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Whisper Hearing System

Whisper Hearing System Hearing Aid

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About the Whisper

The Whisper Hearing System is the first (and latest) product from Silicon Valley hearing aid startup Whisper. Founded in 2017, Whisper launched the Whisper Hearing System in October 2020 through a small network of local audiology practices. The hardware is sold exclusively through Whisper's network (you can't buy the product online), because the company believes this will lead to the best possible hearing outcomes for its customers (we agree).

Whisper's unique approach to solving background noise involves providing advanced speech processing via a wireless accessory, the Whisper Brain. According to Whisper, the Brain "processes and optimizes sound in real time" using a proprietary Sound Separation Engine. Whisper CoFounder Dwight Crow says that Brain provides 1000x the computational ability as Starkey's popular Livio AI hearing aids. The Brain is upgradeable (one update has already been pushed out by the company), and Whisper's hearing aids are completely functional if you decide to leave the Brain at home.  

The Whisper Hearing System is comprised of three components:

  1. Whisper Earpieces - Whisper's "earpieces" are receiver-in-canal hearing aids that fit behind the ear
  2. Whisper Brain - The Brain is a small computational accessory that powers Whisper's Sound Seperation Engine
  3. Whisper app - Provides remote control functionality and software upgrades

To try the product, you'll need to visit and fill in the "risk-free trial" form