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Which hearing aids currently support audio streaming from Android devices via ASHA?

in Phoenix

12 August 2020 - 6.89K Views

Starkey Livio Edge & ReSound Quattro hearing aids.  However, the Android device must have the Android 10 operating system and Bluetooth Version 5.   The Phonak Marvel devices do not use ASHA, but does connect to Android Phones as well, even without Android 10.  

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Doctor of Audiology in Kailua

12 August 2020 - 6.85K Views

Starkey Livio models (does not need to be an "Edge" model), and Resound Quattro models currently support the protocol. Widex claims that their Moment models will support ASHA with a future firmware update, but there is not yet a release date.

However, you should know that ASHA is not a mature technology as of August 2020. Even with the flagship Google Pixel 4 phone, which is one of the few phones that the hearing aid companies will list as a supported model, there are issues. Specifically, short-duration audio streams, such as notifications or instructions to "turn left in 100 feet", are often cut off on the front end, probably because the Android OS pushes the audio through before it has fully re-established a connection to the hearing aids. So for example, you may hear "eft in 100 feet" instead of the full phrase. There are also reports of inconsistent handoff to other bluetooth devices such as car systems or even the Resound Phone Clip+.

Hopefully these issues will be resolved as additional OS updates and firmware updates on the hearing aids are rolled out. The technology holds a lot of potential, and should work on cheap Android phones with OS v10 or higher, which will finally give hearing aid users an option for binaural streaming who do not want an expensive iPhone.

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Jeffrey Cline, BC-HIS


17 August 2020 - 6.84K Views

Starkey Livio and Livio AI all support this. There are several models within the product line to choose from based on features and atmospheres. You can contact us at our office 7 days a week at 1-800-326-9037 with any further questions or concerns. 

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