Audiology Best Practice Standards - Incorporating Virtual Care

Prof De Wet Swanepoel, Dr Paul Dybala, and Mark Truong

As COVID-19 wreaks global havoc on the hearing care industry, audiology practices around the world are trying to understand whether (and how) to incorporate virtual audiological care into their service offerings. Earlier today, the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA) aired a fantastic Zoom meeting with guests Professor De Wet Swanepoel, Paul Dybala, PhD, and Mark Truong, which explored the viability of incorporating virtual care into a best practice model of audiology.

Where to from here?

The future of audiology may look very different in a post-COVID world, and if we’re trying to predict that future, this Zoom meeting might just be the best crystal ball we have. To see more webinars from BSHAA, follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.