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COVID-19 and Hearing Loss

Deaf and hard of hearing may be at higher risk of getting COVID-19 and becoming seriously sick. First, deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) people may...

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Accessibility Strategies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Remote Meetings

Like many of us in response to COVID-19, your home is now your office and/or classroom. If you’re deaf or hard of hearing like me, you may be...

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Coronavirus Puts Spotlight on Clear-Window Surgical Masks

Now, with coronavirus, more people are wearing surgical masks than ever. That's why it's time to take another look at an obvious solution that...

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“You Have a Quiet Voice for Someone Who Works in an Audiologist’s Office”

Talking to the receptionist at the audiologist office can often be a frustrating struggle for someone with hearing loss. It should not be.

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Seeing is Believing—And Hearing

Anne McIntosh decided to develop the first clear-window surgical mask after she was unable to read the lips of the doctor delivering her first child.

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Android 10 Launched with Focus on Hearing Loss Accessibility

Google's long-awaited Android smartphone update is chock-full of major accessibility improvements for people with hearing loss and hearing aids.

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Eko Stethoscope Helps Doctors With Hearing Loss

Eko Devices, Inc., has an amplified high-tech stethoscope that also performs instant electrocardiograms.

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Live Caption on Google's Android Q is a Killer App

Google's Live Caption feature with the new Pixel 4 is a killer app that may entice iPhone users to switch.

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How I See It – Thoughts From A Totally Blind Hearing Aid User

Over the 23 years that I’ve been a hearing aid wearer, I’ve been described by several of the audiologists I’ve worked with as a “challenging”...

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