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Hearing Aids in Brooklyn, NY

Hearing aids are tiny, sophisticated pieces of technology that can improve many aspects of your life. They've been linked to increased success at work, as well as improvements in your brain health. No matter where you going to in the Borough of Churches, hearing aids will help you communicate better with those around you. At Hearing Tracker, we have done all the hard work to bring you the most advanced hearing aids, no matter your lifestyle, budget, or hearing needs. Although hearing technology has advanced even the latest hearing aid technology might not help you if they aren't fitted correctly by a hearing professional. Here are some of the leading hearing providers in Brooklyn.

Hearing aid discounts and offers in Brooklyn

Popular in Brooklyn

Oticon Opn miniRITE

160 reviews

Popular in Brooklyn

Signia Pure Nx 312 Nx

18 reviews

Popular in Brooklyn

Widex EVOKE Fusion 2

34 reviews

Featured hearing aid clinics in Brooklyn

Advanced Hearing NY Inc

4531 16th Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11204
Oticon Phonak Widex 2 more

More hearing aid clinics in Brooklyn

AB Hearing

1570 52nd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11219

Advanced Hearing Center

161 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Advanced Hearing NY Inc.

1636 East 14th Street #115
Brooklyn, New York 11229

Audiology Central

209 Avenue P 2a
Brooklyn, New York 11204

Beltone Hearing Care Center

207 Lewis Avenue
Brooklyn, IN 47129

Brooklyn Audiology Associates

142 Joralemon Street #8B

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Brooklyn Audiology Associates

8502 4th Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11209

Doctor Kupfer

38 Bergen Beach Place
Brooklyn, New York 11234

Liberty Hearing Centers

445 Lenox Road

Brooklyn, New York 11203

Touro College Speech and Hearing Center

902 Quentin Road
Brooklyn, New York 11223

ZN Audiology

1783 West 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11223

Hearing loss resources for Brooklyn residents

The Hearing Tracker team has pulled together the following resources to help you find support in your local Brooklyn community.

The Center for Hearing and Communication

This is a private, non-profit rehabilitation organization for hard-of-hearing, deaf, and speech-impaired infants, children, and adults. The goal of the organization is to enhance the quality of life for people with various degrees of hearing loss, including hearing therapy and speech rehabilitation services for hearing or speech impaired people and their families.

New York Hands and Voices

The New York chapter of a nationwide, parent-driven, non-profit organization that helps families who have children who are deaf or hard or hearing. They believe that deaf or hard of hearing individuals shouldn’t have their potential limited by hearing issues. Their outreach programs, community partnerships, and advocacy initiatives are dedicated to making it possible for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children and adults to achieve their life goals.

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) – New York branch

The New York chapter of an association that provides a number of local and regional hearing loss services, activities and resources. The organization is looking to make life more accessible for people with hearing loss through information, education, motivation and advocacy.

Hearing aids by brand in Brooklyn

Looking for a specific brand of hearing aids in Brooklyn? Use the links below to get to our interactive map where you can search for nearby providers who fit hearing aids from popular brands like Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Signia, Starkey, and more.