Jo-El M. Grossman

Phonak Content and Communications Manager

Jo-El M. Grossman is the Communications & Content Manager for Phonak U.S. She is an avid storyteller, as well as an accomplished, creative and qualified marketing and editorial leader with a multi-media background.

When Science and Data Meet Paradise

Today’s patients are living in a socially and technologically complex world. They likely need to move seamlessly between listening environments...

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Why Hearing Health Matters for Your Overall Well-Being

Not being able to hear well makes it difficult to understand and talk to colleagues, friends, and family members. But, did you know that untreated...

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The Need for Continual Hearing Aid Innovation

Hearing loss is frustrating on many different levels – from interacting with friends and family, to hearing what is said on the phone or in a...

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eAudiology: Balancing Hearing Support and Patient Safety

Telehealth technology isn’t new, but its widespread use literally exploded with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to CivicScience data, the number...

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Find Hearing Support Remotely With Teleaudiology

Teleaudiology, or eAudiology, is the practice of providing hearing care remotely using digital pathways, such as apps, video conferences and phone...

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Three Benefits of Connecting Digitally With Your Audiologist

Phonak remote care lets you visit your audiologist, via teleconference, from home.

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eSolutions: Digital Tools Offer Added Benefits for Patients

Phonak's eSolutions make it easy for hearing health providers to provide remote care to patients.

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