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Should You Include Family in Your Next Audiologist Visit?

Hearing loss does not happen to you alone. Consider taking your family to your next audiologist appointment.

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Five Reasons You Should Not Ignore Your Hearing Loss

There are serious risks associated with ignoring your hearing loss. You may be pushing people away, and there is a higher risk of dementia and...

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Why You Should Always Use a Microphone in Meetings

It is critical to educate people about the importance of using a microphone for all meetings. Inclusion should never be sacrificed for the sake of...

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Do You Need Your Hearing Aids to Drive?

While it's not a requirement to use hearing aids when behind the wheel, driving with unaided hearing loss can be challenging.

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How to Enjoy Dinner Time With Hearing Loss

The evening meal is the most social part of the day but can be challenging for people with hearing loss, with or without hearing aids.

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Why Don’t Doctors Routinely Screen for Hearing Loss?

In spite of the many health risks associated with hearing loss, most doctors don't screen patients for hearing loss at the annual physical.

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