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I get a lot of moisture in my ears from my hearing aids and I get a bad smell and have to use ear drops frequently. Would the Eargo help to prevent this problem?

I am familiar with Eargo and the idea behind it is to allow some ventilation around and through those little tendrils that cover the end of the...

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Does the Phonak Vitro B Titanium go far enough into the canal to prevent the echo sound and hearing my voice?

The answer lies in how deep the device can be built to fit in your ear.  Most of the ear canal has cartilage under the skin, however the last...

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What is the occlusion effect? Is it an issue for noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds?

The occlusion effect can be experience by placing your fingers in your ear canals and talking. Occlusion occurs when the speaker's own voice...

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With my hearing aids, my voice echoes and I hear a booming nasal sound when I talk or eat. Is there any solution?

Often this can happen with hearing aids that are all in-the-ear. The main reason is the occlusion effect, which happens when you have something...

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