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Signia Silk primax 7px Completely In the Canal Hearing Aid

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Disposable Batteries
Adjustment Synchronization
Frequency Lowering
Tinnitus Relief
Release Date: 02 March 2016

Signia Silk primax 7px Product Information

Silk™, a new ready-to-wear hearing aid from Signia (previously Siemens), was released on October 19, 2016 at the 61st International Congress of Hearing Care Professionals EUHA in Hannover, Germany. 

Silk™ is unique in that it offers a comfortable in-the-canal hearing aid solution for consumers wishing to avoid the traditional custom-fitting process. The custom-fitting process typically involves having an ear impression taken (at the hearing provider's office) so that a hand-made (or 3D-printed) hearing aid shell can be fabricated (with the hearing aid electronics and componentry installed inside the shell). Impressions are (physically or digitally) sent off to the hearing aid manufacturer and then the patient and hearing provider must wait a period of days to weeks to schedule a follow-up appointment for the hearing aid fitting.

Silk™ avoids the custom-fitting process entirely by employing soft-silicone "click-sleeves," which mold to the contours of the customer's earcanals. This allows the customer to take the hearing aids home to evaluate them immediately

Here's what Signia has to say: "Silk™ hearing aids are packed full of advanced features that deliver outstanding sound quality. Its revolutionary binaural OneMic directionality boosts your ear’s natural focus on specific sounds from the front while filtering out annoying noises from behind. And thanks to its wireless connectivity, you can stream audio directly into your ears and enjoy the convenience of a wide range of accessories, such as remote controls." More from Signia:

Packed with advanced features, tiny Silk™ primax™ CICs are nearly invisible in the ear. Their binauaral OneMic directionality is a world’s first. With their flexible, fast-fitting Click Sleeves, the new Silk models are ideal for first-time wearers looking for a discreet solution and no fuss. Three different sleeve sizes, suitable for any ear, mean your patients can walk in, try on Silk, and walk out the door with their new hearing aids without having to wait for a custom-built device.

Signia Silk primax 7px Videos

The new Silk hearing aids. Our next step to invisibility.

It's our mission to create the best possible solution for your hearing issue and with Silk, this solution comes in an incredibly discreet, small and powerful form. 

Binaural OneMic directionality Demonstration

An explanation of OneMic directionality technology, available in the Signia Silk™ primax products.

Silk - Click. Fit. Go.

Signia's new Silk primax hearing aid - the discretion of a CIC meets the simplicity of a RIC. 

Signia Silk primax 7px Downloads

Signia Silk primax 7px Accessories

touchControl™ App
easyTek™ App

Signia Silk primax 7px Features

The Signia Silk primax 7px has disposable batteries, adjustment synchronization, tinnitus relief, and frequency lowering.

Hardware Features

Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 10

Software Features

Adjustment Synchronization

Frequency Lowering

Tinnitus Relief

Signia Silk primax 7px Acoustic Profiles

All Models

All Models Acoustic Profile
Reference Test Gain 33 dB
Maximum Output 113 dB SPL
Maximum Output High Frequency Average 109 dB SPL
Maximum Gain 50 dB
Maximum Gain High Frequency Average 46 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 500 Hz 3.0 %
Total Harmonic Distortion 800 Hz 3.0 %
Total Harmonic Distortion 1600 Hz 2.0 %
Equivalent Input Noise 21 dB SPL
Frequency Range Low 100 Hz
Frequency Range High 7800 Hz
Current Drain 1.1 mA
Coupler Type 2cc Coupler

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