Are there any hearing aids that allow you to take calls from an Apple Watch directly through the Apple Watch's cellular network connection?

Monica Barnes, AuD

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Temple Terrace

09 April 2018 - 774 Views

Starkey hearing aids (Halo hearing aids) allow for this. It is actually pretty neat all that you can be connected to with these small devices that not only help you hear better but connect you to more in your world/environment. 

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Abram Bailey
Abram Bailey 09 April 2018
Can you leave your phone at home?

Joe Baker, MA

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Strongsville

09 April 2018 - 811 Views

Unsure about the Apple Watch cellular network. I have fit both Signia and Phonak instruments that stream Bluetooth. The Phonak Audeo B Directs allow you to answer calls by pressing the button on your hearing aid without having to even touch your phone. Currently, these features work best on Phonak's MFA (made for all) platform that integrates with both Android and iPhone. Signia's Nx and Charge&Go hearing aids work well with iPhone, but not yet with Android.

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Julie Norin, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Baltimore

09 April 2018 - 818 Views

I believe Starkey is the only manufacturer that allows for streaming audio from the watch (with limitations). The other manufacturers that are "made for iPhone" only allow for use of their App (based on manufacturer), which would allow for adjustments to the hearing aids such as volume and program selection - but not streaming audio. I would expect this will change in time.

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Abram Bailey
Abram Bailey 09 April 2018
Julie, I think the question here relates specifically to taking calls through the apple watch when you leave your iphone at home, etc.


Monica Barnes
Monica Barnes 09 April 2018
The Halos are on a different Bluetooth frequency than the watch. The Halos pair to the phone and the phone can pair to the watch. You may take a call on your watch but the audio will not route through your hearing aids like it would if you answered by your phone. The audio will be through the watch itself. I hope that makes sense for you.
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