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Does Phonak make a hearing aid with Bluetooth, telecoil, and rechargeable batteries?

Abram Bailey

Professional Member

19 August 2016 - 12.6K Views

We recently added the Phonak Audéo B-R to our hearing aid review database. We're excited to see what customers will report, especially with regard to real world battery life. The B-R does not have a telecoil, and to my knowledge it is not directly compatible with smarphones like the iPhone. The B-R is compatible with the Phonak ComPilot II, ComPilot Air II, and EasyCall, which can help you to connect your devices to 3rd party Bluetooth devices (like your iPhone). 

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Emily Taylor, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

19 August 2016 - 12.6K Views

Unfortunately the new Phonak Audeo B-R does not have a t-coil option but does offer the rechargeable capabilities as well as accessories to enable the Bluetooth. 

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Mittie Tollefson

Hearing Healthcare Provider

19 August 2016 - 12.6K Views

Yes Phonak does make hearing aids that are bluetooth, have telecoil and as of just recently have come out with the rechargeable aids as well.

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