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I currently wear Phonak Audeo Q aids and need to purchase a new cell phone. Current phone (4s) has EasyCall attachment; inconsistent connection with EZCall. Audeo Q does not work well at all with the iPhones I've tried (6, 6s). Suggestions?

Audiologist in West Hampstead

09 March 2017 - 1.54K Views

I have just spoken with Phonak about this very issue. A patient's Android connection to her ComPilot is rock solid but her iPhone tends to disconnect regularly.

Apparently there isn't a great answer iPhones do disconnect from time to time.

A ComPilot (a neck worn remote/streaming device) with an Android Phone may be a better solution (with an MC1 lapel mic if you want to hide the ComPilot away). That way you can be hands free for calls, adjust the level/change programs, stream music & even attach a remote mic to help with hearing people at a distance etc.

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Terese Huber, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

09 March 2017 - 1.52K Views

Unfortunately the Audeo Q aids are not 'made for iPhone'.  Those devices do not require additional equipment to wear and pair the phone with the hearing aids.  You will need to purchase the iCOM.  A word of caution, you may want to connect several devices, iPhone, iPad, and other media devices with the iCOM. You may also want your phone to connect with your car's stereo system. Sometimes calls are routed to the last device used.  As with any wireless device, calls can be dropped, either because the signal is weak, or there is other interference.  Whenever you update your phone's IOS (operating system) you may loose the connection for your BlueTooth devices.  All of this can be frustrating but you can learn to work through it.  Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Dr. Teri Huber

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Todd Gibson, AuD


09 March 2017 - 1.53K Views

Might want to have the EZ call component checked as this may be where the problem lies.  Since placement of the phone must be near the ears and sends the signal to both devices via wireless programs, you may not be able to move the phone too much during use.   Compilot accessory may provide a more consistent signal as mentioned, but does hang around the neck.  Some find that more cumbersome.    Anything greater than a 4 series iPhone should work better with the easy call.    

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Michael Passineau

Hearing Healthcare Provider

09 March 2017 - 1.54K Views

I have fit many people with the Phonak devices and all seem to have great success. EZcall is not something I have fit, due to the inconsistency of how people hold the phone, and the ability of the signal to reach the other side. My suggestion is and has always been to use the compilot or compilot air, these give great signal and consistent connection, regardless of the type or brand of phone. It is not a Audeo Q issue with the iPhones, more likely the EASY CALL attachment. The Compilots, are a Bluetooth connection, so it very reliable. I have hundreds of people since Phonak released the Compilot with great success. So my suggestion is lose the EASY CAll attachment get the Compilot. Not necessarily a new phone. But if you get a new phone get the Compilot and have the connection you are looking for.

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