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I am deaf in my right ear. I have diminished hearing in my left ear. Is there a hearing aid that would go in my left ear and transmit to a hearing aid in my left ear?

What you should look for is CROS technology (the transmitter worn on your right will send the signal "wirelessly" to a hearing aid on the left,...

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I have single-sided deafness. What are the differences between the Widex CROS, Phonak CROS, and Signia CROS hearing aids?

I have quite a bit of experience with CROS technology and single-sided deafness, having conducted four separate studies and individual assessments...

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what are the best hearing aids for single sided deafness

There are a few options to consider for this scenario:1) CROS (if the better ear is normal) or BiCROS (if the better ear has a hearing loss as...

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