Real World Solutions for People with Hearing Loss: 2023 OticonNEXT Conference Looks at Latest Hearing Aid Research and Technology

The Conference in Orlando attended by about 500 professionals highlighted the role of BrainHearing and the many innovative amplification technologies on the horizon

The 2023 OticonNEXT conference on February 24-25 in Orlando, Fla, focused on new research and was attended by nearly 500 hearing care professionals (HCPs) who learned about innovative technologies designed to provide more real-world benefits for their patients. The conference featured keynote speakers and informal workshops with Oticon experts zeroed in on the support, tools, and strategies HCPs need to exceed patient expectations and differentiate their practice. An additional 2,000 hearing care professionals registered for the virtual OticonNext Conference, streamed on March 1.

Oticon Next 2023 Group

2023 OticonNext focused on new research and innovative technology designed to strengthen the ability of hearing care professionals to provide real-world benefits for their patients. Pictured l-r: Thomas Behrens, Vice President, Audiology & Applied Research, Hearing Aids, Demant and Chief of Audiology; Anu Sharma, PhD, Associate Chair of the Department of Speech Language and Hearing Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, Jesse Shultis McLeod, Vice President, Customer Excellence; Nancy Palmere Mucha, Director of Consumer Marketing and Public Relations; Virginia Ramachandran, Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD, Head of Audiology; Jacob Winter, Vice President of Marketing; Oticon President Gary Rosenblum; Michael Irby, AuD, National Sales Director; Amy Bohms, Sales Excellence Trainer and Jim Kelly President/General Manager, US Hearing Aids.

Oticon President Gary Rosenblum opened the conference by introducing the new Oticon Real™ and reiterating Oticon’s commitment to the hearing care professional. “We have great products, but the outstanding satisfaction patients achieve is directly related to the expertise of the hearing care practitioners who fit our products,” said Rosenblum. “We know that the medical model—acquiring excellent products via a licensed hearing care professional—is the very best pathway to success for a person with hearing loss. We design our products, like the new Oticon Real, with hearing care professionals in mind, as expertly-fit hearing aids allow users to access the full potential of hearing technology.”

Oticon Real W Hand

Oticon Real hearing aid.

According to Oticon, Real represents the next step in Oticon BrainHearing™ technology designed to help patients experience the full open sound scene—with fewer disruptions. While other hearing aids rely extensively on directionality, which focuses on one speaker and suppresses surrounding sounds, Oticon Real reportedly opens up the full 360° sound scene to patients, offering all the sounds of the real world.

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Anu Sharma, PhD, Associate Chair of the Department of Speech Language and Hearing Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, provided the keynote. She shared insights on the impact of hearing loss on the brain and the effects of well-fit amplification on auditory deprivation and neural plasticity. Dr. Sharma also discussed her newest research that looks at the impact of sudden sounds and harsh noises on the brain.

Anu Sharma Thomas Behrens

Anu Sharma, PhD, and Thomas Behrens, MScEE

Thomas Behrens, Vice President of Audiology & Applied Research for Demant and Chief of Audiology for Oticon A/S, provided a look at the future of hearing healthcare. Behrens offered a preview of the many innovative amplification technologies on the horizon that he believes will enable Oticon to continue to push boundaries to improve the lives of people with hearing loss.

Several interactive workshop sessions during th weekend zeroed in on tools and strategies that HCPs will need to shape their practices for success today and in the future. 

For more details about Oticon Real and the entire Oticon hearing aid line, visit the Oticon website.

Source: Oticon