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Where can I buy a Soundhawk? Has the company gone out of business?

Mark bogner staff member

Mark Bogner

Hearing Healthcare Provider

19 September 2016 - 3062 Views

The company has ceased operations. A brief statement can be found on this Soundhawk's support homepage.

My ENT recommend Soundhawk to help with tinnitus is this possible?

Raji 3

Raji Parangad, MAud

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Wellington Point

29 October 2016 - 373 Views

Tinnitus is a  symptom not a desease. I am assuming all medical tests have been conducted are any underlying medical pathology ruled out. Ypu need to see an Audiogogist , get a dignostic audiogram done. There is no one specific treatment approach for tinnitus. Is is very individualistic. Treatment plan is made based on teh degree  and severity of tinnitus. I personally have never worked with Soundhawk but it is a  wearable non FDA approved device... My recomendation wold be to see an Audiologist who offers tinnitus rehabilitation services....