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Does Costco sell rechargeable hearing aids? If so, what models are available?

Abram Bailey

Professional Member

22 October 2019 - 2.72K Views

Yes, Costco does sell rechargeable hearing aids. Here are your options as of October 2019:

  1. Philips HearLink miniRITE T R - $1,249.99 each
  2. Rexton Adore StyleLine and Adore Li - $1,249.99 to $1,449.99 each*
  3. ReSound Preza - $1,249.99 each with charger at $199

Philips HearLink hearing aids are manufactured by Demant, the same company that manufactures Oticon Opn S. Rexton hearing aids are manufactured by WS Audiology, the same company that manufactures Signia and Widex hearing aids. Learn more about how all the brands are connected

If my answer becomes outdated, please leave a comment to let me know, and I will revise!

*Costco has indicated that the price varies by state.

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Chris Wahl, AuD


22 October 2019 - 2.72K Views

All manufacturers have rechargeable hearing aids now. But does your hearing aid provider check your insurance to see if they pay for all or part of the hearing aid cost? Do they even have the ability to bill your insurance. More and more insurance companies are providing coverage these days for hearing aids. Rechargeable hearing aids may be covered by your insurance provider. But is the dispenser you use credentialed with your insurance? We can check your insurance benefits for you, and we can bill them if they do cover rechargeable hearing aids. We will verify your benefits and your hearing aid programming.
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