is that the Bluetooth in the hearing aid is responsible for this, and getting the model without this will solve the problem. I'm excited to be getting their Dex accessory for television, and will report on this. For pure hearing quality and superiority of sound clarity, I'm a Widex convert!

Member 06 May 2017
Have you had any success with the non Bluetooth model? We are having difficulty with hearing aids getting turned off with the Beyond Bluetooth feature. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
Anonymous 14 August 2018

I was having problems hearing, whether I'd be at home watching TV, family get together, at work, or at a crowed restaurant, I would get frustrated because I couldn't hear or had a hard time hearing. But now its great. They're excellent. Thanks

Peter S. 14 August 2018

I am now at level 4 for the first time today. I am delighted with my progress and adjustment so far. Concerts and music listening at home amazing. Compatibility with iPhone 7 is a big plus for me. App works great especially in concert venues. I already feel that my quality of life has improved. My audiologist Audrey at Silverstein institute in Sarasota is expert and represents your company very well.

John H. 14 August 2018

I can hear birds singing that I hadn't heard clearly in years. I hear the wind in the trees and squirrels romping in the dry leaves. I hear my wife and friends even when they speak softly. These are, by far, the best hearing aids I have ever owned. If not for the slight discomfort and difficulty inserting correctly, they would be darn near perfect. I am getting the ear molds next week to see if that improves the comfort.

Anonymous 14 August 2018

Never knew what I was missing

Gregory B. 14 August 2018

Comfortable I now hear sounds I wasn't hearing before - trickling water, tire crunching on gravel when I bike

Anonymous 14 August 2018

Tremendously helpful in quiet situations. I am a teacher, and I often had difficulty hearing my students in class. Now I have no difficulty hearing them. But the hearing aids simply do not work in noisy environments--most restaurants, bars and parties. I have tried every setting as well as the directional programming, but, in all cases the aids make it difficult to hear people near me in a noisy setting. I hear better without them when I am in a noisy restaurant or at a party. Also, sometimes the aids are a bit annoying--they tickle the ears or become itchy. Most of the time, they feel fine.

David K. 14 August 2018

The Widex beyond is the second generation of hearing aids that I have owned from Widex. The Widex beyond has exceeded my expectations. They are significantly more comfortable than the previous aids. I wear them all of the time, other than showering and sleeping, and am not aware of them unless the battery runs out. The bluetooth connection to phone is a feature that I would find hard to live without. This was a high value purchase well worth the price of the hearing aids.

Anonymous 14 August 2018

It costs and performs better than my previous one.

John M. 14 August 2018

I posted on my FB page about how great these are. Most all my friends were shocked that I had been wearing aids for the last 5 years. 4 of my friends asked for a referral to the center I purchased these from. I'm sold. JMathias.

Dena C. 14 August 2018

Things are going ok with the hearing aids. They really do improve the sound over my previous hearing aids, however they also continually disconnect from the bluetooth and can't reconnect without me having to open and close the battery door. This is especially problematic as they are connected to my phone's bluetooth for work calls, and I never know when it's disconnected, so after I answer the phone, I realize one or the other has been disconnected and have to go through the reconnection process. Additionally, they do not muffle background noise when the phone is receiving calls (unlike a previous pair of hearing aids I owned), so the noise in the background still comes through my hearing aids at the same level when I am on the phone as when I am off. I would love the option of being able to muffle background noise when the bluetooth is actively receiving. But all in all, it improved my hearing enough for me to pay for them, despite me having purchased a new pair the year before.

Member 06 May 2017
Have you had any success with this issue? We are also experiencing this exact same issue. Right hearing aid continues to stop working without warning. We have tried not using wireless and still experience the same hearing aid not working. We have to open and close the battery door constantly to get it to work.
Michael L. (verified) 21 March 2017

The transition has been easier than I expected. The technology is better than I expected. The battery life is shorter than I expected. They have made a difference in my daily life.

User 21 March 2017
I was told by our Widex Representative that we absolutely need tom make sure that when replacing the battery on the hearing instrument that when taking off the battery sticker, we need to wait 4 minutes before putting it into the hearing aid. The reason why is we need to make absolutely sure that the battery is activated. People who are used to just taking the sticker off and putting it in their hearing aid are experiencing problems, especially when connecting to the their iPhones. It was suggested we tell everyone that they take the stickers off their replacement batteries, that the person goes to use the bathroom then come back and change the batteries. Just a suggestion.
Eddie P. 12 January 2017

So far, my experience has been really good with these hearing aids. First, the actual hearing improvement has been great. Widex does a good job with music, and the sound quality has been superior to my previous Phonak aids. I am hearing my wife and children better now too. Some of that may just be having the hearing aids set louder. Either way, I'm happy with the hearing aids as far as hearing aids go. Now to the wireless functionality. I am using the aids with a new iPhone 7, which I bought specifically to use with these hearing aids, and the experience has been hit or miss. The hearing aids and phone seem to stay paired using bluetooth, but the audio streaming sometimes only goes through to one of my hearing aids... this happens with calls and streaming music, and I'm not sure, but it seems to happen more when the batteries are low. Last little issue is the battery life. I've been getting around 5 days on the batteries, with minimal streaming. I'm wishing they had a rechargeable option!

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Member 05 April 2017
Anyone know if widex beyond is the same product as widex beyond fusion 2 440? I have an iphone 7 so i would like to start with the newest generation of widex beyond just beginning my research thanks debby
Abram Bailey 10 April 2017 Replied to Member
The Widex Beyond comes in 4 technology levels. 440 (top level), 330 (mid level), 220 (lower level), and 110 (lowest level). The pricing varies with the technology level. So the newest and best from Widex is the Beyond 440 AKA Widex Beyond Fusion 2 440.
Member 06 May 2017
We are having issues where the battery just quits without warning. We haven't had any issues with the other hearing aid -- just the right hearing aid loses function multiple times per day. This requires opening and closing the hearing aid device. The hearing quality and other features work great but constantly having to open the battery and restarting is annoying. I'd appreciate anyone's help who has had success with this issue. Thank you!!
Ranjan P. 06 May 2017
I'm now wearing the Widex Unique 440 Fusion--without the Bluetooth connectivity. Even though I have an iphone 6+, and was looking forward to the connectivity features, I could not live with the massive, unpredictable squealing and feedback. Switching to this hearing aid with an open dome, is awesome--hardly any feedback, unless I cup my ears, but that's to be expected. I instantly noticed that without the Bluetooth features, the feedback disappeared. Widex does NOT have the best customer service. But the jury still out, because I'm new to this brand :-) And so far, loving it--worth every penny!
Eliodoro D. 07 June 2017
These HAs (mine are 330, the medium level) work beautifully *and* have a working telecoil; each pair of 312 batteries lasts me 9 days, which is also excellent. They work exactly as advertised with my newly-acquired iPhone, streaming directly without intermediaries (Android remains a poor relative to this day.) I'm hearing better and enjoying my new superpowers such as directional modes, picking up an FM transmission at the right frequency without anyone noticing, and iOS's "Live Listen". Great performance when there's wind noise. As far as my basic music training goes, I think my brain is now getting something much closer to the real thing without any frequency shift or distortion. There are minor firmware bugs but they are tolerable: not reporting battery levels to paired devices until it's almost too late, and some reboots needed to get Live Listen going.
Alon B. 20 September 2017
I am Android phone owner and I wish to know what the benefits of getting new iphone in term of widex beyond app features. I am not truley understand what the diffrence between the features that widex beyond android app have compared to widex beyond ios app. Will appreciate any help with that.
Member 04 October 2017
Had them for 10 days and a bit disappointed. They give a clear sound on universal setting but a lot of background noises on Music. I don’t have any other options yet. I have profound hearing loss of high pitches.Previously my Phonak aids just allowed me to hear our burglar alarm beeping, these don’t do that so I’m forever setting the alarm off. The Phonak caps on it do not allow sufficient ventilation so my ears get itchy by evening which drives me crackers. I get feedback when driving the car when I turn my head to the right(in the UK) when I sit near the wing of an arm chair and many other times my head nears something solid. Using the Bluetooth works well on calls with my iPhone 5s but stops you passing the phone to anyone else as they can’t hear the caller. My Mercedes car Bluetooth allows me to dial out and speak directly, but I cannot receive incoming calls without having to find the phone. Driving whilst holding a phone is a penalty offence here so that is not possible and is driving me to distraction. I have small ear canals and the solid holder made the wiring stand out from my head making it obvious I wore aids. They were ditched straight away. I am returning on Friday to see which of these can be fixed by new Widex caps or changing settings, but right now I’d happily return them.
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