Beltone Now Carries Jabra Enhance Plus OTC Hearing Aids Nationwide and Online

In support of the new FDA OTC hearing aid regulation, Beltone is increasing access to hearing care by offering more affordable options to help people get started on their journey to better hearing.

Jabra Enhance Plus

Jabra Enhance Plus OTC hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Plus has received rave reviews from top national and tech media such as The New York Times: Wirecutter calling it “the best earbud-style hearing aid for iOS users” and DigitalTrends stating “Yes, the Jabra Enhance Plus are worth buying. If you need help hearing, they’ll make difficult listening environments a lot more accessible and enjoyable.”

Across the country, millions of people are struggling with their hearing in certain situations and find taking the next step with traditional hearing aids can feel like a big leap. With Jabra Enhance Plus OTC hearing aids, Beltone is providing people with even more solutions to treating their hearing loss sooner while also being available to provide the expert care needed for more advanced hearing needs. Those who think they have a hearing loss are encouraged to schedule a free hearing screening at their local Beltone to determine if they actually have a hearing loss or if it could be something else such as impacted earwax. A hearing care professional will be able to work with you to find the right solution for your hearing loss type, lifestyle, and budget.

Enhance Plus

Jabra Enhance Plus is now available for $799 at participating Beltone locations and online at

“Studies show that people with hearing loss tend to wait up to 10 years before starting their hearing care journey, however, during that time they begin to miss out on interactions and connections with loved ones and at work because they waited too long,” explains Beltone President, Mike Halloran. “Our hope with OTC hearing aids is that people will start their journey a lot sooner so they don’t miss out on the important connections and relationships in their lives.”

Jabra Enhance Plus combines the convenience of true wireless earbuds with advanced hearing technology in a small and comfortable earbud design. Utilizing cutting-edge technology that enables individualized hearing enhancement during conversations as well as high-quality calls and music streaming, it’s a perfect solution for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss in need of situational hearing assistance. It’s also water and dust-resistant, available in dark grey or gold beige, and is easy to set up through the Jabra Enhance app.

Available now for $799 at participating Beltone locations nationwide as well as online at