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Will Oticon release a microphone like the Resound multimic for the Oticon Opn?

Audiologist in West Hampstead

06 June 2017 - 2.52K Views

To answer the question, at the moment: no.


With regard to The Connect Clip which should be coming later in the year (will connect the Opn's to Android phones) Oticon's tech department are currently unsure if will have built in mic but it may do.


You can currently use the mic on the iPhone as a remote mic. You start "live listen" it works like & phone music listening.


It is best suited to 1-2-1 conversations as the iPhone would still pick up background noise but it could work in a quieter situation ie classroom.


The loop equipped Opn's could work with a Phonak Roger MyLink & a Roger Pen, a connection ie with an audio-shoe will be possible they think next year with a planned further firmware upgrade.


I hope this helps





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Christine Pickup, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

05 June 2017 - 2.54K Views

Oticon has had a Bluetooth clip and microphone combination under development for quite a while.  The first generation only provided connectivity for Bluetooth devices that aren't iOs.  This never came to market, because of the microphone need.   The new combination device will hopefully be available early fall of 2017.  

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Maura Chippendale, AuD

Doctor of audiology

05 June 2017 - 2.55K Views

I have heard no word regarding this in the works; however, Oticon will be releasing the OPN with Tcoil connectivity and I would expect this would have linking abilities to other wireless accessories than only Iphone connectivity.
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