Oticon Audiology Summer Camp Celebrates 25 Years of Preparing Next Generation of Audiologists for Success

Since 1998, the Oticon Summer Camp has helped prepare audiologists for success in the evolving world of hearing healthcare

Oticon Summer Camp 2023

This year’s summer camp in Park City, Utah, brought together 49 professionals representing 25 different university programs.

SOMERSET, NJ – Since 1998, the Oticon Audiology Summer Camp has helped audiology graduate students successfully transition to a career in audiology in the evolving world of hearing healthcare. Now in its 25th year, the annual professional development event supplements and complements students’ education with relevant, practical professional world knowledge and insights and a curriculum that has evolved continually to reflect changes in hearing healthcare. This year’s summer camp, held August 6-10 in Park City, Utah, brought together 49 professionals representing 25 different university programs.

Students engaged with Oticon experts in a series of in-depth presentations on managing complex fittings and the importance of correct diagnosis and connectivity. Informal workshops provided hands-on experience with custom hearing solutions, impressions, and modifications. Students also explored the business of hearing care in a variety of settings, gaining relevant, real-world insight into hospital, pediatric, private practice, manufacturer, academic, and VA career paths.

“The next generation of hearing care professionals enters a hearing healthcare arena with significant challenges, including the advent of over-the-counter hearing aids,” said Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD, Head of Audiology for Oticon, Inc. “Through training, practice support, and professional development events, like Oticon Audiology Summer Camp, and our decision to distribute Oticon hearing technology only in channels where licensed professionals practice, we aim to empower hearing care professionals to navigate those challenges and continue to provide the quality care that delivers high levels of patient success and satisfaction.” 

For more information on Oticon resources for audiology students and hearing care professionals, visit the Oticon website.

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