Christine Pickup, AuD


Dr. Pickup is the owner of Mt. Harrison Audiology in Rupert, Idaho. Dr. Pickup follows a medically-based approach to diagnosing and treating hearing disorders that is compassionate and personalized to each patient.

What Are the Causes of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss refers to a decrease in sensitivity to sounds that are audible to those with normal hearing. Hearing loss can also be described as a...

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How Is Tinnitus Treated?

After the underlying causes of tinnitus have been identified, there are several therapies which have been found efficacious in reducing or...

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What Are the Symptoms of Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound by a person when no external source of noise can be identified. Tinnitus is often described as “ringing”,...

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How Is Tinnitus Prevented?

Preventing hearing loss and preventing tinnitus follow the same strategies, including avoiding loud noises, reducing blood pressure, exercise, and...

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